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Instructions for Template

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Instructions for Template - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Instructions for Template
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  1. Instructions for Template This is meant to be a resource to help you to plan and prepare for your weekly class. This resource is merely a suggestion of what could be done during the weekly class. • The white slides are meant to give guidance and instruction when preparing for your class. Delete these slides before you present your lesson to your class. • The colored slides are where you can add the materials you would like to present to the students. • See “Weekly Lesson Helps” in the Faculty Room and Resource Library and .pdf resource for examples • .

  2. Gathering Activity (5 min. before class) The purpose of this slide is to give the students a chance to be engaged in an activity as they log in to your meeting. This slide serves several purposes: • Gives the teacher a chance to greet each student as they ‘arrive’, and build rapport. • Gives the student a chance to be engaged in an activity as they await the arrival of the rest of the class. • This slide should be shown to students 5 minutes prior to the beginning of class • See Faculty Room and Resource Library and .pdf resource for examples

  3. Gathering Activity Insert Activity Here:

  4. Welcome to Seminary! Welcome Students! Date of Class Week in Online Seminary Scripture Block/Scriptures to be studied

  5. Attendance/Participation Slide (3 min.) The purpose of this slide is twofold; first, to take attendance for the class and second, to take the time to ask students about their week, or to share something else about themselves that will build warmth and unity in the class. Each class member should be given an opportunity to talk and interact with the class. The teacher should acknowledge the response of each student. • Specific, interesting questions will help students want to share. • See Faculty Room and Resource Library and .pdf resource for examples

  6. Attendance/Participation Insert Question and Names of Students Here:

  7. Devotional Class should begin with a brief devotional. Often a well-prepared, student-led devotional that includes a prayer, the singing of a hymn, and a thought from the scriptures invites the Spirit, unites the students, and prepares their minds and hearts for spiritual learning.

  8. Devotional Announcements: Hymn: Prayer: Spiritual Thought:

  9. Scripture Mastery (5 min.) Teachers may feel prompted to spend a few moments in scripture mastery review. Online teachers must be particularly careful that the weekly class does not become a weekly scripture mastery activity. Teachers should choose methods, activities, and music that are in keeping with the dignity, purpose, and spirit of the scriptures and that avoid contention. Mastery of Scripture Passages includes: • Locating the verses by knowing the associated scriptural references. • Understanding the context and content of the scripture passages. • Applying the gospel principles and doctrines taught in the scripture passages. • Memorizing the passages.

  10. Scripture Mastery Insert Activity Here:

  11. Main Lesson (15 to 25 minutes) The following slides will give the teacher the opportunity to teach and emphasize principles the students studied during the week. Teachers do not have to follow or spend time on each aspect listed. The ideas provided merely as suggestions for what could be done. The main lesson section is divided into the the following slides. • Establishing Relevance and Interest (5 minutes). • Review of Daily Lessons (take as little or as much time as you feel Modify time spent according to your personal preference). • Main Instruction (take as little or as much time as you feel).

  12. 1. Establish Relevance and Interest You may choose to begin with an activity to prepare the students for the block of your lesson. Students are ready to learn when their minds are alert, their attention is focused on the learning experiences, and they are willing to participate in learning. Examples include • Asking intriguing questions that lead students into the scriptures. • Displaying an image or object that will increase attention and motivation for your lesson. • Engaging students in a role play or discussion that enhance readiness for the principles you wish to discuss. • Sharing a personal experience, story, or example of the principles discussed in your lesson.

  13. Introduction Insert Activity/Idea Here:

  14. 2. Review of Daily Lessons Teachers may wish to review important principles and doctrines taught during the four days of instruction. Teachers should consider how they can highlight and further discussions and responses shared online. Teachers could also talk about activities that the students did during the week. Some questions that should guide the reviewing of daily lessons: • What activities were done in the week should I review that would be helpful for student participation and learning? • What interesting questions were asked during the week that could be good to discuss in a live setting? • How could I use student’s responses and discussion posts in my weekly class to highlight and share their efforts online? • What was something that the students didn’t seem to understand that would be helpful to discuss?

  15. Review Insert Review items/activities here:

  16. 3. Main Instruction Teachers may wish teach a principle or doctrine that wasn’t specifically emphasized from the weekly lessons, or they may wish to give particular emphasis to one principle they feel prompted to emphasize. This principle or doctrine should arise from the scripture block the students studied for the week. Teachers should be thoroughly familiar with the scripture block from their own personal study and preparation. The following sequence might serve useful to develop meaningful instruction. • Read 1-3 relevant scripture verses from the scripture block that teach this principle. • Ask students questions to see how well they understand what the scriptures teach about the principle. • Share a quote or cross-reference that teaches the principle you are emphasizing. • Share a personal experience or story regarding the principle in your personal life. • Ask questions that allow students to explain and share feelings of what they know about the principle from their own lives. • Ask students questions and share ways this gospel principle can be applied. • Teachers and (if appropriate) students testify of what they know to be true about this principle.

  17. Today’s Lesson Place items here as needed following the steps described:

  18. Looking to Next Week Here, teachers can establish relevance and interest that will encourage students to look forward to the next week’s set of lessons. See Faculty Room and Resource Library and .pdf resource for examples.

  19. Looking to Next Week! Insert needed questions or activity here:

  20. Conclusion Any closing items and a closing prayer