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SAS Certified Visual Analytics | Aspire

Get Started with SAS Visual Analytics, Administering the Environment and Managing Data Using SAS Visual Analytics Explorer, Designing Reports with SAS Visual Analytics, Using SAS Visual Analytics Custom Graph Builder.<br>

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SAS Certified Visual Analytics | Aspire

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  1. INTRODUCTION TO SAS Visual Analytics Learn Data Visualization and Reporting BY

  2. SAS Visual Analytics Overview Aspire Techsoft provides SAS Visual Analytics Training course teaches you how to exploring SAS data and building reports. Visual Analytics Concept, examining SAS visual data builder, creating Queries in SAS data builder, data and building reports. You also learn the basis of SAS Visual analytics Administration. This Course covers the technology with modules, interactive dashboards, reports Bi and analytics. Suitable for Business analysts who need to learn to use the functionality provided by SAS Visual Analytics. You learn how to share the information through channels and use of applications like Microsoft office applications using with the interface. You will also learn how to prepare data, join tables and data quality functions. www.aspireit.net Follow Us

  3. Course Outline BI and analytics with interactive dashboard reports Go directly from reporting and exploration to analysis, to sharing statistics through specific channels, including Microsoft workplace programs, with a single interface. Clever visualizations Current records and results in the maximum compelling manner with advanced facts visualization techniques and guided analysis via auto charting.  Text Analyze or Evaluation Advantage perception from social media and different text records, and recognize whether the sentiment is positive or negative.  Geographical Analytics Integrate traditional records resources like transnational, operational, customer data with vicinity information for analysis in a geographical context www.aspireit.net Follow Us

  4. Data preparation Import your own record to be part of tables, apply simple statistics excellent capabilities and smooth drag-and-drop abilities.  Analytics Deployment Runs on hardware, in a private or public cloud infrastructure. Analytics for Apps and Devices Analytics Use local mobile apps for iOS, home windows 10 and Android to view and interact with dynamic reports and dashboards on Tablets and smartphones. www.aspireit.net Follow Us

  5. Research on Visual Analytics www.aspireit.net Follow Us

  6. Who should learn to do this course? The candidates or students from various quantitative backgrounds like Banking and Finance, Engineering, Math’s, Business Management who want to achieve job profiles based on SAS certification and Reporting skills. SAS opportunities in Different Sectors: Now Day by day more industries are using SAS. SAS is always trying to their efforts to provide confident product and solution. SAS is used Different domains like banking sectors for marketing analytics, HR analytics, Risk analytics. All Banks are using Big Data that’s why SAS Handled the Big Data.  The industries that are using SAS most heavily are Banking, Insurance, finance, healthcare, and pharmaceutical. This is the best time to learn SAS, Python, R. www.aspireit.net Follow Us

  7. SAS supporting Different areas and Industry Solutions that are – Automotive, Banking, Capital Markets, Casinos, Communications, Consumer Goods, Defense & Security, Government, Health Care, Health Insurance, High-Tech Manufacturing, Higher Education, Hotels, Insurance, Life Science, Manufacturing, Media, small & Midsize Business, Sports, Travel, and Transportation. Over 90% of the top 100 global banks are use SAS SAS is the Large Program. It depends on the quantity of your business. There is no doubt SAS is the best choice. www.aspireit.net Follow Us

  8. Learn How To • Creates a map with SAS Visual Analytics begins with the geographic variable. • Creates dashboards with SAS Visual Analytics. • View reports using the SAS Visual Analytics Viewer and SAS Mobile BI. • Using SAS Apis Access Images from SAS Visual Analytics. • Using Data view in SAS Visual Analytics. • How to use key value objects inn SAS Visual Analytics? • How to Visualizing wildfire data? • How to use Analytics for higher education? • SAS Configuration for saving and reloading data. • How to use dynamic text for Analytics? • Access and prepare data for exploration, analysis, and reporting • Explore data using the SAS Visual Analytics Explorer • Create reports with the SAS Visual Analytics Designer • Use the SAS Visual Data Builder and understand the capabilities of the SAS Visual Analytics Administrator • Interact with the environment via the SAS Visual Analytics Hub. www.aspireit.net Follow Us

  9. Thank You • Best SAS Training & Placement Institute in Pune • Online & Classroom training with 100 % Free Placement Assistance Follow Us Mail Us on info@aspireit.net

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