The ride acrose america
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The Ride Acrose America. 11/29/09 Devin Martinelle English lll Brust/Higgins. 8769 Lake in the Woods Trail Chagrin Falls, OH 44023 November 13, 2009 Dear Joel,

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The ride acrose america

The Ride Acrose America


Devin Martinelle

English lll


The ride acrose america

8769 Lake in the Woods Trail

Chagrin Falls, OH 44023

November 13, 2009

Dear Joel,

It’s Devin I am writing to you to tell you I am taking a trip for a little wile. I will be going to six different states to see all the major car shows. One of the reasons that I and talking this trip is because I was offered a job from one of the car magazines and they are going to be at the car show in New York. I have wanted to take this trip for a long time but I did not have enough money to go and now I do. This job offering is also a good thing because I could always use the extra money and it was in a field that I have always loved. It is going to be my bike and me for one month on the open road. I will be going all the way out to Illinois to Chicago first and than take the long trip to California afther I got there I would leave for Florida and make my way up to, North Carolina, Washington D.C. and New York.

I will ride my way out to Chicago than California and than make my way back to Florida where I will spend two days there and than ride to North Carolina and to Washington DC and that to New York to the biggest car show in the United States. I will be there for four days and that the show goes to Pennsylvania and I will go there and that home. This whole trip should take my good two month to complete and hopefully I will have a new job when I get back. I have wanted to take a trip like this foe a long time and it took a lot of planning to come up where I am going to go and what I am going to do where I am going to stay and the money I needed to take this trip. I was not going to take this trip for a two years but it was a good opportunity with the job offering I had got.

During my trip I will write to you all the time and I don’t expect you to write back because I will not be in the same place for to long. In my letters I will tell you my progress and what going on. I will get your salt and pepper shakers. Hope to see you soon

Your Friend,

Devin Martinelle


I left on A Saturday morning and I got to Chicago at 2:30 I went to the Four Seasons hotel that is where I was staying. I went out for some pizza at one of the local pizza places called Giordano's and had a deep dish pizza it was awesome (Medium Stuffed Deep Dish Giordano's Chicago Pizza)

It was like four teen dollars just for the pizza but is was so worth it. I went back to the hotel because I was still in my bike suit and I got ready to go to the car show I was now like 6:00 in that afternoon and I was walking to the car show and it cost seven dollars to get in there were some cool things on all the new gas saving cars and what the companies plans were in the future. Left the next morning for Las Anglos

Los angeles
Los Angeles

I arrived three days later in Los Anglos at the Best Western witch is close to The Convention Center where the car show will be. The hotel was at a resizable price of 91 dollars a day so I booked it for two days. (374 Hotels in Los Angeles, CA) The next morning I went to the breakfast at the hotel and it was very good. After that I wanted to go to Hollywood and walk down the side walk so I did. I was really nothing special. I stayed around Hollywood for a little bit and went to the car show it was really neat I fount the new Volt. (Auto Shows)