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Non Conforming loans Australian Mortgage Awards Finalist! PowerPoint Presentation
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Non Conforming loans Australian Mortgage Awards Finalist!

Non Conforming loans Australian Mortgage Awards Finalist!

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Non Conforming loans Australian Mortgage Awards Finalist!

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  1. Non Conforming loans Australian Mortgage Awards Finalist! We are very excited to share some fantastic news and feedback to all of you.  Fundsnational has been nominated is a finalist for Non-Conforming Broker of the Year  to the Australian Mortgage Awards .

  2. This is an honor and privilege to receive, with the winner to be announced on Friday, the 5th October 2012 and everybody is extremely excited and fingers crossed, we hope to make it.  The AMA selection process took four (4) months to assess the finalists from the  thousands of brokers across Australia and now, that we are officially nominated, we have a winning chance of bagging the award. 

  3. Even before the nomination, Fundsnational has always had a winning solution and we do hope it does make a winning impression as, we do not only focus on debt consolidation, loans, mortgages, finances, and bad debt mortgages or loan defaults.  Our solution is focused on helping people in need to refinance loans where other industry members do not give support and hope.

  4. Most of our clients are in need due to a variety of reasons such as illnesses, loss of employment, bad business decisions as well as other factors over which they do not have control , that has caused them to reach their difficult financial position. A positive aspect of the nomination is the response and feedback we’ve had from our lenders who have acknowledged that our “knowledge and abilities and experience in the non-conforming area is intimate.” Others say that, we are “specialists in this field.”

  5. This endorsement from our supporters and suppliers/lenders give us greater confidence in our ability to provide to our clients Hope Support Solutions in this niche market Many of our clients need extra attention to help with all of the detail needed , and also additional assistance because they are overwhelmed as it is with their situations , not to mention the reasons they are in such a position.

  6. This award nomination is not just a reflection of me, as the owner and Director of the company, but as well it recognizes  the overall cooperation and support of the whole staff of Fundsnational and Choice Debt Solutions (CDS) – who is our partner in the services that we provide. CDS renegotiates in behalf of our clients,  assisting  in the debt consolidation including , credit card and other unsecured debts, where they could save a substantial amount when  these are paid out.

  7. Our signature transaction with CDS,  was their negotiation in behalf of one of our clients who had  $300K in outstanding credit card debts, and  after the CDS renegotiation they were  paid out with a 50% savings.  Even more impressive was they were able to negotiate that the credit rating of our client would not be affected.  At the end, because of our  refinancing and the savings  obtained by  CDS, we prevented the client from being insolvent, thus saving their home and reducing their debt level.  Thanks to Gabrielle Vittori – who helped us realise this – she surely is a fantastic operator.

  8. Hopefully, come 5th October, we will have a decision in our favor, but regardless of the result, the staff and management will take a Sydney weekend to celebrate the nomination and ultimately the big prize! Thanks to all our service providers, staff, Choice Debt Solutions and everyone who in one way or the other have assisted Fundsnational in giving help, support and solution to our clients.  We sure wish to bag this award!