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Asking Important Questions: Research on ePortfolios ePortfolio 2005 Cambridge, England October 29, 2005 Barbara Cambridge, Co-director, National Coalition for Electronic Portfolio Research.

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    1. Asking Important Questions: Research on ePortfoliosePortfolio 2005 Cambridge, EnglandOctober 29, 2005Barbara Cambridge,Co-director, National Coalition for Electronic Portfolio Research

    2. Need for research to keep pace with and inform practiceMultiplying portfolio use from individual classes to institutional programs Lack of research component of many of these projects and programs

    3. National Coalition for Electronic Portfolio ResearchInstitutions commit for 3 years 3 cohorts of 10 institutions eachInstitutional projectsCollaborative questionMeetings twice yearly to refine projects, critique process and findings, and encourage project continuation

    4. Illustrative Categories of ProjectsIdentity developmentDisciplinary influence on learningIntegrative learningInstitutional goals

    5. Professional identityHow does preservice teacher professional identity develop over the course of a programmatic eportfolio experience? University of Texas, San Antonio

    6. Identity with educational institutionHow is student representation of research in the university, which has been shown to affect students’ institutional identities and participation, enhanced through eportfolios?University of Illinois, Champaign Urbana

    7. Cultural identityHow does Hawaiian identity influence student self reflection on learning experiences and academi and career goals in eportfolios?laulima-cooperation a’o loko-inspiring others through example mo’olelo-storytelling huala’imi n’auao-journey for lifelong learning Kapi’olani Community College

    8. Issues in the disciplineTo what extent do discipline-related issues shape eportfolio implementation?Washington State University

    9. PsychologyHow is progress in the ten dimensions of understanding within psychology supported by eportfolio use?Clemson University

    10. Rhetoric and CompositionHow do successful and unsuccessful revisers in first-year composition courses articulate their revision choices in their eportfolio reflections? What does analysis of reflections tell about the effect of revision on final products?University of Georgia

    11. Connections between academic study and professional realityHow does the use of eportfolios, blogs, and wikis influence students’ making of explicit connections among their aptitudes, knowledge, and skills and the real work of engineering?Stanford University

    12. Integration of learning across and beyond academic studyHow does the practice of integrative thinking supported by eportfolios transfer with students across their years of undergraduate education and into their personal and professional lives?George Mason University

    13. Integration through linkingWhy do students create links and what kinds of materials do they link? Through links are students reflecting, integrating, building community, and/or providing context?St. Olaf College

    14. The institutional goal of retention of studentsWhat is the impact of eportfolios on student retention and satisfaction?Thomas College

    15. The institutional goal of adding valueHow do students’ eportfolios demonstrate academic and professional growth that verifies claims of value-added by a university education?The Ohio State University

    16. Institutional representation to the communityWhat ways of communicating data from student portfolios are most effective in an institutional eportfolio that communicates to communities outside the academy?University of Nebraska Omaha

    17. Collaborative questionHow does reflection as supported by electronic portfolios influence student learning?Artifact analysis: Description of the artifact Thick description of the artifact Impact of artifact on student learning and/or the learning environment

    18. Examples of artifacts- quicktime movie of part of a concert performance- letter as preface to midterm assessment- reflection connecting theme of a play attended to theme of a learning community- thrice-revised webpage layout- definition of a learning goal about diversity- team-designed webpage- opening page of eportfolio

    19. For questions about the projects in the National Coalition for Electronic Portfolio projects,