Knr 364 senior seminar in physical education teacher education
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The Reflective Teacher - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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KNR 364: Senior Seminar in Physical Education Teacher Education. The Reflective Teacher. An ongoing process engaged in by effective teachers

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An ongoing process engaged in by effective teachers Education

“The physical education teacher understands the importance of being a reflective practitioner and its contribution to overall professional development and actively seeks opportunities to sustain professional growth” (National Standards for Beginning Physical Education Teachers, 2003)


Reflective cycle
Reflective Cycle Education

Purpose of reflection

Help you to bridge the gap between being a student of teaching and being a teacher of students

Help you to manage the complex nature of teaching in schools

Help you to learn from your experiences

Purpose of Reflection


Teaching skills and methods (RFTPE)

Reflecting on past experiences and applying new technical knowledge to better understand the situation



Contextual level of reflection (RFTPE)

Occurs as a reaction to a problem that comes up in your class that is unexpected



Dialectical Level (RFTPE)

Refers to social constructions (race, SES, gender, etc.)


Three steps in rftpe

Describing: (RFTPE) What happened?

Justifying: What did you do and why?

Critiquing: How did it go?

Three steps in RFTPE

The role of reflection in shaping physical education teachers educational values and practices

Tsangaridou (RFTPE) & O’Sullivan, 1997

What did they do?

What did they learn?

So what?

The Role of Reflection in shaping physical education teachers’ educational values and practices

Types of reflection

  • Micro reflection: day to day practices (RFTPE)

    • Pedagogical issues

    • Content

    • Social issues

    • Ethical and moral issues

  • Macro reflection: informs practice over time

    • Subject matter issues

    • Societal concerns

    • Contextual issues

Types of Reflection


Teaching context and experiences were the biggest catalysts for reflection

Teachers’ values about education served as the foundation for reflection



Micro reflection helped teachers to fine tune their teaching for reflection

Reflection is an essential component of professional development

Experience can lead to professional development only if it is accompanied by reflection