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for the Psychiatry Clerkship

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for the Psychiatry Clerkship
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  1. Jeopardy for the Psychiatry Clerkship

  2. And Now Here Is The Host . . . is proud to present Insert Name Here

  3. The categories for today’s Jeopardy on Substance Use will be:

  4. Marijuana

  5. Nicotine

  6. Alcohol

  7. LSD, XTC, PCP Inhalants

  8. Miscellaneous

  9. Marijuana Miscellaneous Nicotine Alcohol LSC, PCP, XTC, Inhalants 100 100 100 100 100 200 200 200 200 200 300 300 300 300 300 400 400 400 400 400 500 500 500 500 500 600 600 600 600 600 700 700 700 700 700 800 800 800 800 800 900 900 900 900 900

  10. Row 1, Col 1 What is 4 days? Use of a single joint can lead to a positive urine marijuana test as many as this number of days later

  11. 1,2 What is schizophrenia? Use of marijuana at an early age may interact with those who have the genetic predisposition & promote the development of this serious mental illness

  12. 1,3 What is anxiety/panic attacks? The most common psychiatric adverse side effects of marijuana use is psychosis and this

  13. 1,4 What is memory loss? Cognitive effects of marijuana include amotivation, disorientation, unsteady coordination, altered perception, decreased consciousness and this reason for poor academic performance

  14. 1,5 What is 10%? 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 The percent of users who become dependent on marijuana is this

  15. 1,6 What is dronabinol (marinol) This synthetic Cannabinoid agonist is used to treat anorexia and weight loss in AIDS pts & nausea/vomiting in pts getting chemo

  16. 1,7 What is anti-emetic? Marijuana’s clinical properties include: anti-inflammatory effects anti-convulsant effects and anti- this effect

  17. 1,8 What is mild symptoms? Potentially life threatening; Significant discomfort; Mild symptoms; This most commonly describes withdrawal from marijuana

  18. 1,9 What are amotivational syndrome? Marijuana use that leads to a reduction in prosocial goal directed activities that may contribute to poor school or job performance is commonly called this

  19. 2,1 What is Bupropion (Wellbutrin)? This non-nicotine agent is thought to increase dopamine and norepinephrine levels and mimic some of the effects of nicotine

  20. 2,2 What is varenicline (chantix)? This smoking cessation medication is a long acting partial agonist at the α4β2NAR

  21. 2,3 What is nortriptyline? This tricyclic antidepressant is not first line but a second line smoking cessation agent due to its side effect profile

  22. 2,4 What is 21? It is unusual to rare for an individual to start smoking after this age

  23. 2,5 What is day 2-3? Nicotine withdrawal from smoking cessation usually begins within 24 hours, and peaks at this time after cessation

  24. 2,6 What is 2-3 weeks? Nicotine withdrawal from smoking cessation usually will last this long

  25. 2,7 What is clonidine? This alpha-2 adrenergic agonist is used for treating hypertension but has shown promise for smoking cessation

  26. 2,8 What is cigarettes? The most common tobacco use product is this

  27. 2,9 What is tolerance? Disappearance of nausea and dizziness despite repeated tobacco use is an indication of this

  28. 3,1 What is one? For ♀ & older adults, a social or moderate drinker is one who does not binge drink & consumes no more than this number of drinks per day on average

  29. 3,2 What is opioid? These type of peptides mediate some of alcohol’s rewarding effects by enhancing the midbrain release of dopamine

  30. 3,3 What is disulfiram (antabuse)? This medication inhibits aldehyde dehydrogenase leading to a build up of acetaldehyde and negative reinforcement of alcohol use

  31. 3,4 What is naltrexone (vivitrol)? This medication that is used in the treatment of alcohol dependence is available in a monthly depot injection

  32. 3,5 What are disulfiram (anatbuse) and naltrexone (vivitrol)? These two medications are contraindicated in pts with significantly compromised liver function

  33. 3,6 What is two? For ♂ who are < 65 y/o, a social or moderate drinker is one who does not binge drink &consumes no more than this number of drinks per day on average

  34. 3,7 What is naltrexone (vivitrol)? This medication is an opioid mu receptor antagonist as a treatment option

  35. 3,8 What is acamprosate (campral) This medication helps prevent relapse, has a common side effect of diarrhea, is safe in hepatic compromised pts, but is contraindicated in pts with severe renal disease

  36. 3,9 What are cravings? Naltrexone is most effective in treating this aspect of alcohol dependence

  37. 4,1 What is inhalants? Standard drug screens do not detect these drugs and usage typically declines dramatically after the teen years

  38. 4,2 What is MDMA (ecstasy, XTC)? The phenylalkylamines class of hallucinogens includes mescaline, DOM, and this most well known drug

  39. 4,3 What is Phencylcidine (PCP)? First developed as a anesthetic, this drug produces feelings of separation from mind and body-dissociation

  40. 4,4 What is MDMA (ecstacy)? MDMA, LSD, or PCP: Continued use of this hallucinogen has been linked to neurotoxic effects

  41. 4,5 What is cardiac arrhythmia? Any inhaled volatile hydrocarbons (glues, fuels, paints) may produce “sudden sniffing death” due to this

  42. 4,6 What is 8? Phencylclidine (PCP) can be detected in the urine up to this many days after use

  43. 4,7 What is lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD)? The ergoline class of hallucinogens includes this drug which often produces visual hallucinations which can be frightening to the use

  44. 4,8 What are inhalants? While lab testing can detect PCP, may or may not be helpful detecting hallucinogens, lab testing is not helpful detecting this

  45. 4,9 What is Phencyclidine (PCP)? Intoxication with this drug may produce vertical or horizontal nystagmus, diminished responsiveness to pain, and violent behavior

  46. 5,1 What is nicotine? The proportion of users of this are most likely to become dependent on the substance

  47. 5,2 What is cocaine? Use of this illicit drug is most commonly involved in ER visits

  48. 5,3 What are hallucinogens? (Primarily LSD) When sober, users of this drug(s) may re-experience geometric visual hallucinations, flashes of color, intensified colors, or misperception of objects being too large or too small

  49. 5,4 What isanxiety? About 50% of people who attempt to quit smoking develop withdrawal and commonly complain of irritability, difficulty concentrating, and this

  50. 5,5 What are 1 in 20 (5%)? Over 80% of tobacco users attempt to quit, 60% relapse within 1 week, and this number succeed and do not ever relapse