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Lee Harvey Oswald: The Patsy?

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Lee Harvey Oswald: The Patsy? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Lee Harvey Oswald: The Patsy?.

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Lee Harvey Oswald:

The Patsy?

When Oswald was arrested in Dallas he proclaimed his innocence and wanted to call a prominent conspiracy lawyer in New York, but he was murdered before he had a chance to do so. He also tried to call a number that may have been his contact in military intelligence, but the call was cut off.

Was someone trying to ensure he would take the blame for the assassination? Was he the “Patsy” ie the fall guy?

Oswald's US Marine's

career and Russia?

Oswald had joined the US Marines in 1956 at the age of seventeen. After three years service Oswald left the USA, claiming he was disillusioned with America and he renounced (gave up) his American citizenship. and settled in the Soviet Union. Whilst there he met and married a Russian girl called Marina. Remarkably, Oswald spoke Russian with little accent, although he reportedly had no formal training in Russian and was a high school dropout. His wife Marina said that when she first met Oswald she thought he was a native Russian.

How was it that Oswald able to speak Russian so fluently?

Was Oswald Working for the CIA or the FBI?

Was Oswald working for the CIA or the FBI? Oswald had served in the US Marines as a naval intelligence operative. He could have been trained in Russian by the Navy as he was sent to Atsugi in Japan, then the USA’s most secure base. Even his settlement in Russia might have been a front to gain secrets from inside the USSR.

At the time of his arrest, Oswald was in possession of two Identity cards. ID card DD 1173-N4,271,617 was a form of identification only issued for those on active duty to insure medical coverage or for civilian employees overseas who needed military ID. [A similar ID was carried by Francis Gary Powers, U-2 pilot and CIA agent downed in the Soviet Union].

Oswald and the

Cuban Connection?

Oswald distributing pro-Castro leaflets in New Orleans in August 1963. On his return to the USA Oswald became involved with left-wing groups supporting the Cuban Communist dictator, Fidel Castro.Tthese activities were probably part of an intelligence operation to establish Oswald as a genuine radical Communist and supporter of Fidel Castro. This could have been part of a conspiracy to kill JFK – or the real conspirators knew about these activities and were placing Oswald in a position where the assassination could be blamed on him as a Communist radical.

Lee Harvey Oswald -

Was he framed? [1]

The Case of the ‘Backyard’ Photograph

Life magazine publishedthis picture on the front page of its 21 February 1964 edition. It shows Lee Harvey Oswald posing in his backyard with the Mannlicher-Carcano rifle alleged to have been used to assassinate Kennedy It seemed an open and shut case - but was it Lee Harvey Oswald?

And where did Life get the picture from?

LHO: Was the

photo faked?

Using known dimensions of the communist newspapers “Oswald” is holding, it is possible to prove that this photo is a fake. The subject is too short to be the person Jack Ruby killed – who was about 5’ 10” tall – or the newspapers are too large to be genuine.

Lee Harvey Oswald -

Was he framed? [2]

The Chins???

Left Picture:

Blowup of backyard photograph.

Right Picture:

Oswald’s police ‘mug shot’ taken after his arrest.

JFK: Lee Harvey

Oswald [3]


L - FBI Attempt to duplicate Shadows

R - The London Times Unable to Duplicate Shadows.

JFK: Lee Harvey

Oswald [4]

Silhouette found in Dallas police files.

Where was Oswald at the

time of the shooting?

The Warren Commission’s star Witness - Howard Brennan

Photograph of Howard Brennan,, taken four days before he appeared before the Warren Commission, shows where he was sitting on November 22, 1963. Brennan testified he observed Oswald shoot at President Kennedy from the sixth floor window (circled A)

Oswald and the

Tippets murder?

There is also controversy over the killing of police officer Tippets, who Oswald was accused of murdering. Some witnesses claim their was more than one gunman and that neither looked like Oswald.

Was Oswald being set up?