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Neil Gaiman. Created By: Dustin Collins Chad Fisher. Questions. What country was Gaiman born in? What was the name of Neil Gaiman’s top comic? Why does Gaiman enjoy to write children books? What type of genre did Gaiman write in his first novel?

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Created by dustin collins chad fisher
Created By:Dustin CollinsChad Fisher


  • What country was Gaiman born in?

  • What was the name of Neil Gaiman’s top comic?

  • Why does Gaiman enjoy to write children books?

  • What type of genre did Gaiman write in his first novel?

  • What ancient technique did Gaiman use in his writings?


  • Born November 10, 1960 in Portchester, England.

  • Loved to reading so much that he read the whole local children's library.

  • Favorite were comic books, but soon outgrew them.

  • Decided he wanted to write comics for more mature readers.

Beginning of career
Beginning of Career

  • Became a journalist after graduating and wrote for various newspapers & magazines.

  • Examples: “Sunday Times” “Time Out” “The Observer”

  • After having first child, Gaiman started short story career.

  • Examples: “How to spot a Psycho” “Jokers Through History”

Moving on to novels
Moving on to Novels

  • First novel was written in 1990 and was a comedy. (“Good Omens, The Nice and Accurate Prophecies Agnes Nutter, Witch”)

  • Some novels were produced into TV shows such as “Neverwhere”, a six part TV series.

  • Other big hits were “Stardust” and “American Gods” which are at the top of both critics and readers lists as favorites.


  • Gaiman’s biggest hit was his comic series call “Sandman”

  • Starting in 1989, seventy-five issues were made in eight years.

  • “Sandman” was everything everyone wanted, mythical creatures, myths, complex stories and moral codes.

Inspiring the young
Inspiring The Young

  • Wrote an amazing novel for teens in 2003 called “Coraline”

  • Showed younger readers how to overcome challenges through his books.

  • “I think I will always write children’s books. I like warping young minds.”


  • Gaiman has become an inventive writer in that he has created many characters and settings for his unique stories.

Sci fi

  • Neil Gaiman is consistent able to maintain a creative story line throughout the duration of his many sci-fi novels.

  • Been complimented on his abilities to ensnare and keep a firm grasp on the readers interests.


  • Gaiman has been said to have transformed the comic spectrum into a serious form of modern literature. Especially with his epic comic, “Sandman”.


  • Neil Gaiman commonly uses ancient mythology of the Greek era to create a newer modern mythological story and has fused them with his epic comics.

Fellow author
Fellow Author

  • Gaiman writes his books in an extremely graceful way. “Mind-bogglingly graceful and moving and brilliant”-Ryan Paul

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