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Eric Linxwiler eal@directedi ( 858) 751-2626 ext. 521 PowerPoint Presentation
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Eric Linxwiler eal@directedi ( 858) 751-2626 ext. 521

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Eric Linxwiler eal@directedi ( 858) 751-2626 ext. 521 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Retailers and Suppliers Can Both Benefit from the ASN; This is How We Get There!. Eric Linxwiler ( 858) 751-2626 ext. 521. Acknowledgements. Brian Gibson, Ph. D. Supply Chain Management, Auburn University

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Retailers and Suppliers Can Both Benefit from the ASN;

This is How We Get There!

Eric Linxwiler

(858) 751-2626 ext. 521

  • Brian Gibson, Ph. D. Supply Chain Management, Auburn University
  • Brent Williams, Ph. D. Supply Chain Management, Auburn University
  • Howard Hoyle, AE Manager, ICC – EDI Partner Integration
  • Dan Gilmore, Editor-in-Chief, Supply Chain Digest
  • Jim Cantrell, Industry Consultant,
  • Alesia Torres, Manager if Information Services, Rinchem
  • Michael Kotoyan, Industry Consultant, EDI Academy
  • Jim Frome, Vice President, SPS Commerce
  • ~ 475 hub retailers
  • ~ 3,500 suppliers
why this topic
Why this topic ?
  • All of you are more expert than I but …
    • I do visit hubs and suppliers often
    • I do track industry studies and data
  • Getting ASN’s right is essential to getting to the next level in supply chain excellence
what can we do
What can we do!

“…where do we start…”

“…how can we increase adoption, fill the compliance gap…”

To be sure, the implementation of an ASN for both the hub and the supplier is more of a business process change than a systems investment …

what can we do6
What can we do!

What actionable takeaways can I provide you in 30 minutes

I am a “tools-guy”

what can we do7
What can we do !
  • Audit programs
  • Score carding
  • Accuracy case analysis
  • Etc.

I get it, and I believe it, but are you there? Can you take action?

3 opportunities in action
3 opportunities in action
  • Create transparency in the supply chain
    • Understand who your suppliers are and what they are capable of
    • Educate suppliers
      • What is an ASN?
      • Who needs a UPC number?
      • How to print GS1 – 128 labels?
    • Communicate value to the supplier
      • Improved customer service, reduced stock-outs
      • More effective allocation of products
      • More sales, more revenue, faster reorders
      • Eliminate chargebacks, get paid quicker
  • Offer suppliers better tools
    • Simply receiving ASNs is only half the battle, the value of the ASN drops dramatically as ASN accuracy declines
community insight platform11
Community Insight Platform

The Community Insight Dashboard provides a real-time view into the current on-boarding process, status and EDI capabilities of your entire vendor community…

Direct EDI provides Hubs with access to Community Insight (CI), a secure web-based intelligent dashboard. CI is used for tracking entire Vendor Community EDI enablement status. It offers a real time view including date stamped records of EDI enablement activity, EDI connectivity choices, and contact information as provided by the vendors. CI offers the ability to download vendor contact information, EDI selections and activity into CSV files. CI assists Direct EDI and the Hub staff in helping vendors to meet compliance requirements.

community insight platform12
Community Insight Platform

Click any button in the process flow and the system will provide a sorted list of members currently in a given status…

community insight platform13
Community Insight Platform

Click a vendor from a presorted list and view contact and history profile data…

community insight platform14
Community Insight Platform

Download all updated and current vendor information for updating internal systems…

3 opportunities in action15
3 opportunities in action

According to the recent Auburn study, the primary causes of ASN inaccuracies include:

1. ASNs do not conform to the information requirements

2. ASNs are unreadable by the retailer’s system

3. The ASN information is not consistent with the shipment

wrap up
Wrap up

Understand what your suppliers

are capable of

Communicate value to your suppliers

Offer better tools to your suppliers

Educate your suppliers