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  1. NATURAL YELLOW DIAMONDS BUYING GUIDE: RARITY, PRICES, ENGAGEMENT RINGS & MUCH MORE | ASTERIA COLORED DIAMONDS Fancy Yellow Diamonds breathtaking beauty, bright shine, warm color, and the fact that they are rare but affordable for most people make them the perfect gift, the coveted engagement ring, and the ideal diamond, even for you. Naturaly, yellow diamonds are a trendy and popular choice for easygoing and positive people who like to rejoice and spread love. N A T U R A L Y E L L O W D I A M O N D : H O W T O I D E N T I F Y A N D S E L E C T T H E R I G H T Y E L L O W D I A M O N D S ? Are you looking to buy yellow diamonds? The technical aspect of recognizing and understanding the yellow diamonds includes several critical factors that affect a diamond’s grading and pricing. Here you will learn how to understand, identify, and select the right yellow diamond for you. N A T U R A L Y E L L O W D I A M O N D S : H O W A R E T H E Y F O R M E D ? Likeallnaturaldiamonds,naturalyellowdiamondsareformedinalongandfascinatingprocessinthebelly oftheearth.JustaschallengesanddiÆculties toughen us and make us stronger in our own lives, the world's most mesmerizing diamonds too are subjected to harsh conditions of 1,000 to 2,000 degrees centigrade combined with tremendous pressure at a depth of 150-200 km below the Earth's mantle, in a continuous process spanning over millions and billions of years. All this results in the formation of a rare & beautiful crystal with unique qualities, such as a natural shine, high penetration of light, extraordinarystrengthandtoughness,all ofwhichmakingitscostskyrocket. Theyellowdiamondactuallygetsitsdistinctcolorby'sullying'thepurecarbonmineralcrystalwithnitrogenmolecules.Thenitrogenmoleculeslinkedto the carbon molecules generate a yellow tint of various intensities and shades, in hundreds of potential combinations that often differ depending on the origin of thediamondandthechemistrythat occurredduringitsformation.

  2. F A N C Y Y E L L O W D I A M O N D : D E F I N I N G T H E C O L O R According to Gemological Institutes, the characteristics of a diamond are not obvious or simple to determine. In fact, it takes careful and professional work reserved for specialists who can detect and distinguish the seemingly minute differences that make each diamond special and unique, with its own features, story and pricing. Thediamond’scharacteristicsaredefinedbyfourmaincriteriacalledthe4 C'S- Color, Carat, Clarity& Cut,whichserveasparametersforidentifyingand cataloguing diamonds (including white diamonds) based on predetermined metrics and scales, and are specified in the diamond certificate. In the niche of fancy coloreddiamonds,themostimportantparameteristhecolorbecauseithasthemostimpact onthediamond’srarityandthereforitspricing.To explainthe effect ofthe4 C'S onthedefinitionandpricing ofyellowdiamonds,wewillstartwiththecolorparameter. Defining the yellow diamond’s color based on three main criterions: Thecolorparameteralone,despitebeing only1 out ofthe4 Cs,consists ofthreemaingradingscales:Hue,saturation,andtone.Theeffect ofthese parameters onthediamond’sdefinitionandpricingiskeyandimportant,sincethefactorthatmostinßuencesadiamond’spriceisitscolor.Subsequently, therearehundreds ofcombinations ofyellowdiamondsandthepricerangeisvast.Forexample,abrownishtintwillreducethevalue ofayellowdiamond, whileagreen, orange, orgraytintwillsignificantlyincreaseitsvalue.Evenwithoutanyadditionaltint,thestrongerthecolorintensity,thehigherthe diamond’svalue. Hue-Thediamond’sprimarycolor(yellowinthiscase),withatotal of27definedcolors,some ofwhichconsist ofacombination oftwo colorsput together,likeOrangeYellow. Colorcombinationsrepresentaprimaryhueandsecondaryhue(Modifying Color& overtone)-whenadiamondhasmorethan onecolor,it’sveryimportantto rememberthatthe orderinwhichtheyappeariscrucial–thelastcolorisactuallytheprimaryhueandthepreviouscolors representthesecondaryhue.Butinadditionto the order ofthecolors,thewaytheyarementionedinthecertificateisequallyimportantwithrespectto

  3. thepresence ofthe overtoneinthediamond. Forexample, GreenishYellowisadiamondwhoseprimaryhueisyellow(75%),whilethesecondaryandrelativelyscarcerhueisgreen,with only25%. However, thelabel“GreenYellow”indicatesamorebalanceddivisionbetweenthetwo hues,withyellowremainingtheprimaryhuewith60%andthegreen beingthe secondaryhuewithanoticeablepresence of40%. *This example is for illustration purposes only and does not represent an actual percentage. Saturation–Thedefinition ofsaturationinyellowdiamondsandfancycoloreddiamondsingeneralismanifestedthroughthecolor’sintensity,presence, and strength.Thecolorintensityscalebeginswithbrightpastelcolorsandrangesupto live,darkanddeepcolors.Theintensityscale ofyellowdiamondsis dividedinto 9levelsasfollows:faint,verylight,light,fancylight,fancy,fancyintense,fancydark,fancyvivid,fancydeep. Tone – The tone represents the brightness or darkness level of the color or shade. The scale begins with “faint” and gradually reaches higher darkness levels, essentially merging slowly with the intensity scale.

  4. Anotherfactorworthconsideringwhenbuyingayellowdiamondisthedistribution ofcolorwithinthediamond.Here,itisbinary only:Even&Uneven. Appearance of yellow diamonds in the white diamond scale Unlikefancycoloreddiamonds,thecolor ofwhitediamonds(colorless)isexaminedwithastandardcolorscale ofthe GemologicalInstitute of America (GIA),whichmeasuresandratesthepresence orabsence ofcolorinthediamond’scrystal,whereasthelesscolorthereisthemoreexpensiveitbecomes.Thi because most white diamond have a light shade of yellow or brown while white diamonds with no tint whatsoever are considered rarer. Grades D,E,andFindicatea‘purer’colorlessdiamondcomparedto diamondsgradedK-MandN-R,whichhaveaslightshade of‘paleyellow’ or‘verylight yellow’andarethereforenotasvaluable. The color intensity scale for the classic yellow diamond (included in the fancy colored diamond category) begins with grade “S”on the white diamond scale wheretheyellowshadebecomesnoticeableandrarer,andthestrongerthecolorthehigherthediamond’svalue. Althoughthecolorscaleisnotthe oÆcial gaugeformeasuringfancycoloreddiamonds,thearea of overlapbetweenthecolorscale ofwhitediamondsandtheintensityscale offancycolored diamonds enables us to observe the mobility in rarity and pricing of diamonds across the scales.

  5. Yellow Diamond pricing: Carat, Clarity & Cut Apartfromthecolordefinition,whichconstitutesthecentralandthemostsignificantaspectwhenpricingnaturalyellowdiamonds,therearethree other criterionsthatapplyto whitediamondsaswell-three ofthefour C's: Carat, Clarity& Cut,whichaswellinßuencethepricing ofyellowdiamonds. Carat-Thecaratparameterrefersto thediamond’sweight.1caratisdefinedasabout0.2grams, or100points.Ingeneral,pricingbycaratsincreasestheprice of heavier diamonds compared to smaller diamonds with the same values of clarity or shade. For example, a fancy yellow diamond weighing one carat will cost around $4000-$5000, while 100 identical fancy yellow diamonds with the same clarity, weighing 0.01 carats each and together comprising a whole carat - will cost together about $900-$1,000. In the case of rarer fancy colored diamonds the differences might be much greater. Clarity-Whilemost ofuscanidentifyadiamond’scolorandassessitssizebymerelylookingatit(assumingwehaveabasicunderstanding ofdiamonds),th clarity parameter is an area reserved for the professional diamond experts and gemologists institutes that are able to detect the smallest ßaws, even those that are invisible to the human eye, and grade the diamond according to its level of internal clarity. The GIA’sclarityscaleisdividedinto 11levelsthatarethendividedinto 6groups. Comparedto theslightdifferenceinpricesbetweeneachgradelevel,the price differences between each group are more significant. Yellow diamonds are known for their relatively natural clarity and therefore can be found in high claritygrades ofthe VSgroupandabove. Diamondclaritygrades,accordingto the GIA: IF, VVS1, VVS2, VS1, VS2,SI1,SI2,SI3,I1,I2,I3. Group Classification: FL –Flawless IF –Internally Flawless VVS1/VVS2– Very, VerySlightlyIncluded VS1/VS2- VerySlightlyIncluded SI1/SI2–SlightlyIncluded I1/I2 /I3 - Included FListhehighestclaritygradeandrefersto ßawlessdiamonds,whereasI3isthefinalandlowestgradethatrefersto diamondswithvisibleinclusions. Cut – Although many believe that Cut and Shape are two terms that refer the same parameter, they are actually two separate features that reßect different yet complementary parameters. Thistermrefersto thewayinwhichthediamondpolishercutsthediamondshapeandwhetherthelevel ofadiamond’scut,polish,andsymmetryishigh, medium orlow.Pricesdo notvarydrasticallybetweenaveragecuts,butratherbetweenpoorandexcellentcuts. A goodcutwillhighlighteverythingthatraisesthediamond’svalue,beittherightshapeforthecolor,therightsize,thepolishthatbrings outthesparkling shine,symmetry,andso on. It isn’t absolutely necessary to insist on the best cut, but it is recommended not to settle for a poor cut that renders the diamond lifeless and lowers its value. Shape- Althoughitisnot one ofthe4 C's,theshapethediamondiscutinto canaffectthewaylightpenetratesthediamond,andaccordingly,affectitshue For example, when white diamonds with a minor yellow tint, which are naturally graded from D to Z on the white diamond scale, are cut into the proper shape(usuallyRadiant),theycanacquireamoreyellowtintwhenlookingatthemfromabove,andtheirpricepercaratwillriseaccordingly. Othershapes: Cushion,Pear,Oval,Heart,Round,Marquise,Emerald,Princessandmore. A R E Y E L L O W D I A M O N D S R A R E ? Theanswerto thisquestionliesinthefollowingfigure:foreverysinglecarat offancycoloreddiamondthereare10,000carats ofwhitediamond.Therarity of all diamonds in the colored diamond spectrum is unquestionable and this raises the appeal of these beautiful diamond crystals in inverse proportion to their numbersinthemarket-therarerthediamond,thehigherthedemandforitandthehigheritsprice.

  6. Yellowdiamondsarethemostcommon ofallcoloreddiamonds,constitutingnearly60% ofthiscategory,withanestimatedratio of onecarat ofyellow diamondforevery16,500carats ofwhitediamond.However,eachdiamondisdifferentanditsvaluesarewhatdetermineitsrarity-usuallytheweaktintsare lessrare,whereasyellowdiamondswithstronghueandsaturationareconsideredveryrare,suchastheFancy VividYellowdiamond. So eventhoughthey’renotasrareasgreen,blue, orange, orreddiamonds,yellowdiamondsarestillconsideredrare,whilesomeyellowdiamondsareeven rarerdueto theiruniqueandstrongercolor. W H A T A R E C A N A R Y Y E L L O W D I A M O N D S A N D Z I M M Y D I A M O N D S ? Inadditionto theinternationalnamesgivento diamondsbythe GemologicalInstitute of America(GIA),whichareusedbytheglobaldiamondindustryto identifythecharacteristics ofeachdiamond,therearealso nicknamescoined overtimeto createsub-categoriesincaseswhereanothermeans of identificationisneededto furtheremphasizetheuniquenessandrarity ofthestones. CanaryYellowdiamondsandZimmydiamondsareanexample ofthis: CanaryYellowdiamondsareasub-categorywithintheyellowdiamondgroup,intendedfordividinganddifferentiatingbetweenbrightyellowdiamonds or yellow diamonds with a different shade that isn’t purely yellow on the one hand, and yellow diamonds with a strong and rare shade such as the Vivid Yellow andIntenseYellowdiamonds onthe otherhand. Canarydiamonds,namedafterthecanary,asweetyellowbreastedbird,arerarerandthereforemore

  7. expensivethan otheryellowdiamonds.Untilrecentlytheywerethe only onesdefinedasFancyYellowdiamonds.Today,somedefineshades ofgreenish yellow or brownish yellow as a fancy yellow diamond and the demand for this type of diamond increases every year, with more and more breathtaking diamondjewelrydesignedaroundthesecolors. Incontrastto Canarydiamonds,whichhighlighttheintensityandpurity ofthecolor,Zimmydiamondsareyellowdiamonds originatingfromtheZimmymine locatedinSierraLeone,whichisknownforthespecialdiamondsminedfromitssoil,usually VividYellowdiamonds,renownedfortheirdeepandunique shade. YELLOW DIAMONDS: TRENDY, ENERGETIC AND PERFECT FOR ENGAGEMENT RINGS! After reviewing all the important technical explanations that will allow you to examine the stone and make an informed decision regarding your favorite fancy yellow diamond, it's time to talk a bit about the trendy, romantic, and symbolic aspect of the yellow diamonds and why you should buy them? Inthepast,dueto theirrelativeabundancewithinthecoloreddiamondscategory,yellowdiamondswereconsideredlesspopular. Afterall,intheworld of diamondsrarityiswhatmattersmost,andblue,green,andpinkdiamondsstoletheshow.Butinrecentyears,dueto economiceventsandinternational decisionsinthefashionworld,thepositioning ofyellowdiamondscompletelychangedandtheyarenowconsideredahottrendthatishereto stay. In2009,astheworldrecoveredfromthefinancialcrisis of2008andfacedanescalatingsecuritysituation,leadingfashionfiguresmadeadecision–yellowis thebestcolorforliftingthespirits,cheeringup,andrestoringtheconfidence ofthepeople. Formanypeople,thecoloryellowrepresentsnature,sunlight,dandelions,mustard,andyellowmimosa.Itsymbolizesspringtimeandtranquilityandinstillsa sense ofwarmth,joy,and optimism-preciselywhattheworldneedsatatimelikethis.Inthesameyear,averyapparentshifttowardthecoloryellowhad occurred; Catwalks ofmajorfashioncompaniesinMilanandParisbeganto boastayellowtheme:shoes,jewelry,andevenhomefurnishingsgotafresh yellow twist as part of a global trend aimed at making everyone happy. Inthediamondindustryyellowdiamondsbeganto gainpopularityalso.Onthe onehand,theyarepart ofthesametrendthattook overtheworld,gradually making yellow diamond jewelry a must-have item, as celebrities and leading jewelers chose them for red carpet events. On the other hand, due to their relativeabundancescomparedto othercoloreddiamonds,theirpricewasrelativelylowerandthustheybecamearare,fashionable,beautiful,andyet affordable choiceforeveryone. Original Sources:-

  8. £13,650 £15,522 LC igah rt atY ,ell 2. 0 9 FC an ac ra y tY ,e l l o w D i 3 . 4 1 o w ( W - Cushion shape, VS2 Clarity, GIA Certified, 2185227881 Cushionshape,VVS1 Clarity,GIA Certified,7281651115 Y e l l o w d i a m o n d e n g a g e m e n t r i n g s "How can you make two months' salary last forever?" This single sentence from an advertisement released by De-Beers in 1997 can help us understand the greatsignificancehumansascribeto diamonds. Besidesthefactthatdiamondsareanaturalresourcecreatedthroughaprocess ofbillions ofyearsdeepintheunderground;andthatthismaterialisvery stronganddoesn’tfade orbreak;andthatthey’reso rare–diamondsarefirstandforemostasymbol ofloveanditseternity. Whether this beautiful icon is the result of a genius marketing campaign by De Beers that began as early as 1938, or the result of a natural process that human civilizationhasunderwent,therebyattributingthewholebeauty ofloveto thisrare,ancient,andbreathtakingstone,thestatus ofdiamondsasthedefault choiceisno longerreserved onlyforroyaltyandnobility,butratherisavailableto anyone, orastheadvertisementsays:"Howcanyoumaketwo months' salary last forever?" Yellow DiamondEngagementringsencompassallthedeepmeaningswementionedso far,andmuchmore. Thecoloryellowsymbolizeslightand optimism.Inthespiritual-energeticworlditisconsideredto bethecolorthatsymbolizestheentirerange ofemotions. Inaddition,thiswonderfulcolor’snaturalbrilliancemakesengagementringswithyellowdiamondslookmoresparkling,brighter,andpresent,thanksto the wonderfulreßection oflightitimparts.However,thereis oneimportantparameterthatmakesengagementringswithyellowdiamondsanevenmore worthwhilechoice-theprice.Theprice ofsucharingwillbelowerthantheprice ofanengagementringwithblue orpinkdiamonds,forexample.Thus, despite its rarity, it becomes an affordable colored diamond for young couples seeking to find the perfect engagement ring that will both express the uniqueness of their love and at the same time fit their budget.