S tate t echnology a nnual r eport r egister starr agency overview training
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S tate T echnology A nnual R eport R egister (STARR) Agency Overview Training - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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S tate T echnology A nnual R eport R egister (STARR) Agency Overview Training. Training Agenda. STARR Overview Training STARR Purpose What is STARR STARR Roles STARR Data Collection Timeline Responding to a Questionnaire (Video)

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Presentation Transcript
S tate t echnology a nnual r eport r egister starr agency overview training

State Technology Annual Report Register (STARR) Agency Overview Training

Training agenda
Training Agenda

  • STARR Overview Training

    • STARR Purpose

    • What is STARR

    • STARR Roles

    • STARR Data Collection Timeline

    • Responding to a Questionnaire (Video)

    • STARR Role Based Training (Agency Super User: Phase 1)

    • STARR Dashboards

    • Helpful Tips

    • When to Contact Agency Super User

    • Questions

Starr purpose
STARR Purpose

O.C.G.A. 50-25-4(8), (13) & 50-25-7.10, the State CIO is responsible for collecting and publishing an information technology report that covers the state’s current and planned use of technology for the purpose of making recommendations on the needs and opportunities for the enterprise.

Governor’s Executive Order on March 2008 requires agencies to report on the status of their agency information security program.

What is starr
What is STARR

  • STARR serves as a data repository for State IT, Security and supports the annual report

  • Replaces the existing tool

    • Information Technology Governance Report (ITGR) with a tool where the majority of data will be entered via questionnaires (similar to Survey Monkey)

  • Uses web based questionnaires to enter and validate data

  • STARR questionnaires are targeted to specific roles

    • Standard Questions encompassing role-specific questions (I.e.. BCP, IT Security, BO)

    • Entity Questionnaire targeting (I.e.. Agency Super User, Systems Security, CIO, CFO)

What is starr1
What is STARR

  • The majority of the questionnaires will be pre-populated with pre-existing ITGR data

  • Provides enhanced Reporting and Dashboard capability

Starr roles

Starr roles 1 of 3
STARR Roles (1 of 3)

  • Business Owner (BO)

    • answers questionnaire on Secure, Reliable, and Sustainable Maturity (SRS Maturity)

  • Agency Super User

    • agency point of contact for STARR

    • responsible for the agency profile questionnaire

    • has the ability to produce reports

  • Business Continuity Planner (BCP)

    • answers questionnaire regarding business continuity planning

Starr roles 2 of 3
STARR Roles (2 of 3)

  • Chief Information Officer (CIO )

    • answers questionnaire regarding business application inventory

    • answers questionnaire about agency IT Spend

    • answers questionnaire on Secure, Reliable, and Sustainable Maturity (SRS Maturity)

  • Senior Agency Information Security Officer (SAISO)

    • answers questionnaires regarding agency IT systems and security

Starr roles 3 of 3
STARR Roles (3 of 3)

  • Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

    • answers questionnaire on the agency IT Spend

  • Agency Head / Commissioner

    • will receive a questionnaire to validate agency IT information

Starr training questionnaire distribution schedule
STARR Training & Questionnaire Distribution Schedule

Responding to starr questionnaires video
Responding to STARR Questionnaires Video

Please note:

The STARR Tool is a SaaS (Software as a Service) Solution. The video you are about to review was produced by our vendor CAI for their product AMI. Therefore during the videoyou may hear the term “AMI” being used throughout.

GTA has rebranded our customized solution; “STARR”

Sample agency profile questionnaire1
Sample Agency Profile Questionnaire

Pressing the email linkwill bring you to the Agency Profile – STARR Adminlanding page:

Click on “Edit” button to

enter edit mode for theagency profile tab

The Agency Profile tab opens for the prior fiscal year showing your agencyprofile information fields

Sample agency profile questionnaire2
Sample Agency Profile Questionnaire

Pressing “Edit” on the previous screen allows the responderto enter edit mode for

the profile questionnaire

  • If updates are required, select the current fiscal year and update the necessary profile data fields

Sample agency profile questionnaire3
Sample Agency Profile Questionnaire

Select “Yes” tocertify that the data entered is accurate and complete which triggers a notification to the GTA Admin. Selecting “No” will mark the questionnaire as incomplete

Sample agency profile questionnaire4
Sample Agency Profile Questionnaire

Select “Save” to save your updates. Selecting “Cancel” ignores any updates

Sample agency profile questionnaire5
Sample Agency Profile Questionnaire

When you have finished updating the questionnaire, selecting the “I’m Finished” button will complete the questionnaire.If more updates are requiredselect the “Close and Finish later” link – to return to the questionnaire at a later timeprior to the expiration date.You can return to the questionnaire by clicking on the link in the prior email notification.

Sample agency profile questionnaire6
Sample Agency Profile Questionnaire

Starr dashboards
STARR Dashboards

The agency data reflected on the dashboard views are driven by the questionnaire responses.

Dashboard Types:

  • Dials

  • Graphs

  • Charts

It security dashboard
IT Security Dashboard

IT Security Dashboard report Agency:

  • Security Awareness Training:

    • Security Awareness Training for agency staff (Staff and Contractors)

    • Record keeping for Security Awareness Training

  • Security Governance:

    • Confirmation of a formal documented security program as required by Enterprise Information Security Infrastructure Standard (SS-08-005.01)

    • Agency's information security governance process

Sample business continuity dashboard
Sample Business Continuity Dashboard

Business Continuity Dashboard reflects the Agency’s:

Q1: established guidelines on how emergency situations should be handled by the

agency and it’s personnel

Q3: documented processes that continue it’s core mission capabilities

Q5: identification of key personnel essential to support critical business processes

Application inventory dashboard
Application Inventory Dashboard

The Application Inventory Graph compiles a summary view of the Agency’s Application Inventory Data segmented by:

  • Application Spend vs. Budgeted Amount

  • Application Inventory

    • Contractor Labor Costs

    • Employee Labor Costs

  • Full Time Equivalent (FTE) Information

    • Contractor

    • Employee

It agency spend dashboard
IT Agency Spend Dashboard

The IT Agency Spend Graph compiles a summary view of IT Agency Spend segmented out by Cost Categories

  • Total Infrastructure Costs

  • Total Network Costs

  • Total Application Costs

  • Total Project Costs (Fiscal Year Spend)

Sample srs maturity dashboard
Sample SRS Maturity Dashboard

The SRS Maturity Dashboard represent cumulative operational responses from Business Owners and CIOs input related to the current state of their agency; data, systems and IT security. The SRS Maturity dials represented on the following page identify:

  • Secure

  • Reliable

  • Sustainable

  • Overall SRS Average

Helpful tips1
Helpful Tips:

  • The STARR tool supports the following Browsers.

    • Internet Explorer - 7

    • Internet Explorer - 8 and 9 (Preference)

    • Firefox - 11 and higher 

    • Safari - 5 and higher 

    • Chrome - most recent production version 

Helpful tips2
Helpful Tips:

  • Prior to receiving your questionnaire, you will be notified at least a week in advance. If you do not receive the questionnaire within that week; please check your spam file

  • Make sure you complete your questionnaire prior to the expiration date

    • Contact your Agency Super User to request a reissue of your questionnaire

  • Make sure your responses are saved prior to leaving your computer for an extended length of time; In a time-out scenario, your responses will not be saved

Helpful tips3
Helpful Tips:

  • Forwarding Questionnaires:

    • You have the ability to forward a questionnaire to another responsible party prior to your final submission; once a questionnaire is completed (submitted) that questionnaire cannot be re-launched

    • If a questionnaire is forwarded to another party, your identity (original questionnaire recipient) remains linked to the questionnaire

    • If a questionnaire has expired, you will not be able to launch the questionnaire; you will need to contact your Agency Super User to request a reissue of the questionnaire

Helpful tips4
Helpful Tips:

  • Viewing Questionnaires:

    • If you have trouble seeing questionnaire wording. You can click on the magnifying glass in the lower right hand corner of the screen to increase or decrease the screen display

    • Remember to scroll to see the entire screen display

When to contact your agency super user
When to contact your Agency Super User

  • Reissue of Expired Questionnaires

  • Resubmit of Questionnaire Attachments

  • Request Copy of Agency Reports

Gta contact information
GTA Contact Information

STARR Admin Support (Tier 1):

Tometrice Strickland - (404) 463-8474


STARR Admin Support (Tier 2):

Hank Oelze - Hank.Oelze@gta.ga.gov

STARR Training:

Louis Hampton - Louis.Hampton@gta.ga.gov

STARR Business Owner:

Teresa Reilly – Teresa.Reilly@gta.ga.gov