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  1. Flemshire We are Ms. Flemer’s grade 10 honors English class. We live in Norwood Massachusetts. We go to Norwood High School. This year we are in a brand new school.

  2. MARK & TIM Hi, my favorite things to do are to play soccer, baseball, and hockey. Also, I have a pet frog named Wesley. I can’t have a dog because I’m not responsible enough. Hi. The sports I play are hockey, soccer, and lacrosse. I have a pet tiger (poodle) named Leonardo (Trixie).

  3. ANTHONY & JESS Hi! I am from Norwood, Massachusetts and I was born and raised there. I am 50% Italian and 50% Puerto Rican. I am on the swim team, and I sing and act. My favorite color is green. I am on the soccer team. My favorite color is yellowand I LOVE the beach.

  4. Bobby & Brian Hi. I play football and I do track. My favorite subjects are history, English, and Latin. I was born in Boston, I live in Norwood, and I come from a big family. Hi. I was born at Newton Wellesley Hospital, and I live in Norwood, Massachusetts. I play hockey and lacrosse. My favorite color is teal. I’m very smart, and I’m very kind.

  5. Nancy & Melissa Hi, I love traveling, shopping, reading, and figure skating. I am on the tennis team and Norwood Stingrays Swim Team. I am 50% Russian and 50% Jewish. Also my favorite color is green. Hi. I was born in Norwood. I love to read. I was on the tennis team, and I love Chinese food. P.S. my favorite color is blue.

  6. Tessa & Chelsey Hi. I’m on the swim team, lacrosse team, and I love reading. I love hockey, and my favorite hockey team is the Bruins. I have season tickets to the Bruins Hello! I play soccer and lacrosse. I like reading. I want to be a zoologist when I’m older.

  7. Brendan & Walker Hi! I play hockey, lacrosse and football. I have mad swag. Hockey is very important to me. I was born in Boston, but have lived in Norwood my entire life. I am a sophomore at NHS. I play golf, basketball, and lacrosse. My favorite color is green. I like turtles.

  8. Shayla & Judlie I am 15 years old. I have two older brothers and a dog named Murphy. I do cheerleading. I love to travel. HI ! By the way, Judlie pronounced “Jude-Lee” I enjoy the wonders of pizza, nail polish, and snow.

  9. Katherine and Hallie I like to travel. I am Italian so I have a large family. I have a sister. I work at a pizza place. I play two sports, cross country and lacrosse. My favorite kind of food is Thai food.

  10. Our Relaxed Class

  11. Our Silly Class

  12. Our Enthusiastic Class

  13. Our Crazy Class