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Corial 200IL

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Corial 200IL - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Corial 200IL

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  1. Corial 200IL An Inductively Coupled Plasma Etcher For Compound Semiconductors

  2. Corial 200IL

  3. Equipment Control & Software COSMA Software with: • Edit menu for process recipe edition, • Adjust menu for process optimizing, • Maintenance menus for complete equipment control via internet with VPN (Virtual Private Network). • CORS Software for: • Data reprocessing (Measures and data comparison).

  4. Server for GUI Operator COSMA Controller Lots Actions Monitoring COSMA Supervisor Remote GUI Monitoring Process Process Controller Embedded control PU Constructor Monitoring Actions Embedded control function Device Controllers PC User Closed-loop Physical devices A Tool Organized in Successive Levels

  5. Diagram Modes Optimization Mode Stand-by Mode Production Mode Normal Shut down Mode Step by step Mode Errors Operator Production Constructor Mode Maintenance Constructor

  6. WAN VPN ADSL Fix IP COSMA GUI Firewall Customer Ethernet Network Dedicated Ethernet network COSMA Supervisor Ethernet Process Control Unit (2) Process Control Unit (1) Ethernet Device Control (1) Device Control (2) A Communicant Tool

  7. ICP Matching network ICP Reactor HT/BT Power Supplies Load-lock Electronic Control TMP Control ICP Generator RF Generator System

  8. Load-lock ICP Matching network ICP Reactor Matching Network Throttle Valve TMP Lift Gas box System

  9. Gate valve for quick reactor venting and cleaning Dry Pump ADP 122 Pumping System Reactor Load-lock Load-Lock Valve TV TMP

  10. Reactor Features (1) • New Inductively Coupled Plasma source with hot walls to reduce polymer condensation and to enhance plasma cleaning. It produces High Density Plasma in a wide working pressure range (5 to 100 mT) for fast etching of up to Ø200 mm wafers, • Helium assisted heat exchange between cathode, shuttle and wafer with mechanical clamping to maintain wafer temperature below100°C, Numerous plasma modes accessible in the same process: • Inductively Coupled Plasma + RF biasing • Reactive Ion Etching • Inductively Coupled Plasma for low damage etching.

  11. Reactor Features (2) • Reactor with hot walls enables: • Highly selective processes, • Low contamination of the process chamber. • Low plasma potential (< 25 Volts) and automatic self bias regulation giving rise to precise control of ion energy enables (≤ 40 eV): • Low damage etching with no RF biasing, • Isotropic etching with low RF biasing, • Anisotropic etching with high RF biasing.

  12. Match Box PLASMA RF generator at 2 MHz Electron density : 1011 to 1012 e/cm3 ICP Source

  13. Laser window Reactor 2 MHz Match Box ICP Reactor Design

  14. Laser window Gas shower (Thermally isolated) Ø280 mm coil Quartz tube Match Box ICP Reactor Design

  15. ICP Reactor Design Shielding (Thermally isolated) Quartz tube (Thermally isolated) Water cooled coil The reactor walls are thermally isolated. They are getting hot during plasma etching. This strongly reduces the polymer condensation and the cross contamination between different processes.

  16. Shuttle Loading tool Cathode Loading

  17. Shuttle Loading tool Cathode Loading

  18. Shuttle Loading tool Cathode Clamping

  19. Shuttle Loading tool Cathode Helium Cooling

  20. PLASMA Shuttle Loading tool Cathode Helium Etching

  21. Shuttle Loading tool Cathode End of Etching

  22. Shuttle Loading tool Cathode Unloading

  23. Shuttle Loading tool Cathode Unloading

  24. Goal: Ensure wafer cooling Altymid Ring Wafer Work Area Pression He en fonction du débit - He Pressure Versus He Flow Rate - 15 Graphite Plate 10 Pression He (Torrs) - He Pressure - O’ Ring 5 0 0 Base Plate 0 0 5 10 15 20 25 Débit He - He Flow Rate - (sccm) He Pressure vs He Flow Rate Example of Shuttle The shuttles are designed according to wafer size, number of wafers and process recipes for optimum process results. The use of dedicated shuttles according to process strongly reduces the cross contamination.

  25. A CCD camera and laser diode, in the same measuring head, enables simultaneous visualization of the die surface and the laser beam impact on it. A laser spot, of diameter 20 µm, facilitates the record of interference signals. Precise Monitoring The latest submicron technology needs precise monitoring: • Automatic endpoint detection, • CCD camera with magnification > 120 X, • Laser beam diameter ≤ 20 m.

  26. Signal Laser beam Photodiode Time Interferences Reflected beam 1 Interface 1 Interface 2 Reflected beam 2 Refractive Index = n Underlayer Laser Endpoint Detection Interferences lead to a periodic signal having a l/2n period versus time

  27. Recap of Corial 200IL Features • New Inductively Coupled Plasma source with hot walls which reduces polymer condensation, enhances plasma cleaning, minimizes cross contamination. It produces High Density Plasma for uniform etching of films on batch of seven 2” wafers or wafer size up to 200 mm, • Low plasma potential (<25 Volts) and automatic self bias regulation to precisely control the ion energy, • Helium assisted heat exchange to maintain resist and device integrity, • Various shuttles to reduce cross contamination. They are designed to fit with wafers and processes recipes for the best process results, • Wide process range from isotropic to anisotropic and fast etch rate to low etch rate with very high selectivity, • Laser endpoint for precise process monitoring, • Capability of many etching modes from RIE, ICP + RIE and ICP in the same process recipe.