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All-star Weekend and Friends PowerPoint Presentation
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All-star Weekend and Friends

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All-star Weekend and Friends
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All-star Weekend and Friends

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  1. All-star Weekend and Friends All-star weekend and other Famous people.

  2. All-Star Weekend Allstar weekend is 4 boys who love music and hanging out with friends. They first started out with a few names that were going to cause some problems if they became famous, thus giving them the name Allstar Weekend.

  3. Suddenly Yours Suddenly Yours Allstar Weekend’s first album contains the following songs: • Dance Forever • Hey Princess • Amy • Come down with love • A Different side of me

  4. Cody Simpson Cody Simpson is a 14 year old boy from the country Australia. He started out some what like Justin Bieber did. He has many fans but not much but he hopes that he’ll be just as famous as Justin Bieber.

  5. His Songs A few of Cody’s songs are: • One • Iyiyi • On my mind

  6. Justin Bieber Many people know Justin Bieber. He started out on He posted videos of himself singing and later a record producer discovered him! And now Justin Bieber is bigger than life.

  7. Where is he now? Justin is all over the place! He’s been all around the world! In just the matter of a year Bieber has gone from nobody to somebody. From dating girls in his high-school to dating actress Selena Gomez. Who is next up on the slide show.

  8. Selena Gomez Selena never was just an ordinary girl. If you can remember back the TV show Barney…she was one of the little girls on the show. Later in her life she started guest staring on shows like Hannah Montana, Suite Life of Zack and Cody, Sonny with a chance. Now she has a show of her own known as Wizards of Waverly Place.

  9. Think about it So if you think that you don’t have a chance at having your dreams come true just look at these people. Allstar Weekend went from writing songs in a buddy’s bedroom to being known around the world! Justin went from a normal Canadian boy to Teen heartthrob! Well after reading this what do you think?

  10. The End Maker: Taylor Patterson Producer: Taylor Patterson Biggest Cody Simpson fan: Taylor Patterson Biggest Allstar Weekend fan: Taylor Patterson Cody’s future Girlfriend: Taylor Patterson Cameron’s future wife: Taylor Patterson