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  1. Muhammad

  2. Muhammad lived till about 63 years old.

  3. Where Muhammed lived • Muhammed was born in Mecca, spent part of his childhood in the Arabian desert, grew up in Mecca, and emigrated to Medina at the age of about fifty-three where he spent the rest of his life,but made trips to other parts of the Arabian peninsula.

  4. Prophet Muhammad was famous for many reasons but mainly because of his good deeds to the community & was respected as last messenger of ALLAH

  5. Although his name is now invoked in reverence several billion times every day, Muhammad was the most-reviled figure in the history of the West from the 7th century until quite recent times. Because Muhammad is one of the most influential figures in history, his life, deeds, and thoughts have been debated by followers and opponents over the centuries, which makes a biography of him difficult to write.

  6. His character was respected by all. People throughout Medina (in Arabia) including the Jews gave him the name of “The Trustworthy”

  7. His first marriage was to a widow woman called Khadijah, who proposed to him. He was 25 years old and she was 40 years old. They were happily married for 25 years. It was only after her passing, when he married again

  8. He was a descendant of the Prophet Ismail (Ishmael) the son of Prophet Ibrahim (Abraham) (PBUT

  9. -He never ate alone. He invited others and then ate with them-He encouraged the washing of hands before and after eating food

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