hra na boura ku intern kampa esk poji ovny n.
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Hra na bouračku Interní kampa ň České pojišťovny PowerPoint Presentation
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Hra na bouračku Interní kampa ň České pojišťovny

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Hra na bouračku Interní kampa ň České pojišťovny - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Hra na bouračku Interní kampa ň České pojišťovny. Veronika Hášová Česká pojišťovna. Internal campaign goals and targets. Targets : Introduce key campaign of the spring to all employees and build their engagement and support for sales line (sales agents had direct motivational program)

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Presentation Transcript
hra na boura ku intern kampa esk poji ovny

Hra na bouračkuInterní kampaň České pojišťovny

Veronika Hášová

Česká pojišťovna

internal campaign goals and targets
  • Targets:
  • Introduce key campaign of the spring to all employees and build their engagement and support for sales line (sales agents had direct motivational program)
  • Link well all advertising, PR and internal communication activities within the CP so employees are always informed first about the plan and results
  • Target group:
  • 4000 employees
internal communication strategy
Internal communication strategy

Inform employees about the campaign

  • internal decorations
  • communication channels
  • regular business update

Engage employees into the campaign

  • conferencies and meetings
  • events
  • contests
  • fun

Evaluate the campaign

  • personalized reporting for sales force
  • CEO letter to all employees
  • contests evaluations on intranet
information at the first day
  • Internaldecorations
  • Posters on thewalls
  • stands in corridors
  • pictures on the main door in the reception
  • Picturesin lifts – outside – inside
  • a sign on the parking garage entry boom “Acceleratetoday”
  • large stickers in the parking garage entrance
  • traffic signs and children cars from the TV ad in thereception
information about the launch
Information about the launch
  • Intranet: Special campaign pages for employees
  • Sales portal: Special campaign pages for sales agents
  • Intranet Homepage – banner, main campaign news about the smart phone application – downloadable
  • Weekly Newsletter
  • Pop-up window
  • Screen saver
  • E-mail signatures
information during the campaign
  • Film about making an ad – a film about shooting the commercial.
  • Internal radio – broadcasting a spot from the PA system
  • Internal TV channel – broadcasting a TV spot and the film about a film
  • Česká Info – magazine
  • Car sticker – “I love my car. Insured by Česká pojišťovna” on employee cars
  • Campaign was introduced to the sales force on the annual sales conference in March
  • The song from the TV ad could be downloaded as a CP mobile phone ringing tone.
  • Employee contest for a new i-phone was introduced: who will guess the best estimate about downloaded CP smart phone applications before the end of the campaign?
  • Takethepicturewithyour team in front oftheveteran car installed inside the HQ CP building
  • After the campaign all children cars exhibited in corridors were donated to the “Klokánek” charity (a fund for endangered children), with whom we have had long cooperation
  • Handing in stickers in the parking garage with checkpoint at the exit
  • Washers washed windows of the leavingcars
  • Sticker inspection
  • First aid courses wereoffered to employeesattheendofthecampign: Beready to help others.
and we have organized some fun too
And wehaveorganizedsomefuntoo.

Competitionwasorganizedforcustomerservicecentersemployees in Brno and Pardubice.

top secret employee race
Top secretemployeerace

Top secretemployeeracewasorganizedthroughcountryside on Saturdayand more than 100 employeescompeted in 30 cars.

regular campaign e valuation
Regularcampaign evaluation
  • A text message (sms) wasregularlydistributedto salesmanagers
  • Personalized intranet portalforthesales network with performance statisticsforeachsales hub
  • E-mail from the CEO with the campaign results (to besentstill)
  • Regular update on theinternalTV channel
  • Campaign results presentedin the e-magazine (homepage) on intranet
  • Campaign results presentedregularlyin the electronic newsletter (distributedeveryTuesday)
  • Veronika Hášová
  • InternalCommunicationManager
  • Ceskapojistovna
  • Na Pankraci 1720/123
  • 140 21 Prague 4
  • Czech Republic
  • T: +420 224 555 894
  • F: +420 224 551 094
  • M: +420 737 230 060
  • E: