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Feeding calves

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Feeding calves

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  1. Feeding calves This is my feeding the calves they were feed twice a day morning and evening. I feed them with my partner Tom. We also had to check there was hay for food and straw for bedding and check it was clean.

  2. Worming the sheep This is my worming the sheep the sheep was turned by holding the back and pull around so the sheep is sitting upright .Then measured the right dosage of wormer to the weight of the sheep. I was helped by Mr Wedgwood while the sheep was turn over we check the feet in case they need tiring.

  3. PH Testing We PH tested the soil samples from home we dried the soil in a oven for a week. Then we add three spatulas of soil in test tube then add distilled water to the first mark on the test tube then add one spatula of barium sulphate last add universal indicator to the second mark on the test tube shake and allow to settle then when settled check colour and find PH .

  4. Planting potatoes This is me on my plot I worked on the plot in lessons with my partner Tom. We planted three rows of potatoes on are plot we spaced the potatoes out about 20-30cm then we made a small hole with a trowel then put in the seed potatoes and cover them with soil.

  5. Sowing cabbage seeds This is me sowing cabbage seeds. I filled a garden tray with soil levelled the soil that was in the tray then sprinkle the seeds over the tray evenly .after the seeds were cover over with dried compost. We placed the trays in a larger tray which was filled with water so are soil was damp then both trays were placed in the green house and water ever week.

  6. Pricking out This is a picture of me pricking out cabbage plants before I had grown some cabbage but now the tray I ordinary planted the cabbage plants was to small. I had to careful take the best plants and put them in the same size tray but so there was not to many in one area so the plants were spaced out evenly so they could grow big a other to survive be put in my plot to grow to its full size.

  7. Taking soft wood cuttings This is a picture of me with my finished cutting to get the finished cutting. I first had to find are healthy and best fushia plant and looked for the best place to take the cutting from on the plant .Once that place was found we took the cutting carefully with a scalpel and once it was removed we put root teen hormones on the bottom from were the plant was cut. Then I filled a small pot with soil and made a hole with a pencil and put my fushia cutting in the hole and cover it cover it up with more soil then placed it in the greenhouse.

  8. Hedge Planting This is me hedge planting first we made a cut in the ground with a spade and made a deep hole then put in a small bamboo cane also then put the hawthorn quick's and put a small plastic guard to stop the hawthorn quick getting damaged by pests or anything else.

  9. Quadrat survey • I did a quadrat survey to find the different amount of grass plants in the school sports field and the school grazed field the sports field is cut weekly and the grazed field as livestock on it all year and is cut once a year for hay. we set out the a 10-10 grid in which to test the ground of both fields and used a calculator to generated 10 random numbers to tell us were to place are quadrat on the 10-10 grid made in the field and counted the different grass plants in both fields and compared to see which had the most and how different grass plants need different conditions .