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European Explorers GA GPS Standards PowerPoint Presentation
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European Explorers GA GPS Standards

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European Explorers GA GPS Standards - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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European Explorers GA GPS Standards. Mr. Gluckson. Prince Henry the Navigator. Portugal Brought experts together to study navigation and paid for explorations. Memory Hook: Prince Henry paid 4 Portuguese to X- Plore . Vasco da Gama. Explores for Portugal

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Presentation Transcript
prince henry the navigator
Prince Henry the Navigator
  • Portugal
  • Brought experts together to study navigation and paid for explorations.
  • Memory Hook: Prince Henry paid 4 Portuguese to X-Plore.
vasco da gama
Vasco da Gama
  • Explores for Portugal
  • Sailed around the tip of Africa to India.
  • 1st Water route to Asia to find spices.
  • Memory Hook: Da Gama and Da Portuguese Da Sailed to Da India.
christopher columbus
Christopher Columbus
  • Explored for Spain
  • Sailed west to Asia but landed in Bahamas.
  • Is credited with finding the “New World” not North America.
  • Memory Hook: Spain wanted to be in India, but Columbus landed in the Americas.
ferdinand magellan
Ferdinand Magellan
  • Explored for Spain
  • Magellan’s crew is 1st circumnavigate the globe. Magellan was killed in Battle after landing in the Philippines.
  • circumnavigate+= go around the globe.
  • Memory Hook: Magellan left Spain in a boat and his crew circumnavigated the globe.
hernando cortez
Hernando Cortez
  • Explored for Spain
  • Conquered the Aztecs and took control over Mexico.
  • Cortez wanted to find gold and he does after conquering the Aztecs.
  • Memory Hook: In Mexico, the Aztecs were bold but, Cortez and Spain took their gold.
francisco pizarro
Francisco Pizarro
  • Explored for Spain
  • Conquered Incas and took over Peru and Chile.
  • Pizarro and his soldiers hunted for the Incas in the Andes Mountains. The Spanish used llamas to find the Incas.
  • Memory Hook: Spain liked Pizarro with extra cheese and they conquered the Incas in the Andes.
francis drake
Francis Drake
  • Explored for Great Britain(England)
  • 1st Englishman to circumnavigate the globe.
  • Memory Hook: Drake! Drake! English circumnavigate!
jacques cartier
Jacques Cartier
  • Explores for France
  • Sails and claims the Eastern part of Canada for France. (Quebec)
  • Memory Hook: Cartier liked to dance, he claimed Canada for France.