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Your Crew: When to Refer. When to Refer. Current High Risk Codes Remaining High Risk Risk 132 (maternal wt. loss) Risk 134 (failure to thrive – infants & children) Risk 141 (LBW infants up to 12 mo.) Risk 142 (premature infants up to 12 mo.) Risk 302 (Gestational Diabetes)

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When to refer
When to Refer

Current High Risk Codes Remaining High Risk

  • Risk 132 (maternal wt. loss)

  • Risk 134 (failure to thrive – infants & children)

  • Risk 141 (LBW infants up to 12 mo.)

  • Risk 142 (premature infants up to 12 mo.)

  • Risk 302 (Gestational Diabetes)

  • Risk 341 (Nutrient Deficiency Disease)

  • Risk 602/603 (BF complications)

When to refer continued
When to Refer…continued

Current Medium Risk Codes Remaining Medium Risk

  • Risk 101 (pre-pregnancy underweight)

  • Risk 131 (low maternal weight gain)

  • Risk 141 (LBW children after 12 mo. & seen by RD)

  • Risk 142 (premature after 12 mo. & seen by an RD)

  • Risk 201 (anemia nutritionist ranges)

Old wic codes now high risk
“Old” WIC Codes now High Risk

  • Risk 111 (PG1, PG2) Pre-Pregnancy BMI > 25

  • Risk 111 (EN, PN, P) Pre-Pregnancy or current BMI > 25 after 6 months post-partum

  • Risk 113 (C2, C3, C4) BMI/age > 95thpercentile

New high risk codes
New High Risk Codes

  • Risk 103.1

    • IEN, IPN, IFF, C1 Wt/length ≤2nd percentile

    • C2, C3, C4 BMI/age ≤ 5th percentile (CDC)

  • Risk 115

    • IEN, IPN, IFF, and C1: Wt/length ≥ 98th percentile (WHO)

Coming soon to a wic clinic near you
Coming soon to a WIC clinic near you!

  • There will be some medical codes that will be high risk October 1st as well…

Last but not least
Last but not least…

  • Any participant can see the RD!


  • People are more receptive to change when they like the person they’re working with.

  • They are more likely to say “yes” to people they like, and “no” to people they don’t like.

  • “The dietitian would love to visit with you and see your children.”

  • “Our dietitian loves working with families who struggle with a picky eater.”


  • “Many other families in your situation have found that their visit with the dietitian was helpful.”

  • “A mom I talked to yesterday told me about the dietitian and that she really helped her.”


  • “It sounds like you’ve tried almost everything to help your child. We can schedule you to see our dietitian, she has so many great tips and she may even have a solution you haven’t tried yet.”

Commitment consistency
Commitment & Consistency

  • “The dietitian will be looking forward to seeing you next month. What day is it again that you’ll be here?”


  • “The dietitian is only here a few days a week, so it takes a while to get an appointment. But when you meet with her, you will feel secure in knowing that you’re doing everything you can to help Jonny be the best he can be. She’s a real expert on what kids like to eat and what’s good for them.”


  • “There are only a few appointments with the dietitian each month, not everyone gets to meet with her”

  • “You don’t have to meet with her, but you may miss out on some great tips”

Take home messages
Take Home Messages

  • Every client, regardless of the risk code, will be offered the opportunity for RD services.

  • Value the work you do! Don’t assume participants do not want the nutrition education we provide.

Questions about referring

Questions about referring?