egn 1935 ece adventures team eastside gangstaz n.
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EGN 1935: ECE Adventures Team: EastSide Gangstaz

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EGN 1935: ECE Adventures Team: EastSide Gangstaz - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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EGN 1935: ECE Adventures Team: EastSide Gangstaz. Robot : Gangsta-Bot Team Members : -Reynaldo Olivo -Alexander McCaffrey -Zachary Taylor. Reynaldo Olivo. Freshman Computer Engineer Learned some basic use of programming, and some basics in circuitry.

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egn 1935 ece adventures team eastside gangstaz

EGN 1935: ECE AdventuresTeam: EastSideGangstaz

Robot: Gangsta-Bot

Team Members: -Reynaldo Olivo -Alexander McCaffrey

-Zachary Taylor

reynaldo olivo
Reynaldo Olivo
  • Freshman
  • Computer Engineer
  • Learned some basic use of programming, and some basics in circuitry.
  • The course will give me a bit more confidence when working with more in depth programming assignments.
  • Get 2-3 internships before graduation, and take part in more clubs/projects. Get job coming out of college.
  • Words of Wisdom: Show up to class guys! And avoid morning classes.
zachary taylor
Zachary Taylor
  • Freshman
  • Computer Engineer
  • I learned much knowledge to do with robots as well as specifics in certain areas such as sound waves, and circuitry which is really interesting, and it helped excite me to go further into my major. Also I gained a lot of appreciation for computers and how useful they are towards the programming of so many things.
  • This course has opened my eyes to possible classes that I can take as I get closer to my degree in computer engineering since the teachers often referred to other classes that we may/can take as we adventure through our academic career.
  • When in UF I would like to hold several positions within the school, especially Florida Blue Key. Also I want to get my Masters in Computer (Hardware) engineering.
  • Words of Wisdom: It's way too easy to fall behind on work, especially as a future engineer.
alexander mccaffrey
Alexander McCaffrey
  • Year (freshman, sophomore, etc.)
  • Major
    • If major changed during this semester, old major/new major
  • What you gained/learned in this course
  • How will this course affect you in the future
  • UF plans and goals
  • Career plans and goals
  • Words of wisdom to pass on to the next group of students (or your brother/sister)
gangsta bot s escape
Gangsta-Bot’s Escape
  • Gangsta-Bot was involved in a grand theft, stealing a lifetime supply of batteries from Walmart. Once the call was in, it was Gansta-Bot’s wheels against the determined cops.
  • Gangsta-Bot proved his

speed was too much for the

cop, and got away by hiding

in his garage.

our conclusion
Our conclusion
  • This course was truly useful

in that it got our feet wet in

almost every aspect of engineering.

Whether it was a some basic

programming, or learning about

circuitry, it just opened our eyes to

what could lie ahead as we get deeper

in our career.

  • Some more tips:
  • Have fun, they are just robots.