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UK online

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UK online

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  1. UK online • UK online is the national campaign to help everyone make the most out of being online. • UK online will deliver joined up government, co-ordinating individual campaigns and digital strategies to generate greater impact and momentum • UK online symbolises a process of transformation - upskilling and empowering all people (including those on the wrong side of the digital divide) to ensure that the UK is a leader in the knowledge economy.

  2. What is the brand essence? TRANSFORMATION About people and government catching up and being able to make the most out of being online so that people, industry and the UK as a whole do not become disenfranchised and left behind in the global economy

  3. In the beginning... Why can’t we talk to each other?

  4. No secure platform Agreed standards Secure platform No agreed standards Central IT strategy No IT strategy Internal e-mail Connection No connection No internal e-mail Technological challenge

  5. The technical solution e-GMF GSI e-mail option e-GIF

  6. Nirvana?... Why aren’t we talking to each other! Now we can we talk to each other!

  7. Meanwhile somewhere else... Why can’t we talk to each other?

  8. Rapid communication throughout government and beyond A business output challenge… A common system which delivers what staff really want Mutual sharing of policy briefing and knowledge across government Collaborative working in real time beyond the departmental firewalls

  9. No unified knowledge network Isolated departments Before the Knowledge Network Little knowledge potential

  10. Emerging inter-departmental communities Unified knowledge network Compatible departmentalsystems 18 months on… Growing knowledge potential

  11. What’s going on? • The technology is crucial... • The standards are crucial… • Inter-operability is crucial… • But they are only means to an end - not the end in itself…. • We need to turn technical potential into real living change

  12. Embedded and self-sustaining communities Joined-up departments Mature knowledge network Now for the real challenge Knowledge Enhanced Government

  13. ‘Enabling communities’ “There is a growing recognition that knowledge coheres in networks and communities. Therefore a common knowledge-based project is finding these groups and letting others know of their existence. " Prusack 2000

  14. ‘Enabling communities in government’ • CONNECT – the e-communicators’ community • OGC real-time project monitoring • RIU – regulatory impact analysis • ‘Knowledge pools’ with CMPS and PIU • ‘LION’ – Lawyers Information Online Network

  15. What’s the big picture? • Information and knowledge flowing seamlessly… • Vibrant communities working beyond the silos… • ‘Working knowledge’ becomes a verb not a noun…

  16. We need you…! • …to tap your expertise and experience • …to further develop our understanding and analysis • …to help get us all working together to drive forward the vision… • …to make the goal of Knowledge Enhanced Government a global reality