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Romeo and Juliet PowerPoint Presentation
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Romeo and Juliet

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Romeo and Juliet
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Romeo and Juliet

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  1. Romeo and Juliet NAME THAT CHARACTER

  2. Man who is suppose to deliver a letter to Romeo about the Friar Lawrence’s planned fake death, but he doesn’t make it because of the plague.

  3. A cousin of the Prince and good friend of Romeo. He challenges Tybalt and is killed under Romeo’s arm.

  4. Romeo’s cousin and best friend who talks him into going to the party in hopes of finding a new love.

  5. The fiancé of Juliet and cousin to the Prince. He never gets to marry her because of her death.

  6. Servant of Romeo’s who delivers the news of Juliet’s death to Mantua

  7. Dies in the play because she is sick from grief over her son’s exile

  8. Has a bad temper but loves his daughter and wants her to be happy

  9. Arranges the marriage of Romeo and Juliet and makes the plan for Juliet to try to escape her marriage to Paris. The only character who knows Romeo and Juliet’s whole story.

  10. Juliet’s best friend who knows about her marriage to Romeo.

  11. Kills Tybalt

  12. Romeo and Juliet Theme

  13. Which characters warn Romeo to slow down?

  14. How does haste lead to the deaths of Romeo and Juliet?

  15. When is Lord Capulet hasty?

  16. How does Romeo act selfishly?How does Juliet act selfishly?

  17. How does Lord Capulet act selfishly?

  18. Does the Friar act selfishly? When?

  19. How does Lady Capulet act selfishly after the fight between Tybalt and Romeo?

  20. Who is Romeo in love with at the beginning of the play?

  21. Do you think Romeo and Juliet are in love?

  22. Romeo and Juliet Literary Elements

  23. How is a monologue different from a soliloquy?

  24. “Damned Saint” is an example from Romeo and Juliet of ________________________

  25. Mercutio’s joke that Tybalt is the Prince of Cats is a ___________.

  26. “I will not shovel coal”“No, for then you would be choler”This is an example of __________

  27. Why would an author use an aside?

  28. “I flew over the walls with lovers wings”is an example of ________________