Albert Snow

holistic gastroenterologist,

Dr. Albert Snow has been practicing Natural Medicine for 30 years. He holds a doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine, Herbology and Orthomolecular Biochemistry from the American Institute of Natural Healing and is a certified nutritionist from the Nutrition Institute of America. Dr. Snow is the creator of the Holistic Gastro-enterology Method. This method has evolved over his 30 years of treating Inflammatory Bowel Disease with natural medicine. As his understanding of these chronic conditions evolved, he was able to prove that all of these conditions were essentially the same at their “root” level and not each a separate “disease”. In fact, they are not diseases at all. They are all the same condition, with the same cause and the same cure. He also discovered that all Inflammatory Bowel Disease, IBS – Colitis – Ulcerative Colitis – Leaky Gut Syndrome – Crohn’s Disease – Diverticulitis – Acid Reflux – Heartburn and GERD are all completely and permanently curable.