welcome to palermo n.
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Welcome to Palermo! PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome to Palermo!

Welcome to Palermo!

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Welcome to Palermo!

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  1. Welcome to Palermo! By: Jackie Solomon And Julia Parrack

  2. Where is Palermo? Palermo is a city on the island of Sicily off the coast of the Italian Peninsula.

  3. Geography • Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean sea. • Latitude: 38,08 degrees north • Longitude: 13,23 degrees east • Highest mountain: Mount. Etna • Mount. Etna’s Elevation: 10,902 ft.

  4. climate • The climate in Palermo, Italy is a perfect temperature almost the entire year. In the spring, the temperature is in the 50s and 60s. From June to August, it is a high of 85 degrees Fahrenheit and a low of 70 degrees Fahrenheit. It rarely rains in Palermo. There is only 5-10 inches during the year, but in summer, bright and sunny!

  5. Political Figures of the Past: • Sir John Hackwork 1320-1394: English Mercenary of the 4th century, Italy. • Queen Christina 1626-1689: was chosen to rule Rome. • Napoleon Joseph 1768-1844: king of Naples, Sicily, and Spain.

  6. Population • The urban area of Palermo has a population of 855,285 people. • They call themselves the Palermitans. • The metropolitan area of Palermo has population of 1.2 million people. • It’s the 5th most populated metropolitan area in Italy. • The city itself has a population of 650,000 people. • Most of these people follow Roman Catholicism because they are so close to the Roman Capital of Italy. • In 2010 655,825 out of 1.2 million people were in Palermo Residencies. 47.4% was male and 52.6% were female. • The birth rate of Palermo is 10.2 birth per 1,000 inhabitants compared to the 9.3 average of Italian births.

  7. Palermo’s key festivals • Palermo has many key festivals throughout the year. Most of them take place in May through December. In May, there is an event called il Genio di Palermo. In English, it means The Genius of Palermo. It runs from the thirteenth if May to the 27th. It is an annual Italian tradition. • Il Genio di Palermo is a major art show with everything from photography to video installations. 32 of the top artists are selected to create a piece and be evaluated by a panel of art critiques and experts. • In June, there is one festivity everyone looks forward to: Palermo’s Giardino Inglese, or English Garden. This garden is dedicated to the Sol music Festival as a venue. The sol music festival is for celebrating emerging local bands. • July has a festival that has been celebrated for nearly 400 years! Festa di Santa Rosalia is dedicated to Palermo’s patron saint, Santa Rosalia. There are many parades and fireworks! Kal’s Art is also a festival, but a very long one. It runs for two months, a highly recommended tour through Palermo’s fine arts. This is a summer festival. • In October, there is a very sad and religious day called the day of the dead, or all saints day. It’s the day when all Italians celebrates their patron saints and others, how they made our lives better. • December also holds a Kal’s Art Festival. People come from all over the world just to see and hear the beautiful music, dance, theater, and street lights. It is a magical event!!

  8. Palermo’s tourist attractions • Palermo has a lot of famous attractions. Mount Etna is the number one sight in Italy. The majestic volcano stands at 3,339 meters tall. It is the largest volcano in all of Europe. • The Monreale cathedral is a magnificent roman catholic church dating back to the 12th century. • The Royal Palace of Palermo is a wonderful mix of Roman and Byzantine style. • The seat of the kings of Sicily is among one of the biggest tourist attractions. • There are many other wonderful sights, too many to list, but that’s just how great Palermo is!!

  9. Palermo’s Revenue: • PIZZA!!! • Pizza is a big part of the economic system in Palermo. They have a giant frozen pizza industry with more than 200 workers, 135,000 square foot piece of land, about 300 recipes, and a gigantic reputation!!!! • For more information, go to

  10. History: • Many settlements’ remains were found in Addoura Grottoes by scientists in 1953. they dated back to the Prehistoric age. • The Greeks colonized Palermo. They named it Panormus, which means “All Port.” • Palermo went under Arab’s rule in 827. the Arabians brought culture to Palermo. • Once the Normans took over, they restored Christianity to Italy after the Arabian rule. • A treaty was formed in 1713: the treaty of Utrecht. Sicily was handed over to the Savoia people, but in 1734, was once again handed over to the Bourbon House. • After the unification of Italy, Sicily and Palermo faced many hardships and miracles that lead us to the twenty first century. • The twenty first century is our time period. It is an important trading center, and many Islamic students go to college there. They are still recovering from world war two and are still trying to control urban growth. Yet, it has still thrived as a marvelous city and country.

  11. Picture Page!!!!!!!

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  13. Credits!! We would like to thank our parents, Mrs. Miller, sixth period, and google for helping us with this project. We would also like to say that… Palermo Rocks! That’s not all! This is Jackie Solomon and Julia Parrack’s project in seventh grade, green day, second cycle, and G7P6. ARRIVADERCI!!!