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Dr. Bill Vicars Lifeprint.com. Classifiers . Classifier 5. CL:5. Note: Many of today's classifier examples have …. lexicalized into regular signs. Such signs used to be classifiers but now they…. are not actually specifying size or shape, etc. … movement or placement.

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Lexicalized into regular signs
lexicalized into regular signs.

Are not actually specifying size or shape etc
are not actually specifying size or shape, etc.

Goose bumps vs feathers
goosebumps vs feathers

The movement of air
The movement of air:

Fans propellers
fans & propellers

5 or more people standing together
5 (or more) people standing together

Large flat objects
Large flat objects:

Emergency vehicle lights
emergency vehicle lights

Small flashing notification light
small flashing notification light

Traffic cl4 cl5

Review previous classifiers
Review previous classifiers

Bleedingfrom forehead
bleedingfrom forehead

Water running from a faucet
Waterrunning from a faucet

Long straight hair
long straight hair

Multiple lane freeways
multiple lane freeways

A large road sign
A large road sign.

A rear end car collision
A rear end car collision

Motorcycle jumping a row of cars
Motorcyclejumping a row of cars

Climbing large object wall or cliff
climbing large object, wall or cliff

Lexicalized classifiers used to be what
Lexicalized classifiersused to be what?

Give me an example of a lexicalized classifier
Give me an example of alexicalized classifier.

Immigration admittance

It functions as a classifier again
It functions as a classifier again.

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