Advertising in journalism
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Advertising in journalism. Colleen Diaz & Kimberly Humphries. Advertising. Advertising is calling public attention to one’s product, service, or need through various mediums (i.e. radio, newspaper, television, etc.). Arguments of Advertising. For. Against.

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Advertising in journalism

Advertising in journalism

Colleen Diaz & Kimberly Humphries


  • Advertising is calling public attention to one’s product, service, or need through various mediums (i.e. radio, newspaper, television, etc.)

Arguments of advertising
Arguments of Advertising



  • Stimulates gross national product (GNP) by encouraging people to buy products and use services

  • Contributes to higher standard of living, thus keeping businesses afloat

  • Enables consumers to make intelligent choices on goods

  • Encourages competition, lowering costs

  • Allows businesses to tap into new markets

  • Increases awareness of the biases and manipulation of advertising

  • Wasteful to economy

  • Doesn’t encourage intelligent choices; persuades consumers to purchase items they don’t need

  • Not all businesses advertise equally; advertising is a barrier to competition

  • Deceptive, poor in taste

  • Commercial sponsorship gives advertising control of the media

Role of advertising in journalism
Role of Advertising in Journalism

  • Advertising helps with the funding of news providers, especially for amateur providers (i.e. student newspapers, free special-interest newspapers)

Advertising for the school newspaper
Advertising for the School Newspaper

  • Go to local businesses rather than large chains

  • Be courteous and confident

  • Ask to speak to a manager/the owner

  • Address who you are and why you are there

  • Bring a copy of the newspaper to display the different sizes and various businesses that already advertised

  • Bring an advertising application if hey want to buy an advertisement on the spot or would like to think it over

  • Leave your contact information along with the newspaper adviser’s; take a business card

  • Keep in touch with the business if they will purchase an ad or not; be sure not to forget them because they will forget you