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Newscast and Commercial. Final Project. The View from the Cherry Tree-Mystery.

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Presentation Transcript
the view from the cherry tree mystery
The View from the Cherry Tree-Mystery
  • A teenage boy named Rob is sitting in the cherry tree outside his bedroom window when he spies his next door neighbor being killed by a mystery person. Rob tries to tell his family and others what has happened but they are too wrapped up in the details of Rob’s sister’s wedding to listen or believe him. Now Rob is left to solve this mystery on his own.
the egypt game mystery
The Egypt Game-Mystery
  • April Hall is the daughter of a famous Hollywood actress. April is sent to California to live with her grandma. While there, April makes friends with Melanie and her little brother Marshal. Melanie is obsessed with Ancient Egypt and the three create an imaginative game centered around the Egyptian beliefs, practices, and rituals. Everything is going as planned until someone murders a child in the area. Now the kids cannot play outside. The children think it is their fault that someone has died, but is it?
the watson s go to birmingham historical fiction
The Watson’s Go to Birmingham-Historical Fiction
  • The Watsons are a family living in Flint, Michigan in 1963. The neighbors refer to them as “the weird Watson” because of the things the kids do. The oldest son, Byron, is always in trouble, so he is being sent to live with Grandma Sands in Birmingham, Alabama. While living with grandma, someone bombs her church and Byron and his siblings are forced to deal with racism for the first time.
catherine called birdy historical fiction
Catherine Called Birdy-Historical Fiction
  • Setting-a manor house in England-1290. 14 year old Catherine is strong-minded and willful. She also the daughter of Sir Rollo and Lady Aislinn. Her father has promised her in marriage to a rich not but Birdy will have no part of that. Instead of acting lady-like for her future husband, she pretends to be vulgar and rude thus scaring away he and other would be suitors.
invitation to the game science fiction
Invitation to the Game-Science Fiction
  • After graduation in 2154, a group of eight teenagers try to find their way in society. They are homeless, unemployed, and desperate for something to do. One night they are told about “the game” and want to be invited But, is the game too good to be true?
among the hidden science fiction
Among the Hidden-Science Fiction
  • Luke is the third child in his family-the shadow child. The futuristic government has decided that in order to control the population, families can only have 2 children. If a family has a 3d child, they hide the child from the government. This works for Luke’s family for a while but he is eventually discovered. What will happen to Luke and his neighbor who is also a shadow child?
the duplicate
The Duplicate
  • David finds a mysterious machine on the beach that can copy living things. He thinks this machine is the answer to all his problems when he made a study date with the cutest girl in school on the same night his family has planned a trip to visit grandma. The answer to his dilemma… Duplicate himself but his plan so takes a turn for the worse.
maniac magee
Maniac Magee
  • Jeffery Maniac Magee lives with his aunt and uncle who do not get along. He can no longer stand the fighting and runs away to the town of Two Mills where he meets four people that impact his life as much as he impacts theirs. Maniac makes friends, but he also makes many enemies because of his lack of knowledge about the unspoken “rules”.
wringer realistic fiction
Wringer-Realistic Fiction
  • Palmer LeRue is dreading his 10th birthday because this is the year he is eligible to participate in Family Fest-it is the annual pigeon shoot. Palmer will be expected to wring the necks of wounded pigeons. He is horrified! His parents are excited that Palmer gets to participate this year; now Palmer has a problem. What will he choose to do-make his family proud or do what he things is right?