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Workspace 365. The complete online workspace. Workspace 365 and it’s Market

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Workspace 365
Workspace 365

The complete online workspace

Workspace 365 and it’s Market

Workspace 365 is a complete online workspace which simplifies and completes Office 365. To make sure the workspace is complete you get the opportunity to add web apps, local apps and integrated business apps. This way you can offer a total solution to SMB’s.Workspace 365 gives SMB’s a powerful workspace which allows them to be as productive as big companies.

The business apps within Workspace 365 allow you to create an extra upsell because they are linked to Office 365 and SharePoint – Exchange. By supporting e-mail, documents and business processes like project management and conveniently linking them together, Workspace 365 increases the productivity of all users. Next to this you can offer SMB’s a tailor-made workspace by adding tiles to local or web apps which your customer needs.

4 key reasons for users

One central starting point for each employee with single sign on to web apps.

Raise productivity with the simplification of Office 365.

Hybrid workspace with the possibility to start remote apps.

Link email and files with business apps like project management so you never have to search for files or emails anymore.


The browser is the next operating system, therefore Workspace 365 is browser based and usable on any device with a browser.

To use Workspace 365 you need Office 365.

5 key reasons for resellers

  • Offer your own workspace, in your branding.

  • Add your portal, apps or basically anything you want to integrate.

  • Simplify SharePoint and Office 365 till the point you and your customers will love to work with it.

  • Our business apps create upsell opportunities for resellers.

  • New features are added every month, giving you a reason to contact your customers.

More information

www.newdayatwork.comcontact@newdayatwork.comT: +31 030 711 67 25


Workspace 3651

The complete online workspace

Howto Position and Sell

SMB’s will adopt the cloud faster than other market segments. New business models enable them to access products that were previously only available for large enterprises. From an IT resellers perspective this presents an enormous opportunity, but how do they benefit from this move? The answer for many resellers proves to be Workspace 365. Resellers are building workspaces to meet the requirements of specific verticals or even customer requirements. With Workspace 365 you get the chance to easily build a tailor-made cloud workspace for each customer. Example

An IT service provider alreadyprovided services tohigh schools. For them Workspace 365 was the glue adding it all together. Based upon their knowledge of this vertical they created a specific Workspace for Education covering all the processes and apps they might require. Read more about this business case at


Why would I choose Workspace 365 on top of Office 365?

Workspace 365 is a central starting point for all your employees. Users never have to look for apps they use because they see them right within their Workspace.

Next to that, employees struggle with the complexity of SharePoint and Outlook. Through the simplified User interface of Workspace 365 it becomes an intuitive User Experience.Workspace 365 has business apps that allow users to link files to projects, contacts and more. This gives you a workspace in which everything is possible.

Where are my files stored? What about security? Workspace 365+Office 365:Your files are safely stored by Microsoft in Amsterdam and Dublin in highly secured datacenters. Next to this Microsoft will allow you to encrypt storage for business customers from July to make your data even more secure.

Can I access my documents offline as well?Yes you can! By linking Workspace 365 to OneDrive or SharePoint your files are always available, anywhere and anytime.


Workspace 365

The complete online workspace powered by: