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Wolfpack Basketball 2012-2013 PowerPoint Presentation
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Wolfpack Basketball 2012-2013

Wolfpack Basketball 2012-2013

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Wolfpack Basketball 2012-2013

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  1. Wolfpack Basketball 2012-2013

  2. Congratulations! • Welcome to a great adventure! • Ups and Downs to every season—for individual players, teams, families; part of life • Enjoy the ride!!! • Don’t stress over things that are out of your control. • Allow your son to create his own experience.

  3. Number of Participants We are fortunate to have so many student-athletes involved in the basketball program this season. Freshman team Sophomore team JV team Varsity team Managers (soph, jv,vars) • Frosh: 18 • Sophs: 10 • Juniors: 8 • Seniors: 10 • Total of all players and managers=54

  4. Glacier High School Basketball Program--Coaching Staff 2012-2013 Head Coach (Varsity): Mark Harkins 406-257-1737 (home) 406-261-5077 (cell) 406- 758-8675 GHS classroom Assistant Coach (JV): Andy Fors 406-471-4544(cell) 406-758-8642 GHS classroom Assistant Coach (Soph): Don Smith 406-387-5994 (home) 321-480-0790 Assistant Coach (Frosh): Jerad Avery 406-758-8628 GHS Classroom 406-546-3827 (cell) Assistant Coach (Volunteer): Jason Hall 406-249-3421 Consultant: Dewey Michaels

  5. Player/Parent Handbook Please review the handbook on the website. (hard copies are available) • Philosophy • Team rules • Dress expectations • Expectations of players • Expectations of parents • Expectations of coaches Each individual coach/team may have additional information specific to that team.

  6. Philosophy • GLACIER WOLFPACK BASKETBALL—PROGRAM PHILOSOPHY • 4 TERMS THAT WE BELIEVE SHOULD DEFINE ALL MEMBERS OF THE BASKETBALL PROGRAM • COMMITMENT • --Are you willing to do whatever is necessary to become your very best? • INTEGRITY • --Are you willing to do the right thing, even when no one is watching? • HONESTY • --Can your teammates trust what you say? • --Do you do what you say you are going to do? • LOYALTY • --Do you support your teammates, your coaches, and the program?

  7. Team Rules • Failure to abide by one of the following rules will affect your playing time and your status on this team. Each team may have additional expectations. • Be on time. Be dressed, taped, in the gym 5 minutes before practice starts. Being “in line” in the training room is not an excuse to be late for practice. It is your responsibility to get to the training room immediately after school for needed treatment so you are not late. If we have the second practice, you should be in the team room 5 minutes before the scheduled meeting time. • All practices are mandatory, and will start at the scheduled time. If you must miss a practice, or will be late to a practice, talk to your coach directly before practice, or call him and leave a message. A note or call from a parent is not acceptable. Do not send a friend with a message. A note from a teacher is acceptable. • If you do not practice before a game, you will not start, and could potentially lose playing time. If you miss practice and have not notified your coach, your participation in the following game will be limited. If it happens a second time, potential dismissal from the team could result. In addition, tardiness to practice could affect your playing status. This decision will be up to the individual coach. • Respect the Game. Use appropriate language and actions during practices and matches. Do not argue with officials, coaches, or teammates. If this is done during the course of a game, you will be removed from that game. • Abide by school rules. By accepting a position on one of the Glacier High teams, you have made a promise to yourself, your coaches, and your teammates to be a dependable, honest, and reliable part of the team. Keep that promise. If you are caught drinking, smoking, or partaking in any other illegal actions during basketball season, you will be suspended from the team. Do not put yourself in these situations. Remember, the school has a “guilt by association” clause in its handbook. Simply being at a party that involves alcohol could result in your removal. Participation in unacceptable activities, either at school or out of school will affect your playing status and status on the team. Athletes who need to be disciplined for classroom issues may also be disciplined on the basketball team. CONSIDER THIS YOUR ONLY WARNING!!!

  8. Team Rules—cont. • Hazing. Hazing is completely unacceptable in this program, and will not be tolerated. “Hazing” includes, but is not limited to any act the recklessly or intentionally endangers the mental or physical health or safety of a student for the purpose of initiation or as a condition or pre-condition of attaining membership in or affiliation with any District-sponsored activity. Participation in this type of activity will affect an athlete’s playing status and status on the team, and may lead to dismissal from the team and other disciplinary actions by school administration. • Follow Dress Expectations. You will be expected to be in appropriate dress for practices, games, days of games, and travel. • Respect Yourself. You worked hard to make this team. Honor yourself by making this the best experience possible. There will be highs and lows to every season. The only aspects you can control are your actions, your attitude and your effort!!!

  9. Dress Expectations • PRACTICE • Practice attire will be school issued shorts and reversible jersey every day. There will be no exceptions. Athletes will not be allowed to practice out of uniform. • TRAVEL • All members of the basketball team will dress in shirts, ties, and slacks for all away games. If a member of the team does not have such apparel, and cannot afford it, he needs to talk to his coach before the first travel date. Athletes may “dress down” for all return trips. “Dressing down” is defined as apparel that meets the GHS dress code. • HOME GAMES • Dress for home games will be decided before each contest by team members, coaches, and captains. All athletes will comply with the decision made. Possibilities would include; slacks and ties, team shirts and jeans, shooting shirts, etc. • GAMES • Athletes will wear school issued uniforms for each game. Jewelry, headbands, hairstyles, socks, etc, that are worn to draw attention to an individual and take away from the team will not be allowed. Shooting sleeves have been declared as illegal apparel by the MHSA unless ordered by a physician.

  10. Expectations of Coaches • They will be a positive role model. • They will be men of integrity. • They will be leaders and motivators, not “buddies”. • They will be firm and fair to all athletes. • They will always put the welfare of the program over the individual. • They will be committed to making the Glacier program the best it can be. • They will be well organized and prepared for every game, practice, camp, or meeting. • They will be honest to players and parents about their role on the team. They will not, however, discuss other players on the team. • They will communicate with players, parents, the media, and the administration of Glacier High School. • They will follow and uphold all team, Glacier High School, and MHSA rules.

  11. Expectations of Players • Give 100% effort at all times • Encourage others. This includes varsity, JV , sophomore, freshmen players, managers and coaches • Appreciate your teammates while you are on the court • Demonstrate self-discipline • Understand your role on the team • Support the entire Glacier Basketball Program • Follow team rules • Be an ambassador for Glacier High School and the Kalispell community

  12. Expectations of Parents/Spectators • Supporters of the Glacier Basketball Program are expected to adhere to the following guidelines: • Show positive support and encouragement for your athlete, a well as for all members of the Glacier basketball program at all times. • Demonstrate sportsmanship at all contests. • Let your athlete participate on his team in his own way. • Use the 5-step communication process (outlined in the Glacier High School activity handbook) to resolve conflict: •  Student meets with coach/advisor • Student and parent meet with coach/advisor • Student, parent, coach/advisor meet with activity director • Student, parent, coach/advisor, and activity director meet with principal • Student, parent, coach/advisor, activity director and principal meet with superintendent. • Remember, immediately following a contest is a tough time to talk to a coach, as usually both the parent and coach are very emotional. Try to remember the “24 hour” rule. Wait until the next day to contact the coach with an issue. Usually, by then, both sides might be more rational and able to find a solution to the problem.

  13. Playing Time • Playing time is earned by each individual athlete. • Playing time is not guaranteed to be equal. • Playing time is influenced by a player’s role on the team—some roles require more playing time than others. • Roles can change; playing time can change. • Coaches and athletes will be in constant communication regarding playing time. • Every athlete is guaranteed maximum involvement at practices. Reps in many skills and situations. • Some athletes may “swing” between teams for outstanding performance or because of positional needs on each team. “Swinging” is not a guarantee. • Playing time is beyond your control. Understand that.

  14. Academics • Academics are very important to our program at GHS. • Athletes that are struggling in the classroom could be placed on academic improvement plans by their coach. • Academics may have an impact on playing time. • Any athlete who receives a failing semester grade will be removed from the team.

  15. Communication • Email me to get on the email distribution list. • Email questions • Ask athlete! • Printed information • Boy’s Basketball website off of GHS Athletics

  16. Uniforms and other gear • Checked out to athlete and is school property and must be returned in good condition. • Jerseys should be washed with simple detergent—nothing extra. • PLEASE DRY ON A GENTLE CYCLE! • Athletes receive a 2 jerseys (white and dark), 2 game shorts (white and dark), shooting shirts, travel bag • UNIFORMS ARE EXPENSIVE!!!

  17. Participation Expenses • All student-athletes can afford to participate in basketball at Glacier High School. Financial assistance is readily available. Talk to a coach directly or to the athletic director (Mark Dennehy). • All fees must be paid before the first game; a student whose fees aren’t paid isn’t eligible to compete until her fees are paid/waived. Athletic Department Fees: • Pay-to-play fee: $30 per activity • Spirit pack fee (GHS Athletic Department): $25 (grey/blue long sleeve dri-fit; green t-shirt) Optional Fees: • Activity Ticket: $20 (this allows the student entrance to ALL GHS and FHS activity contest throughout the year). It is highly recommended that each athlete has an activity ticket. • Basketball Program Apparel: There is the opportunity for athletes and families to purchase additional basketball apparel with Universal Athletics. Contact Dewey Michaels at Universal if you would like apparel with this season’s logo. This is OPTIONAL!

  18. Fundraising • In order to provide the highest quality of experience for athletes in the basketball program, we must fundraise. • Money fundraised goes primarily towards travel meal money (approx. $3,500 a season). • Additional money may go towards other team “extras” during the season. • We have one fundraiser this season: • 1) Glacier Freeze: March 22-24, 2013. Last year over 50 teams. We ask each athlete to work 4 hours. • If any parents or family members would be willing to help, it would be appreciated.

  19. Travel • 2 Yellow School Busses, travel together • Frosh/Soph one bus and JV/Varsity one bus • One meal provided on trips over an hour • Athletes must bring their own towels • Team members must ride the bus to all away contests, unless prior approval is given by the athletic director. • Athletes may leave away contests with parents after they have signed out with their coach.

  20. Injuries • Tell coach immediately. • Report injury to Naomi Taylor (our Trainer) • Naomi may suggest the free injury clinic hosted by Flathead Orthopedic on Mondays at 4:30. • Flathead Orthopedic Urgent Care hours: M-F 9am-5pm; Saturday 10am-2pm • PLEASE go through the school procedures first before going to your own personal physician. • Going to your own doctor always requires a doctor’s release before returning to competition.

  21. GHS Booster Club • Great supporters of activities programs at GHS • Separate Booster Clubs for each high school this season—NEW! • Provides us money for meals and equipment • Booster Club Wolfpack Rally, December 11. • Membership drive, basket fundraiser during the Whitefish basketball game. Please consider becoming a member of the Booster Club.

  22. Home CROSSTOWN—Feb. 21! Traditions: Game Time: Emphasis on: Sportsmanship Wolfpack pride Student Body involvement (whiteouts, etc.) Community involvement FUN and FABULOUS playing environment for the boys! PLAY TO WIN! • We have always hosted a social and invited the parents from Flathead to join us. • Pregame meal earlier in the week. This can be challenging to accommodate all teams due to game schedules. • Parents have organized social and dinner! Help needed!

  23. Program Events Socials Others Wolfpups—Pam Doty Coolers—overnight only?? Senior Night Glacier Freeze Team Dinners Crosstown Play-off week Individual teams • Before Christmas—this has always been a chance for all of the parents from all teams to get a chance to meet. • Crosstown-invite FHS parents • Senior Night-put on by parents of underclassmen for Seniors and Families.

  24. Email me to get on the email distribution list. Thank you for 5 great seasons at GHS! Break out for individual team meetings with coach.

  25. Varsity • Parent roles: • Help with crosstown dinner prep • Senior night—Feb. 22 vs. Hellgate • Tournament/travel snacks • Posters? Other ideas? • Support and enjoy—let your son contribute in his own way; it goes too fast to stress about it! • Address concerns with your son and then with me

  26. Varsity • Coach’s role: • I am working with your son on individual and team discipline, work ethic, and pushing him past his comfort zone—risk taking! • Teamwork and Sportsmanship • Creating a competitive and fun environment on a daily basis • Consistency of effort and skill at a high level • Expectation of winning • My goals: conference title • Win State