Ethics of perception and nanocognition nanorobot aided cognition
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Ethics of Perception and Nanocognition (Nanorobot-aided Cognition) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Ethics of Perception and Nanocognition (Nanorobot-aided Cognition). Melanie Swan Futurist Philosopher MS Futures Group +1-650-681-9482 9th Annual Workshop on Geoethical Nanotechnology - July 20, 2013 Slides: Melanie Swan.

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Ethics of perception and nanocognition nanorobot aided cognition

Ethics of Perception and Nanocognition (Nanorobot-aided Cognition)

Melanie Swan Futurist Philosopher

MS Futures

9th Annual Workshop on Geoethical Nanotechnology - July 20, 2013


Melanie swan
Melanie Swan Cognition)

  • Hedge fund manager, futurist, startup entrepreneur (DIYgenomics), philosopher

  • Singularity University Instructor, IEET Affiliate Scholar, EDGE contributor

  • Work experience: Fidelity, JP Morgan, Arthur Andersen, iPass, RHK/Ovum

  • Education: MBA Finance, Wharton; BA French/Economics, Georgetown Univ.

  • Sample publications:

    • Swan, M. The Quantified Self: Fundamental Disruption in Big Data Science and Biological Discovery. Big Data 2013, 1(2): 85-99.

    • Swan, M. Crowdsourced Health Research Studies: An Important Complement to Clinical Trials. J Med Internet Res2012, Mar;14(2):e46.

    • Swan, M. Multigenic Condition Risk Assessment in Direct-to-Consumer Genomic Services. Genet. Med.2010, May;12(5):279-88.

    • Swan, M. Translational antiaging research. Rejuvenation Research2010, Feb;13(1):115-7.

    • Swan, M. Engineering Life into Technology: the Application of Complexity Theory to a Potential Phase Transition of Intelligence. Symmetry2010, 2, 150:183.


Agenda Cognition)

  • What are Cognitive Nanorobots?

  • Geoethics of Cognitive Nanorobots

  • Cognition: Perception and Memory

  • Models of Ethics

  • Killer Apps of Cognitive Nanorobots

  • Ethics of Cognitive Nanorobots

What are cognitive nanorobots
What are Cognitive Nanorobots? Cognition)

  • Analog to Medical Nanorobots

  • Cognition is just another…

    • Biological function

    • ‘Pathology’ to ameliorate

  • Biocompatibility of medical nanorobots with neural cells1

    • Mechanical

    • Physiological

    • Immunological

    • Cytological

    • Biochemical


1Freitas, R Jr. Nanomedicine, Volume IIA: Biocompatibility. Biocompatibility with Neural Cells.

Geoethics of cognitive nanorobots
Geoethics of Cognitive Nanorobots Cognition)

  • Level I Geoethical Concerns

    • Manufacturing and disposal

    • Neural prosthesis

    • Functionality

    • Accessibility (digital divide)

    • Security and mind viruses

    • Authentication

  • Level II Geoethical Concerns

    • Transformation, editing of human cognitive processes

    • Edits could include environmental axiology (re-valorization)

Cognition perception and memory
Cognition: Perception and Memory Cognition)

  • Henri Bergson (1859-1941)

    • Mathematician

    • Quantum mechanics predictor

    • Science and psychology scholar

  • Doubling (quantitative and qualitative (overlapping))

    • Time, intensity, state, memory

    • Self, consciousness

  • Time: clock time and the inner experience of time (duration)

  • Free will over determinism

    • Spontaneity

Perception and memory
Perception and Memory Cognition)

  • Topic: mind/body dualism

  • Perception and memory are an interactive process of the body and mind

  • Time and movement

  • Privilege time as space, how/when (not where) memory is stored

  • Exercise: memory retrieval

Models of ethics
Models of Ethics Cognition)

  • Act-based (right act with right motive)

    • Categorical Imperative (always right/wrong) (Kant)

    • Utilitarianism (outcome maximization) and Consequentialism (end justifies means) (Bentham, Mill)

  • Agent-based

    • Virtue ethics: role of character (Aristotle, Aquinas)

    • Dispositionism: individual traits predict behavior

  • Situation, context, and ecosystem-based (1968)

    • Situationism: social context produces behavior

    • Ethics of Care (Gilligan): morality arises from interaction

Process philosopher ethics
Process Philosopher Ethics Cognition)

  • Bergson

    • Direct contact with the real, true duration

  • Heidegger

    • A conscious authentic life

    • Dwell meaningfully as human implacement, being ‘in’ place, as an extension of identity

  • Foucault

    • Power: omnipresent micropower relations, biopower and self-disciplinary power

  • Deleuze

    • Thinking and life, plane of immanence

    • Non-fascist life, desiring-production

Connecting perception to ethics machine ethics interfaces
Connecting Perception to Ethics: Machine Ethics Interfaces Cognition)

  • Possibility of ‘objective’ reality as an input?

  • Many-tiered existing biases

    • Biology

    • Society/culture

    • Individual/group

  • Ethics of Reality

  • UX issues

Killer apps of cognitive nanorobotics
Killer Apps of Cognitive Nanorobotics Cognition)

  • Bias reduction

  • Memory management

  • Value system elicitation and optimization

  • Perceptual enhancement

    • Different ‘objective’ realities

    • See time, see movement in time and space

    • Notice subjective experience

  • Desire elicitation and modification

Individual group ethics
Individual / Group Ethics Cognition)

  • Trend of self-awareness, disclosure, destigmatization, taboo removal

  • Group ethics models

    • Old: okay unless harms others, ‘do unto others’

    • New: Negotiation per disclosure, automated mediation through anonymous disclosure

Medicine (genomics), behavior (QS), personal/professional life blending, sexual orientation, gender identification


mental health, mental performance


Time now

Geoethics of cognitive nanorobots1
Geoethics of Cognitive Nanorobots Cognition)

  • Overt consideration of machine ethics modules

  • Subjective experience enhancement

  • Ethics/values/desires elicitation and optimization

  • Progression and transformation in ethics paradigms

Ethics of perception and nanocognition nanorobot aided cognition1

Thank you! Cognition)

Ethics of Perception and Nanocognition (Nanorobot-aided Cognition)

Melanie Swan Futurist Philosopher

MS Futures

9th Annual Workshop on Geoethical Nanotechnology - July 20, 2013