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Gallatin County Schools PowerPoint Presentation
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Gallatin County Schools

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Gallatin County Schools - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Gallatin County Schools

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    1. Gallatin County Schools Monitoring Monday or Monitoring or Walkthroughs

    2. Our Presentation Team Dorothy Perkins , Superintendent Ray Spahn, Assistant Superintendent Deb Brown, Upper Elementary Principal Amanda Terrell, Upper Elementary Teacher Amy Brown, Parent Becky Griffey , Parent

    3. WHAT YOU NEED FIRST TRUST TRUST TRUST We made it perfectly clear this is not an evaluation - it is a process and only a process that helps us get better and we must do this together

    4. Why We Do What We Do Monitoring Mondays were designed to collect data, to validate best instructional practices, to expose weaknesses, improve student achievement, close the achievement gaps, meet annual yearly progress with the goal of reaching proficiency by 2014, and find solutions.

    5. What has it Done It has initiated a working relationship with all staff, teachers, principals and central office administrators. It has provided a common language and known expectations. It is our intervention tool in the form of immediate, intense, collaborative support, assistance and feedback that in turn builds capacity at all levels.

    6. Why We Do What We Do AccountabilityEveryone must be on the same page NOTHING HIDDEN NCLB

    7. How Do We Do IT Every Week Unannounced Who is on the Team? (All Central Office Administrators (5) , Parent(1-2), OVEC (1-2), and the principal, and or assistant principal),Starting to include our Instructional Leadership Team (DILT)

    8. Continued Walkthroughs over 100 each time, 2 Students from each class questioned, teachers are given questions and expected to respond, all teachers are interviewed in teams or individually. Teachers and principals are also required to keep a monitoring folder. We also ask the principals if there is anything they would like us to look for during our visit.

    9. What it Looks Like 1 person - uses Palm - also looks at documentation folder 2 people question students student questionnaire Meet with team afterwards to discuss what we saw Positives Improvements needed and Next Steps Teachers take survey on line Principals take survey on line Special Education teachers take survey online

    10. Administrator We use Scholastic Audit Walkthrough instrument (in your packet) Teacher Rubric ( in your packet) Student work Rubric in your packet This person is an administrator not a parent Review documentation Folder In your packet

    11. Student Questions This person ( Parent , Central Office Admin. and OVEC) Pull two students from class randomly The questions we have asked have evolved Over about 4 - 5 stages Stage 1 Questions - focused on R, R, and R (pg.5) Stage 2 Questions focused on Classrooms and Carrying (pg. 6) Stage 3 Questions focused on Classroom and Instruction ( pg.7) Stage 4 Questions focused on SISI Document (pg. 9-10) Stage 5 Questions focused on Scholastic Audit Document (pg. 11-12)

    12. Some Student Respones Upon asking a 3rd grader, what do you want to do when you get out of high school? She said, I am going to try out for American Idol. I am really good. Everybody tells me I am really good!!!! Is your class hard for you ? He said, Wow is it, there is too much learning going on. Since we are in the schools so much one student ask Ms. Perkins while walking through the halls- Which Wal-Mart do you work at?

    13. Teacher Questions Teacher Questions also Went Through Stages 1. Email questions to teachers a. varies with each walkthrough after discussion b. Used SISI with Rubric (pg. 20-22) 2. Used Teacher Survey (Scholastic Audit)

    14. WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE Teachers are met with individually within 2 days to discuss the teacher rubric and anything else we noticed - as well as asking what we can do to help. During this meeting teachers also receive their students responses. Principals meet with Assistant Superintendent, Superintendent or both to discuss the walkthrough on Friday. The Principals is given a packet of ALL documentation

    15. Continued A meeting is held at the end of Monitoring to discuss findings positive, what we saw, what needs to be identified (Worked on). (just with the monitoring team) A meeting is then held with the principal on Fridays to discuss our findings. The principal in-turn meets with his/her faculty to discuss the finding and make appropriate changes

    16. Parents Your thoughts Your Input Do you feel this is valuable Have things changed or have you noticed a change

    17. Monitoring Folders Teachers Accountability Calendar Communication Log Free/Reduced Student List Goal Calculator Hot List (10Most Wanted Students) Interventions/StrategiesRemediation KDE Combined Document Learning Checks Literacy 1st Results Math Assessments NCLB List Misc. Pacing Guide Professional Development Hours Professional Growth Plan Special Education Students Student Learning Non-Negotiable Teacher Attendance Team Meeting Minutes Thoughtful Education Walkthrough

    18. Teacher Thoughts Walkthrough Process Thoughts Monitoring Folder What happens after the walkthrough

    19. Principal Folder CATS/KCCT Analysis CATS/KCCT Results Communications with Superintendent CSIP District Administration Meetings District Principals Meetings EILA Hours ESL Students ESS Faculty Meeting Agendas F/R Lunch Students Goal Calculator Growth Plan Hot List 10 Most Wanted Students Joint Leadership Team Agenda/Minutes Learning Checks Literacy 1st Assessments Monitoring Monday Communication Monthly Teacher Attendance Parent Communications Principal Board Reports Professional Development Professional Organizations Request for Sick Leave, Personal or Educational Leave SBDM Council Agendas/Minutes Student Learning and Non-Negotiable Teacher Observations and Walkthroughs Thoughtful Classroom Implementation Miscellaneous

    20. Principal Thoughts Walkthrough Process Thoughts Monitoring Folder What happens after the walkthrough Meeting to discuss Results What do you do with Results

    21. OVEC Thoughts Tina

    22. WHAT WE HAVE JUST ADDED Scholastic Audit Standards - 9 Curriculum Assessment Instruction School Culture Student , Family and Community Support Leadership Organization Structure and Resources Comprehensive and Effective Planning

    23. What we Have Just Added Teacher Survey Teacher Rubric

    24. What we Ask Teachers Which Thoughtful Education Vocabulary strategies have you had the most success with? Describe the systematic process you use for monitoring, evaluating, and reviewing curriculum. Do teachers collaborate to review and analyze student work? What does success look like in your classroom? How many of your students are NOT succeeding in your classroom at this time? Why are they not successful and what are you doing to make these students successful?

    25. What We Have Found Lesson plans need to be on the desk at all times Objectives need to be posted Use of Rubric/Scoring guide important to student success Student work needs to be displayed MUST model proficient/distinguished work REGULARLY

    26. What else we have found What we see and observe and happening is sometimes eye-opening to what teachers think they are doing. What students say is actually going on in the classroom is often a different perspective than what the teacher thinks is going on in the classroom. Getting teachers to understand that our walk-through is to help them improve instruction to increase student achievement its not a gotcha, its not evaluative. Most teachers want to be the best they can be and will take the suggestions the walk-through team gives them in order to get better.

    27. What else we have Found Teachers want feedback. Teachers want feedback in person, verbally. Teachers want instructional conversations. Most teachers take their instruction very personally. *****Walk-through team validates and confirms what the principal says to his/her teachers. The walk-through team supports the principal in moving the school forward!!!!!!

    28. What Now The End product 1. Look for commonalities among all the schools 2.Commonalities of what students, teachers, administrators, are saying 3. What can we do to get better

    29. Next Steps Does it take a lot of Time ? Yes Is it worth it? Yes Is it eye opening and fun ?- Yes