a new addition to colombo s skyline n.
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Luxury Apartments & Condominiums Colombo | Real Estate | Astoria Sri Lanka Official PowerPoint Presentation
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Luxury Apartments & Condominiums Colombo | Real Estate | Astoria Sri Lanka Official

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Luxury Apartments & Condominiums Colombo | Real Estate | Astoria Sri Lanka Official - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Explore luxury apartments and condominiums in Colombo, as well as real estate, investment and modern living the city has to offer, at Astoria Colombo. The best investment opportunity in Sri Lanka, grab your luxury apartment today.

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a new addition to colombo s skyline

A New Addition to Colombo’s Skyline

Living in Sri Lanka means being blessed with breathtaking sunsets

on a daily basis. The sun turns a golden colour with touches of pink

and it looks like the sun is on fire. And no matter where in Colombo

you are, you will want to stop what you are doing and take in the

beauty of the sky in the evening.

The same goes to the night sky. The moon and thousands of stars above us makes us feel so insignificant

but also grateful for the lives we have. While the ocean, trees and sky are gifts from nature, what makes

Colombo so beautiful is its skyline.

There is a lot of construction happening in Colombo. A new building being added to the skyline has become

an everyday thing. From hotels to malls to offices to luxury apartments, Sri Lanka, these buildings cater to

Colombo’s ever developing lifestyle.

Astoria is one of the latest additions to be part of Colombo’s skyline. And you need not admire it from a

distance and can instead make it your home.

Luxury apartments aren’t new to Colombo, although Colombo is still very much a developing city. However,

what is lacking from modern living in Colombo is luxury apartments that feel like home. It’s not just state-

of-the art architecture that luxury apartments, Sri Lanka needs, but also furnishing and facilities that add

more than just a touch of elegance and class. This is what Astoria creates for its residents, offering a range

of apartment types to suit individual needs. Based on size, furnishing and type of apartment, you can choose

the perfect place to call home at Astoria.

Astoria also recognizes that an important part of modern living and luxury apartments Sri Lanka is location.

Colombo is a large area and looking at its skyline will give you an idea of where the heart of the city is. And

that exactly is where Astoria will be, in the center of all that Colombo has to offer.

By making Astoria your home, you won’t only be living in a luxury apartment Sri Lanka, but you will be made

part of Colombo’s metropolitan lifestyle. Astoria is located in Colombo 3, one of the fastest growing areas

of the city. This puts it just a stone throw away from some of Colombo’s best hotels, restaurants, malls and

cinemas. And due to the proximity to Colombo’s nightlife, you need not miss out on any events that will

boost your social life.

Astoria also knows life isn’t all about fun and games. With the prime location of your luxury apartment, you

won’t have to worry about your personal/family life and even professional life. Living at Astoria will definitely

put you close to work so you won’t be wasting time on your daily commute. This time can be spent with

family or on yourself. Astoria is also located close to some of Colombo’s finest hospitals, leading schools

and best supermarkets. This means that you can enjoy the best and top-class facilities and services in

Colombo but also make Colombo your home.