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View report on health risk issues and benefits of e-cigarettes with some states.\n

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  • Vaping is regarded as the use of electronic cigarette in place of tobacco cigarette which are normally consumed by the people.

  • An electronic cigarette is a battery powered vaporizer which provided the feeling of smoking but without the use of tobacco.

  • The benefits and health risks of e-cigarettes are uncertain.

  • Everybody will agree on that vaping is for smokers but the question is that whether they should be allowed to vape in public places or not


Research aim and objectives

The major aim of the research study is to investigate whether vaping should be allowed in public or not. Following objectives have been laid down:

  • To find out the positive impacts of vaping at public places

  • To find out the negative impacts of vaping at public places

  • To identify what corrective measures can be taken in the identified research issue?

Research aim and objectives

Research question

  • Doesn’t whether vaping renormalize smoking and encourage smoking?

  • Is it true that electronic cigarettes are legal in public?

  • Should electronic cigarettes be banned in enclosed public spaces?

Research question

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Research methodology

Data Collection whether

For this research primary data has been collected from people at the public places who see other people doing vaping. It is collected through questionnaire technique


For this study random sampling has been adopted because it avoids making any kind of biasness and unfairness

Research methodology

Interpret and analyse the results

Interpret and analyse the results

Is it acceptable to you that someone can vape in public places
Is it acceptable to you that someone can whether vape in public places?

Do you agree that vaping should be banned in public places
Do you agree that whether vaping should be banned in public places?

Do you think that vaping should be allowed at the public places
Do you think that whether vaping should be allowed at the public places?

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  • It is recommended that more awareness should be created regarding the use of electronic cigarettes among the users.

  • It should not be allowed to perform at all the public places however it should be allowed at places like pubs, night clubs etc.

  • The pros and cons of vaping are also required to be discussed with the users.

  • Government should take appropriate measures to decide which public places are to be allowed for vaping and which places are not.



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