read tamil news online as and when it happens n.
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Sri Lanka Tamil News | World Tamil News | Athavan News | Official PowerPoint Presentation
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Sri Lanka Tamil News | World Tamil News | Athavan News | Official

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Sri Lanka Tamil News | World Tamil News | Athavan News | Official - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Sri Lankan Tamil news from the country’s best reporters. From world Tamil news, business to sports, visit Athavan News for the latest updates

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read tamil news online as and when it happens

Read Tamil News Online as and

When It Happens

News reporting has been taken to another level thanks to the internet.

Just a few years ago, people had to wait until TV or radio news

segments at specific times, or wait for the newspapers every morning.

Today, we can receive news alerts to our phones and update ourselves

about the latest happenings by visiting our favorite news sites.

However, as convenient and simple as things have become, we are

still looking for faster access, especially if the content we look for isn’t in English. If you are looking for the

fastest way to get Tamil news online, these tips and tricks may come in handy.

For Sri Lankan Tamil News

If you are looking for Sri Lankan Tamil news, you have two ways to go; mainstream media or citizen

journalism/social media. If you prefer mainstream media, you need to see which Sri Lankan newspapers or

TV channels have updated and user-friendly websites. Most sites tend to be full of advertisements or are

rarely updated. Checking how often the ‘breaking news’ segment is updated will give you an idea about

how active the site is.

If you want to steer away from mainstream media, social media does offer reliable and accurate news

outlets. Of course, you need to be careful about whom you follow or subscribe to because there is a lot of

incorrect information or ‘fake news’ online.This doesn’t mean that you can’t find reliable sources and

constant updates in sites or blogs run by citizen or freelance journalists, and even social media users. For

instance, by searching for tags like ‘Sri Lanka’ and ‘Tamil news’ you can find your way to Twitter users who

will keep you updated.

For World Tamil News

While every newspaper has a section for foreign news, the news is often summarized and the coverage is

limited. This is mostly because newspapers have to prioritize and give space for the most important news.

Websites don’t face such problems, and so a wider range of world Tamil news can often be found online.

Like with Sri Lankan Tamil news, you can subscribe to newsletters or news alerts from local sites that have

strong foreign news sections. However, you can also move beyond local media and subscribe to foreign

Tamil news websites. Here too, it’s important to not only decide which your favorite sites are but to also

subscribe to them. This way, you will receive instant updates as opposed to be updated only when you

remember to visit those sites.

As for world Tamil news, you can also rely on social media like Facebook pages, Twitter accounts and

YouTube channels for the latest information. Turn on notifications or alerts from the accounts so that you

don’t miss a thing.

If You Are Looking for Breaking News

With every passing minute, there’s something important taking place in the country and even the world.

The most significant of these qualify as breaking news and it’s important that we have fast access to

breaking news.