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Our webcast will begin shortly…thank you for your patience

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Our webcast will begin shortly…thank you for your patience - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Welcome to today’s Global Tivoli User Community Webcast To connect to the audio portion of this webcast: Step 1- Dial: 1.888.346.3950 (or 1.404.260.5380 for international callers) Step 2- When prompted dial participant entry code: 870327(#).

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Welcome to today’s Global Tivoli User Community WebcastTo connect to the audio portion of this webcast:Step 1- Dial: 1.888.346.3950 (or 1.404.260.5380 for international callers) Step 2- When prompted dial participant entry code: 870327(#)

Our webcast will begin shortly…thank you for your patience

itm v6 2 1 everything you need to know october 15 2008

ITM v6.2.1 – Everything you need to know…October 15, 2008

Greg Bowman – WW ITM Product Manager

service availability and performance optimizing architecture applications and service performance
Service Availability and PerformanceOptimizing Architecture, Applications and Service Performance

VisibilityVisualize service performance and health across all network, server, middleware and application components.

Business ServiceManagement

ControlIncrease effectiveness and productivity, reduce errors and improve availability through consolidated tooling.

AutomationKeep costs under control as all aspects of infrastructure grows with integrated policy-based automation.


Consolidated OperationsManagement

ibm availability and performance

All your operations presented in its Business Context

  • Integrated Operations Console
    • Over 50 IBM & Tivoli Products integrated today
  • Highly Scalable - can start small and grow quickly
  • Massively scalable event management
  • Broadest set of system and device support
  • Fully Integrated Granular Warehousing
  • Nearly Invisible Agents
    • Low CPU & Memory
  • Support for both agent and agent-less monitoring
  • Agent Factory to be able to integrate “anything”
IBM Availability and Performance

BusinessService Management

Service-centric Modeling, Impact & RCA


Enrichment & Operational AutomationImpact

Consolidated OperationsManagement

Cross-domain Correlation, Topology & Analytics

Tivoli Netcool/OMNIbus & Analytics

Domain-Specific Management









Perf. Analyzer, Proviso*

Security Ops. Manager

Network Manager

IBM Tivoli


Comp. App. Mgr., Net. Assure*

TotalStorage Prod. Center

NetView Z

itm itcam portfolio overview



Universal Agent/Agent Builder

ITM for Virtual Servers

ITCAM for Web Resources

OMEGAMON XE for Messaging



ITM & ITCAM Portfolio Overview


Universal Agent/Agent Builder

ITM for Virtual Servers

ITM for Databases (DB2, Oracle…)

ITM for Msg & Coll (Domino)

ITCAM for Web Resources

ITM for Applications

OMEGAMON XE for Messaging

ITM (Windows only)

Universal Agent/Agent Builder

ITM for Database (SQL)

ITM for Msg & Coll (Exchange)

ITM for Active Directory

ITCAM for Web Resources (IIS)


ITM forEnergyMgmt




ITM for Virtual Servers

ITM Universal Agent/Agent Builder

itm v6 2 1 overview
ITM v6.2.1 Overview

A release that makes larger scale deployments more effective, dynamic and accurate and allows an extended team to directly contribute expertise!

  • Customers can leverage ITM’s capability for self-adjusting management based on business priorities, behavioral patterns, and troubleshooting
    • Dynamic Thresholding – Self learns baseline data and sets thresholds using real-time and historic data to set reliable thresholds.
    • Works with all solutions (agent and agentless, custom and out of the box)
  • Extend the reach of the monitoring team by enabling self-service monitoring, that is SMEs to set and manage thresholds for their resources.
    • SMEs who know their resource’s behaviours and business requirements may now directly manage thresholds for their resources ..
itm v6 2 1 overview1
ITM v6.2.1 Overview

A release that makes larger scale deployments more effective, dynamic and accurate and allows a broader operator set to contribute expertise!

  • Customers can now choose the out of the box monitoring technology for each resource and situation – agent or agentless.
    • Agentless technology for easy and fast deployments that is less intrusive
    • Agent technology for secure, scalable, continuous mission critical operations
    • Capability to deploy mixed solutions (agent/agentless) – deploy what makes business sense!
  • Extend out of the box monitoring solutions with IBM Tivoli’s Agent Builder with agent-based or agentless “custom monitoring” solutions
    • Use a graphically driven, easy to use Agent Builder that can deliver extended monitoring or performance data in hours or days
    • Automatically integrate the solution into the Tivoli Data Warehouse, build reports or forward alerts to an event manager like OMNIbus.
itm v6 2 1 overview2
ITM v6.2.1 Overview

A release that makes larger scale deployments more effective, dynamic and accurate and allows a broader operator set to contribute expertise!

  • Customers benefit from improvements in infrastructure performance, management and reliability
    • Significant performance improvements in the scalability of remote deploy – parallel distribution can dramatically reduce deployment and upgrade times.
    • Additional health monitors improve availability and management – TDW and S&P monitors, Agent Watchdog.
  • Broad ITM solution can be extended across the portfolio
    • Comprehensive solution – included in the box -- TEP/TPM/TCR
    • Touch points to other solutions – ITM, ITCAM, Green Energy, ME for AIX etc.
    • Dynamic event content mappings for OMNIbus/TEC (EIF Formated events)
    • TPM/TCM integration with SPB/SPDs
dynamic thresholding

Dynamic Thresholding

February, 2008

drivers for dynamic thresholding
Drivers for Dynamic Thresholding

I can’t manage thousands of individual situations!

How can I easily create different thresholds for different times of day?

What’s the right alert for DB2 cache buffer pools?


Dynamic Thresholds

Fixed Thresholds

Adaptive Thresholds

  • Same thresholds all targeted agents
  • Customized to individual agent / resources
  • Self-Learning based on history or Data warehouse analysis
  • Effective based on schedule
  • Derived based on local needs and observations

Adaptive Monitoring

ITM 6.2.1 Dynamic Thresholds

The Policy Editor allows for easy creation of policies, which can be created and managed at the TEMS or edited on the monitored servers and synchronized.

Policy Editor

Policy Editor



ITM Enterprise Management

  • Use Central Warehouse to establish Baselines
  • Distribute Thresholds for real-time evaluation of thresholds to spot exceptions
  • Enables Distributed Evaluation in real-time with Central Control











Dynamic Threshold Examples

Agent B CPU_WarningCPU >= 85%

CPU_Warning SituationCPU >= 75%

Agent C CPU_WarningCPU >= 80%from 8AM – 5PM


Agent D CPU_WarningCPU >= 90%during weekend

Agent A CPU_WarningCPU >= 75%on day 30 or 31 of month

Agent E CPU_WarningCPU >= 90%Only after 10 Minutes

tep situation override editor

Situation formula being overridden (reference formula)

Selected distribution for override (MS or MSL)

Calendar condition

Empty condition represents <default> override

Highlighted items represent overridden values


Attribute condition <key>

TEP Situation Override Editor
dynamic thresholds apply to anything
Dynamic Thresholds Apply to Anything
  • Full Resource Monitoring Coverage
    • zSeries to Distributed
    • Integrated Virtualization
    • Broad Resource Coverage
  • Any Metrics Monitored using ITM or TEP
  • Baseline any Metric in the Warehouse
  • Agent or Agent-less Monitoring
  • Out of the Box or Custom Agents

Storage Systems- SANs and Storage Devices- DR and Data Recovery

Network Monitoring- Multi-Protocol Topology and Root Cause- Telecom Class Data Collection

End to End Resource Monitoring- Operating Systems- Vmware, pSeries, zSeries, Citrix- DB2, MS SQL, Informix- Exchange, Domino, SAP- Storage and SANs- IMS, CICS, USS- Custom & Agentless Solutions

Security Operations Monitoring

End User Response and Application Monitoring- User Transactions- Web Resources- Tracking and Diagnostics

remote monitoring agents
Remote Monitoring Agents
  • Out of the box option for remote monitoring
    • Remote Agents integrate directly into the TEP like any other agent
    • Each system appears and is treated individually even though they are monitored by a single agent
  • Standard protocols leveraged
    • Windows OS Monitoring - SNMP or WMI Based Monitoring
    • AIX OS Monitoring - SNMP Based Monitoring
    • HP OS Monitoring - SNMP Based Monitoring
    • Linux OS Monitoring - SNMP Based Monitoring
    • Solaris OS Monitoring - SNMP or CIM Based Monitoring
  • Key Operating System Metrics Returned
    • Logical and Physical Disk Utilization
    • Network Utilization
    • Vertical and Physical Memory
    • System Level Information
    • Individual and Aggregate Processor Utilization
    • Process Availability
  • Out Of the Box Situations for
    • Disk Utilization
    • Memory Utilization
    • CPU Utilization
    • Network Utilization
  • Additional metrics provided by each agent
    • Relevant to the operating system monitored





Remote TEMS

Agent Builder Based

Remote Agent

Agent-less: SNMP

V1, V2C, and V3

Agent-less: CIM


WMI, Perfmon, Event Log







Agent-less: JMX



Remote Monitoring with the Agent Builder









Event Log


Red Dashed lines are work in 6.2.1

Green Dashed lines are future work

sub node agents
Sub-node agents
  • One agent can represent more than one monitored entity
    • Multiple remote systems in one agent
    • Multiple instances of an application
  • One agent can represent different types of entities
    • Build one agent which can monitor different sets of data on different systems
    • Consolidate monitoring definition (fewer agent types and instances)
    • More flexibility in TEP display and data collection
    • Allows ITM 5 users to mimic profiles/profile managers
script and log usability enhancements
Script and Log Usability Enhancements
  • Make use of Script and Log file data sources much easier
  • Adds build-time test and automatic data source definition
  • Script
    • Execute script from the builder
    • Build attribute list automatically
    • Re-execute changed script, re-parse for format changes
  • Log
    • Parse sample log file in the builder
    • Build attribute list automatically
    • Re-parse log file when definition changes
cim data provider
CIM Data Provider
  • Using the browser, point and click to select which CIM classes to collect
  • Supports collection of arbitrary CIM data
  • Includes friendly browse of the data from local or remote systems
  • Allows connections to:
    • Pegasus
    • Open CIMOM
    • IBM Director
    • Etc. (uses common XML over HTTP protocol)
agent management services
Agent Management Services



Monitoring Server


ITM OS Agent











for OS Agent

ITM Agents

OS services

Generic executables

remote agent deploy takes too long





Remote Agent Deploy Takes Too Long

What problem are we solving?

Complaint: Deploys take too long. CLI times out with no indication of whether deployments succeeded or failed. Too hard to deploy to large enterprises (10,000 nodes)

Solution: Modifying existing deploy CLI to be asynchronous. Provide back-end deploy parallelism. Track/Display deploy status asynchronously.



Async Deploy



gui for monitoring bulk deploy status
GUI for Monitoring Bulk Deploy Status

What problem are we solving?

Complaint: No easy mechanism for Customers to monitor deployment status

Solution: Create workspaces to display status of asynchronous deployments

cli extensions for bulk remote deploy
CLI Extensions for Bulk Remote Deploy
  • What problem are we solving?
  • Complaint: Customers need ability to perform bulk deployments via CLI. This includes
    • Creating deployment status CLI
    • Modifying existing deploy CLI to deploy bundle groups to targets via CLI
    • Modifying existing deploy CLI to deploy bundles to targets defined in deploy groups via CLI
  • Solution: New/Modified CLIs for bulk deployment

C:> tacmd createNode –d MySystems –b MyDBBundle –u Administrator –w password

KUICVD103I: The createNode requests have been queued for processing.

C:> tacmd getDeployStatus –c createNode

Status RC Message Command HostnameProductVersion

Success 0 Agent deployed succesfully createNode stone NT 062001000

Failed 2 imagepath d:\tems\depot not found createNode vex

logs copied to /itm/logs/vexlogs

In Progress transferring files to createNode node3 UX 062001000

Pending createNode node4

ability to group unmanaged systems static groups only



Hosts / MSNs






Depends on

Bundle Group

Deployed to

Deploy Group

Situation Group

Deployed to

Profile Group

Ability to Group Unmanaged Systems (Static Groups only)
  • What problem are we solving?
  • Complaint: Customers need the ability to detect and organize groups of systems that are candidates for deployment. Customers desire ability to create groups through
      • Specification (i.e. static groups)
      • Discovery (i.e. filter/dynamic groups)
  • Solution: Supply static groups in v6.2.1. Implement generic grouping technology for grouping deployment targets and other entities.
remote deploy of netcool ssms asms





Remote Deploy of Netcool SSMs/ASMs

What problem are we solving?

Complaint: Customers want single mechanism to deploy ITM and SSM agents.

Solution: Modify KDY to support bulk deploy/config of Netcool SSMs

SSM Deploy/Config driven by same deployment backend



SSM bundle in depot

SSM bundle in depot

tpm tcm self service export as spd spb
TPM/TCM Self Service (Export as SPD/SPB)

What problem are we solving?

Complaint: I need TPM/TCM integration that works

Solution: Provide an interface that allows an agent bundle to be easily configured and deployed using TCM/TPM

Example: User creates a SPB package for use with TPM tools:

tacmd ExportBundles -t lz -o spb -p li6263 -e /myDir

third party self service export as local image
Third Party Self Service (Export as local image)

What problem are we solving?

Complaint: I need to create an install image, that contains only what I need, for deployment with my third party software.

Solution: Provide an interface that exports a specific agent bundle to a directory as a small, local install image

Example: User creates 117MB local install image from the 4.4GB DVD:

tacmd ExportBundles –i /mnt/cdrom/unix -tlz-o local-e /myDir

64 bit integer support
64 bit Integer Support
  • Enables ITM 6.2 agents to include 64-bit data values in their monitoring data delivered by the agent framework to the TEMS, examined and processed by the TEMS, displayed by the TEPS, and ultimately warehoused and processed again by the Summarization and Pruning Agent
event slot customization
Event Slot Customization
  • New Event Map Editor in the TEP will provide the following features for customizing events :
    • Allow user to specify the TEC event classname
    • Allow user to specify individual slot names
    • Allow user to select a list of attributes (from different attributes tables if the situation uses them) to be include in the TEC event
    • Allow user to specify optional format modifier for a slot value (eg. timestamp format modifier)
    • Allow user to specify free form msg slot with variable substitution.
    • Includes wildcard capability for mapping groups of events
dynamic workspace import export
Dynamic Workspace Import/Export
  • Enhance current workspace import/export capabilities
      • In addition to existing base workspace definitions the customer can now import/export queries and logical navigator definitions.
      • Provides enhanced quality to support new/additional workspace definition updates
taddm integration itm handled discovery itm sensor flow
TADDM IntegrationITM handled discovery ITM Sensor Flow

When invoked by discovery, the ITM Discovery Sensor passes single discovery commands with a managed system name or IP address of the system where it is to be executed,

ITM executes the command on the system to be discovered.

The system returns output streams

ITM returns the standard output and standard error streams of the command.

The ITM Discovery sensor parses the returned data, builds result objects and loads them into the TADDM database.

















cli enhancements
CLI Enhancements
  • Import / Export Navigators and Queries
  • TACMD goes to STD OUT not STD ERROR
      • Allow user the ability to configure whether they want the output of error messages to go to STD OUT or STD ERROR
  • Additional TACMD creatsit options
    • Include attributes for consecutive true samples and display item
  • CLI support for Adaptive Monitoring/Dynamic Thresholding – uses the existing tacmd infrastructure to support:
    • baselining
    • calendaring, and
    • the override functions provided with TEP
zoom function
Zoom Function
  • A zoom is activated by clicking on a chart with the left mouse button to specify a start point, dragging the mouse, then releasing the mouse button at a desired end point.
  • When the button is released the axis will reset to the specified span.
  • Pressing the ‘Esc’ button will zoom back to the original time span
  • Situation Grouping: Provide ability to create/edit groups of situations and then distribute them into your monitored environment
    • Provides meaningful way to organize situations
    • Builds upon User Groups delivered in 6.2 as we work toward support of grouping for all ITM ‘objects’ as part of granular security
  • Extend current Find support to the Navigator view
    • Allows customers to more efficiently find managed nodes in a very large environment
  • Security-Related Features
    • UA IPv6 Support:
    • SSO with Java Webstart Client:
    • FIPS compliance for TEP/S:
  • Initial integration with the context menu service (CMS)
    • Allows for early TIP integration in 6.2.1
    • Provides CMS definitions for launch points from TIP into TEP
    • TBSM dependency