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DDI AND EXPERIENCES AT ICPSR. Prepared for Expert Seminar Finnish Social Science Data Archive Tampere, Finland September 1-2, 2000. Practical Effects of DDI Work. Proposal to enhance user support on ICPSR Website and Other ‘Infrastructural’ Improvements

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Ddi and experiences at icpsr


Prepared forExpert Seminar

Finnish Social Science Data Archive

Tampere, Finland

September 1-2, 2000

Practical effects of ddi work
Practical Effects of DDI Work

  • Proposal to enhance user support on ICPSR Website and Other ‘Infrastructural’ Improvements

  • Funding received from U.S. National Science Foundation for period from September, 1999 through August, 2002

Practical effects of ddi work1
Practical Effects of DDI Work

  • Infrastructure Project Goals:

    • Improve the tools on the ICPSR website for the discovery of data

      • preparation of new and extended study-level metadata using DDI standards

      • new Boolean search facility allowing users to construct simple to complex logical relationships among the attributes of each study description

      • new keyword index

      • variable-level searches for portion of the holdings

Practical effects of ddi work2
Practical Effects of DDI Work

  • Substantially extend an existing database of bibliographic references to publications

  • Train an existing network of end-user campus support representatives to assist with hard-to-use datasets

    • series of workshops

Practical effects of ddi work3
Practical Effects of DDI Work

  • Integrate major data resources outside ICPSR fully into the searchable ICPSR metadata databases

    • extension of existing ‘virtual’ data archive through fully-integrated hyperlinks

Practical effects of ddi work4
Practical Effects of DDI Work

  • Improvements in ICPSR Website including:

    • comprehensive site index

    • “shopping cart” facility in which users can batch data to be downloaded

    • context-sensitive help screens

    • development supported by internal resources

Practical effects of ddi work5
Practical Effects of DDI Work

  • Conversion of metadata to DDI

    • Mapping between DDI elements and categories included in ICPSR’s metadata records (study descriptions)

    • Goal: develop a conversion routine to tag all of the study descriptions with the appropriate XML tags

    • Longer-term goal: incorporate this process into the initial creation of study descriptions

Enhancement of metadata bibliographic citations
Enhancement of Metadata: Bibliographic Citations

  • Systematically investigate full-text databases and do Internet searches

  • Reference other sources, e.g., Eurobarometer list of publications

  • Search older publications and government study reports

  • Search for publications by ICPSR Principal Investigators/contact them directly

Enhancement of metadata bibliographic citations1
Enhancement of Metadata: Bibliographic Citations

  • Include new citations in ‘related publications’ field of study and series descriptions

  • Develop permanent contacts with publishers, professional associations to gather new citations more routinely than has been done in the past

Enhancement of metadata use of thesaurus
Enhancement of Metadata: Use of Thesaurus

  • General applicability of using thesauri to index ICPSR holdings

  • Advantages and disadvantages of using the HASSET thesaurus developed by the Data Archive at the University of Essex

  • Importance of study descriptions in creating a good index

Enhancement of metadata study descriptions
Enhancement of Metadata: Study Descriptions

  • Standardization:

    • Approx. 1/4th of 5000+ descriptions written prior to 1986 and contain a limited number of fields

    • A labor-intensive task: reviewing original records

    • Additional benefit: checking the data as well

Future ddi work
Future DDI Work

Proposal (unfunded as yet) for DDI-II:

  • extend use to more complex aggregate and hierarchical datasets and ‘families’ of data sets

  • fuller documentation of electronic surveys

  • better software to markup codebooks

Future ddi work1
Future DDI Work

  • facilitate preparation of ‘questionnaires’ in CATI/CAPI surveys

  • achieve interoperability with object-oriented databases of metadata

  • technical workshop for data producers