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In Brezolles

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In Brezolles. Somewhere in France , A school in the country. Where is Brezolles?. The little town. Saint Nicolas church. Collège Maurice de Vlaminck Brezolles France. Comenius Project 2010-2012. School-day.

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in brezolles

In Brezolles

Somewhere in France ,

A school in the country

school day
  • Almost of the students go to school by bus, veryearly in the morning, because the schooldaybeginsat
  • 7 h 50 AM.
  • Sometimes, they have 30 minuts to stay in the bus, before to arrive atschool, and the sameafter the school to go back home
and the reality
And the reality!
  • A lot of courses from 7 h 50 until 17h, with a lunchtime at 12H, and two free times of 15 minuts, one in the morning and one in the afternoon!
  • French, English, Spanish, History, Geography, Mathematics, Biology, Physic, Physical Education, Arts, Music, Technology are the different matters that a young french student has to learn.
  • When he has free time, he can go to the Library or a workshop
after the school day the students come back to home and relax
After the school day, the students come back to home and relax
  • They do their home works, and afterthat, they have someactivities, like sports, tennis, handball, swimming, theylisten music, theyplay music, they have some party withtheirfriends, theywatch Tv, have a dinnerwiththeirfaùmily, and go to bed….And tomorrowis an otherday…