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Invitation To Tender Procedure IT – 3976/en Provision of SPECIALIZED EOT CRANE MAINTENANCE SERVICES on the CERN site. Insert Date. Key dates. Invitation to Tender issued: 17 April 2014 Compulsory bidders’ conference: 5-6 May 2014 Bids to be returned to CERN by 12 June 2014

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  1. Invitation To Tender ProcedureIT – 3976/en Provision of SPECIALIZED EOT CRANE MAINTENANCE SERVICES on the CERN site Insert Date

  2. Key dates • Invitation to Tender issued: 17 April 2014 • Compulsory bidders’ conference: 5-6 May 2014 • Bids to be returned to CERN by 12 June2014 • Finance Committee: September 2014 Please do not request information concerning the outcome before FC approval • Contract negotiation and notification • Start of the contract: 1 January 2015

  3. IT documents • Tender form • Technical specification + annexes • Focus on Annex B • Evaluation questionnaire • Focus on Field test (12-28 May – 1.5 days) • Working on the CERN site • General Conditions for Invitations to Tender CERN/FC/5312-I/Rev. • General Conditions of CERN Contracts CERN/FC/5312-II/Rev.

  4. Basis of Award The contract shall be awarded on «Best Value for Money» basis to the bidder submitting the most economically advantageous bid

  5. Selection & Adjudication Criteria The following criteria and weights will be applied by CERN to evaluate the bids:

  6. Scoring Total weighted score = (weighted quality score) + (weighted price score) Where: Weighted Quality Score = Accordingly, the maximum price score is awarded to the lowest compliant bid Weighted Price Score = Price weight – 50C G Most economically advantageous bid shall be the one with the highest total weighted score Meaning: In case of a 60/40 adjudication the maximum price paid will never exceed 80% of the lowest compliant bid

  7. Quality assessment Will be based on the Evaluation questionnaire Bare in mind that: “The questionnaire dulysignedconstitutes the bidder’stechnicaloffer, whichtermsshallbecomebinding in case of award of contract. ’’

  8. Price Basis All prices shall be quoted in CHF or EUR, free of taxes, not subject to revision until 31 December 2017 LSP for management (B1 + B2) LSP for maintenance services (B6’) LSP for support service and handling operation (B6’’) Estimated price for additional services (B3) Spare parts for additional services (B4) – “Factor k” Stand-by service (B5)

  9. Remuneration The services carried out every month shall be paid monthly according to the following formula (Section 7 – Tender form): R = (1/12LSP) + (H x W) + B + S - P Where: LSP = Yearly lump sum prices for services concerned H = Contractual hourly rates for additional services concerned W = Number of hours worked for additional services during the month concerned B = Spare parts used for additional services for the month concerned S = Stand-by service if carried out P = Monthly amount resulting from the application of contractual penalties as defined in section 7 of the technical specification.

  10. Remuneration The first invoice shall be accompanied by a bank guaranteefrom a bank approvedby CERN (BBB+ at least) of 10 % of 1st year contract price and valid until6months after the contract end

  11. VAT • Prices shall take into account CERN’s exoneration from VAT and import duties • VAT shall be subject to the rules and invoicing instructions as defined under the following link: http://cern.ch/doc/vat.html OR http://cern.ch/doc/tva.html

  12. Instructions for submission • Bidders shall establish a commercial and a technical bid to be submitted in two separate envelopes BUT sent in one single envelope bearing the reference of the invitation to tender. CERN will apply a double-envelope procedure for the opening of the bids

  13. Return Date Bids shall be returned to CERN on 12 June2014at the latest The postmark will be accepted as proof of date of posting

  14. Clarification Process Requests for clarification should be received earlier than 30 May2014 All questions shall be addressed in writing to Sebastien.sonnerat@cern.ch

  15. Clarification Process • CERN’s response will be sent to all bidders, including the request for clarification but without identifying its source • Bidders shall acknowledge receipt of the email • Cover letter with bid shall acknowledge each individual CERN clarification correspondence received

  16. Law Applicable to Contractor’s Personnel

  17. Reminder According to its status CERN has the right to establish its own rules (i.e. SRR, safety rules, CPR) which are applicable to all HOWEVER: Contractors shall comply with common law as well as CERN rules

  18. According to the principle of territoriality established under the Swiss-French agreement of 1965, contractors must comply with the law of their country of origin as well as with a number of provisions concerning the working conditions of their staff applicable in the country where services are executed 2 territories where services are executed = 2 applicable laws in addition to the one in their country of origin + +

  19. The application of the principle of territoriality creates practical and legal problems for contractors and their staff. The two host countries, with CERN, have therefore defined a new system: 2 territories where services are executed = only 1 applicable law in addition to the one in their country of origin or +

  20. Areas Concerned The other areas such as hiring, contract termination and personnel representation are not concerned by this new regime rest time & leave the minimum wage hygiene, safety and health at work protection for young workers and pregnant women or have just given birth equal treatment temporary work

  21. 4P • The applicable law is determined on the basis of the Part PrépondérantePrévisible de la Prestation= 4P • The 4P for thiscontractislocated on the Frenchpart of the CERN domain. The applicable law is thus Frenchlaw • This rule applies to the entire contract, including subcontractors unless subcontracting concerns only one territory

  22. Relations with Host States France: Direction régionale des entreprises, de la concurrence, de la consommation, du travail et de l’emploi (DIRECCTE) Rhône-Alpes – Unitéterritoriale de l’Ain 34 avenue des Belges Quartier Bourg centre F- 01000 Bourg-en-Bressecedex T. + F. + charlotte.revolat@direccte.gouv.fr

  23. Collective agreement DIRECCTEhas informed CERN that the collective agreement applicable to for the provision of specialized EOT crane maintenance services is: Convention collective nationale métropolitaine des ets. de la maintenance, distribution et location de matériels agricoles, de travaux publics, de bâtiments, de manutention, de motoculture de plaisance et activités connexes, dite SDLM du 23 avril 2010

  24. Information Contact Sebastien Sonnerat Tel: +41 22 767 3092 Sebastien.sonnerat@cern.ch

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