n2 nitrogen has a lot of industrial applications n.
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Nitrogen Plant, Psa Nitrogen - Atmos Power Pvt. Ltd PowerPoint Presentation
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Nitrogen Plant, Psa Nitrogen - Atmos Power Pvt. Ltd

Nitrogen Plant, Psa Nitrogen - Atmos Power Pvt. Ltd

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Nitrogen Plant, Psa Nitrogen - Atmos Power Pvt. Ltd

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  1. N2 (Nitrogen) has a lot of industrial applications and is highly demanded by many major industries. In order to cater to this high demand for nitrogen, AtmosPower offers its exclusive Nitrogen Plants based on the well-known VPSA technology. AtmosPower’s Nitrogen Plant can offer purity levels of up to 99.9995%, which is suitable for most applications. In addition, it’s reduced capital intensity makes the VPSA based Nitrogen plant a more viable option compared to expensive cryogenic systems. Most users enjoy a payback period of fewer than 2 years for their nitrogen plants. With extremely low maintenance & electricity costs an onsite Nitrogen system the ideal choice for most captive consumers of nitrogen. AtmosPower’s systems provide guaranteed uptime of more than 350 days which is much higher than industry standards. Most importantly, an in house nitrogen generator provides the user with the ability to constantly check the quality of the gas being generated rather than relying on external quality checks. Nitrogen’s clean, dry and inert properties make it a highly suitable gas for blanketing & padding applications. Its ability to protect and preserve is sought after in various industries. Along with other benefits, nitrogen produced onsite using the PSA technology has a much lower energy requirement and thus a much lower carbon footprint compared to gas produced using a distillation tower. Thus there are many reasons to invest in your own nitrogen plant because it offers the reliability of a constant gas supply, higher cost savings, and a reduced environmental impact.

  2. APPLICATIONS OF INDUSTRIAL NITROGEN Various industries require large amounts of nitrogen and most of them have nitrogen generators on site. Some of the industries that require nitrogen generators are : FOOD & BEVERAGES : Nitrogen is used in the food and beverage industry to protect against oxidation due to the presence of oxygen and prevent spoilage. This allows for a reduction in spoilage and an increase in shelf life of the perishable product. For example, products such as wine and vegetable oil are protected by removing any air trapped in the liquid with the help of nitrogen flushing. Nitrogen is also used to protect such products during transportation and prevent degradation through molding, moisture migration, etc. METAL MANUFACTURING : Nitrogen is commonly used for laser cutting of steel and metal. It is used as protection of metal against corrosion. In the presence of nitrogen, the steel is protected against oxidation and the dangers of harmful fluxes. In addition, during the process of laser cutting, non-reactive gases such as nitrogen are used to rapidly cool and harden the material once it is cut. PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY Nitrogen is often used during the manufacturing of sterile products such as pharmaceuticals due to its inertness. Nitrogen becomes indispensable for manufacturing drugs that are highly sensitive to oxygen and can react rapidly. Nitrogen is used to purge oxygen out from a package before it is sealed which will help maintain the shelf life of the product and preserve it during transportation. Most pharmaceutical industries acquire their nitrogen from large suppliers that utilize the fractional distillation method to extract nitrogen from compressed air.

  3. However, the capability of small nitrogen plants with capacities starting from 10Nm3/Hour allow for manufacturers in this industry to have the flexibility along with the viability to produce their nitrogen requirement on site. CHEMICALS & PETROLEUM INDUSTRY Petrochemical plants and refineries often utilize nitrogen to purge their equipment, pipelines and tanks of dangerous gases and vapors. Usually purging is done at the start of operations and during scheduled maintenance and shut downs. Nitrogen flushing helps maintain the inertness of the pipes, vessels and tanks and helps prevent accidents that could be life threatening. AtmosPower’s portable nitrogen plants can offer a plug and play application, which provides the user with the ability to use a single plant at multiple locations based on the requirement. Rather than having a permanent plant installed at a site, a portable plant provides with the flexibility and cost savings to show instant viability for users with multiple sites. Nitrogen is also used for cooling reactors and preventing reactions. The cooling time of catalysts stored in cold reactors can also be reduced substantially by using nitrogen during scheduled maintenance periods. HEALTH CARE The inert property of nitrogen is highly valuable in the healthcare industry as it serves as a shield gas during the packaging process of medicines. Using nitrogen helps prevent degradation due to moisture adsorption and oxidation. Often times livestock semen is frozen with the help of nitrogen in order to store it for long periods of time. Similarly, blood is also frozen using nitrogen for an extended application. KEY FEATURES  Completely Automatic  Reduced System Footprint  Low power requirement

  4.      Minimal Pressure drop Flexible Flow Rates (10-10000Nm3/Hour) High Quality Nitrogen 99.9995% Quick Installation Easy Operation Dry moisture free gas.