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QOTD. If President Bush were assassinated today, how do you think the nation would react? How would you react?. The Assassination of JFK. The Events, the Assassin, the Theories, and the Reaction of the People. The Events of the Assassination. November 22, 1963

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  • If President Bush were assassinated today, how do you think the nation would react? How would you react?
the assassination of jfk

The Assassination of JFK

The Events, the Assassin, the Theories, and the Reaction of the People

the events of the assassination
The Events of the Assassination

November 22, 1963

  • Kennedy gives speech followed by a motorcade through Dallas. Governor Connally of Texas and his wife accompany the President and first lady.
the events of the assassination 2
The Events of the Assassination(2)
  • The motorcade turns down Houston St. and makes a left onto Elm St. through Dealy Plaza. The Texas School Book Depository, with Oswald on 6th floor, is on the corner.
the events of the assassination 3
The Events of the Assassination(3)
  • “Something has happened…”
    • KBOX Dallas radio’s live report of the assassination, just prior to, during and immediately following the shooting.
the events of the assassination 4
The Events of the Assassination(4)
  • 3 – 4 shots are fired at the President
  • Governor Connally hit under armpit, out arm, and into his thigh
  • Kennedy hit 2x
    • Once in the back and out throat
    • One shot to the head
  • Motorcade rushes off to the Hospital
  • Charles Bramm – eyewitness account, father watching w/ son
the events of the assassination 5
The Events of the Assassination(5)
  • At 1:00 PM on November 22nd, 1963 President John F. Kennedy dies at the age of 46.
    • The initial newsflash stating that Kennedy has died. (A woman can be heard sobbing upon hearing the news)
the events of the assassination 6
The Events of the Assassination(6)
  • VP Lyndon B. Johnson is sworn in as President on plane in Dallas
  • A shocked and stunned nation comes to grips with the tragedy that has taken place
    • “In the hearts of each of us” - news anchor Frank McGee attempts to put the country’s feelings into words
the events of the assassination 7
The Events of the Assassination(7)

Lee Harvey Oswald

  • Becomes focus of investigation into assassination
  • Arrested in movie theater a few miles from site of assassination on same day – believed that he killed a police officer shortly after assassination
  • “They’re taking me in because of the fact that I lived in the Soviet Union. I’m only a patsy.”
  • Rifle and spent shells found in TSBD where some witnesses believed shots came from
  • While being transferred, Oswald is shot and killed by Dallas nightclub owner Jack Ruby
profile of an assassin
Profile of an Assassin

Lee Harvey Oswald

  • Troubled Childhood –
    • father died, mother unstable, previous violence, moved 21x btw school & college
  • Marxist/Communist Beliefs –
    • Taught himself Russian, Joined Marines & didn’t like it, moved to USSR in 1959, married
    • Not accepted there – moved back to USA
    • Applied for residency in Cuba – denied
  • Previous Assassination Attempt –
    • April 10th, 1963 – Planned & attempted to kill former Gen. Walker – critic of Castro
  • Texas School Book Depository –
    • October 1963 – Oswald gets job working there (site of shooting)
the investigation
The Investigation
  • The Warren Commission
    • Johnson appoints a special committee to investigate the assassination
    • Headed by Chief Justice of S.C. Earl Warren
  • Warren Report (issued Sept 1964)
    • Oswald, acting alone, killed Kennedy – there was no conspiracy
    • Oswald fired 3 shots – 1 missed, no others shot
    • Same bullet that hit Kennedy in throat went on to strike Gov. Connally in the back – Single bullet theory – “Magic Bullet”
    • Jack Ruby’s killing of Oswald was spontaneous and he had no significant ties to the Mafia
the investigation 2
The Investigation(2)
  • The House Select Committee on Assassinations (’76-’79) House conducts its own investigation over 3 yr period
    • Kennedy killed as part of a conspiracy – Oswald did not act alone
    • Four shots were fired, one shot was fired from the “grassy knoll” but missed Kennedy and the limousine
    • Jack Ruby had significant ties to organized crime
    • Ruby’s killing of Oswald was not spontaneous but had the appearance of a “hit” to silence him
    • Warren Commission failed to fully investigate the possibility of a conspiracy
    • CIA and FBI did not supply all the info they had to the commission
    • Security arrangements insecure? A proper autopsy?
two basic views of the assassination
Crazed Loner

One gunman

Acted alone

No accomplices or help from anyone else


More than one gunman

Those gunmen a part of a larger conspiracy

Two Basic Views of the Assassination

Which one do you believe???

Let’s look at some of the evidence…

evidence dealy plaza revisited
Evidence: Dealy Plaza Revisited
  • Make note of locations of people, objects, and buildings
evidence the assassin
Evidence: The Assassin
  • Motive
    • Desperately wanted his life to be “important” & was reject by Cubans & Soviets
  • TSBD – Rifle & “Snipers Nest”
    • Rifle had his fingerprints on it, 3 shells found in area around the snipers nest
  • Accuracy of Shots
    • Could he have gotten 3 shots off in 8 seconds with great accuracy?
    • As a marine, master marksman, consistent high marks at hitting targets at 200 yards
    • Kennedy was about 88 yards from him
evidence the magic bullet
Evidence: “The Magic Bullet”
  • Does the Single Bullet Theory hold up?
    • The seating position – Is Connally directly in front of Kennedy or not?
evidence the magic bullet 2
Evidence: “The Magic Bullet”(2)
  • Does the Single Bullet Theory hold up?
    • The Trajectory – Could the bullet have passed through both bodies?
    • Are these diagrams accurate depictions of the seating arrangements?
evidence the magic bullet 3
Evidence: “The Magic Bullet”(3)
  • Does the Single Bullet Theory hold up?
    • The “Pristine” Bullet – After passing through two bodies, does the bullet show some wear to it?
  • Tests showed that the bullet was fired from Oswald’s gun
evidence the witnesses
Evidence: The Witnesses
  • Where were the shots fired from?
  • How many shots were fired?
  • Jean Hill & Mary Moorman eyewitness accounts
evidence the zapruder film
Evidence: The Zapruder Film
  • The Abraham Zapruder home movie of the Kennedy Assassination is the only known film of the entire assassination. It is a silent, 8mm color record of the Kennedy motorcade just before, during and immediately after the shooting.
    • When is Kennedy shot? When is Connally shot? In what direction does kennedy’s head move on the 2nd shot?
evidence the zapruder film 2
Evidence: The Zapruder Film(2)
  • The Zapruder Film (enhanced)
    • In this version of the film, the events within the car are blown up and slowed down. The frame numbers are listed.
    • Check to see if this version changes your interpretation of what happened.
what really happened
What Really Happened?
  • We may never know what really happened that day or who was involved.
  • Oswald as lone gunner is most widely accepted, BUT there is still much debate even today.
  • What is your opinion on what really happened?
a nation mourns
A Nation Mourns
  • The Funeral
    • November 25, 1963 (John Jr.’s BDay) – Thousands attend the procession from the White House to Arlington Cemetery
    • Millions mourned in services held around the country and around the world.
a nation mourns 2
A Nation Mourns(2)
  • Some of the sights and sounds of the Funeral

A son’s final salute to his father