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USER MAINTENANCE. Presentation Overview. 1. Compressor function 2. Maintenance Routine 3. Problem solving. 1. Compressor Function. i . Pumping group description The air compression process Safety Valves Pressure maintaining valve. i. Pumping Group Description.

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presentation overview
Presentation Overview

1. Compressor function

2. Maintenance Routine

3. Problem solving

1 compressor function
1. Compressor Function

i. Pumping group description

  • The air compression process
  • Safety Valves
  • Pressure maintaining valve
i pumping group description
i. Pumping Group Description

The main parts of a pumping unit are:

  • Cylinders / heads
  • Pistons / con-rods
  • Crankcase / shaft
i pumping group description1
i. Pumping Group Description
  • Cylinders are connected

with Stainless Steel pipes

  • The pipes move

pressurized air

between the first,

Second and third

Cylinders cooling it at the same time .

i pumping group description2
i. Pumping Group Description

Each cylinder has two valves :

Suction valve

Allows air into cylinder

to be compressed by

the piston.

Release valve

Allows pressurized air out after the

piston has compressed it further.

i pumping group description3
i. Pumping Group Description
  • Lubrication is

achieved via a splash* and

pump* *

feed system

  • The main drive

wheel provides air flow to

cool the machine via fan blades

* MCH 6, 8,13 & 16 * * TROPICAL RANGE

i pumping group description4
i. Pumping Group Description
  • The Coltri Sub range uses 3 types of pumping unit :


4 cylinders, splash feed

MCH 8,13,16& 32

3 cylinders, splash feed

Tropical plus range incorporate pump and

splash feed

MCH 36

4 cylinders, oil pump

i pumping group description5
i. Pumping Group Description
  • Filtration Path
  • Intake Filter
  • Water Separator
  • Main Filtration Tower
  • .

iii. Safety Valves

  • First Stage safety valve:

8 Bar

  • Second Stage safety valve:

50 Bar

  • Third Stage safety valve:

225/330 Bar


iv. Pressure Maintaining Valve

  • The function is to retain a
  • 120 – 150 bar pressure in the
  • filter tower to ensure efficient
  • filtration
  • Filter media functions best with
  • air flowing @ 120 - 150 bar
  • Check valve setting weekly

iv. Pressure Maintaining Valve

  • To set valve:
  • Start compressor & open filling valve
  • Check gauge on separator
  • for internal pressure
  • Adjust by turning lower cap
  • Anti clockwise -
  • Clockwise +
  • .
maintenance routine

Maintenance Routine

Maintenance routine
  • Air Intake filter

ii. Filter cartridge

iii. Oil changes and types

iv. Safety checks

v. Compresor cleaning


i. Air Intake Filter

  • Gently blow clean every 20 hrs and

re-insert rotating position.

  • Change filter regularly:

MCH 6 100 hrs

MCH 13 80 hrs

MCH 16 70 hrs


ii. Filter Cartridge

  • Replace before air starts
  • to smell:

MCH 6 50 Hrs*

MCH 13 50 Hrs*

MCH 16 40 Hrs*

*@ 20 Celsius ambient temp. Filter lifespan decrease when ambient temperature and humidity increase. Halve the values listed above for temperature of 30 degrees and above.


iii. Oil Changes & Type

After initial 50 operating Hrs and then every:

MCH6* 50 hrs synthetic oil

MCH 13/16* 200 hrs synthetic oil

MCH 36 * 250 hrs synthetic oil

* Coltri Synthetic Oil only recommended.

Mineral and synthetic oils must not be mixed


iii. Oil Changes &Type

  • Synthetic oils

Coltri Oil CE 750


iv. Safety Checks

  • Check motor-engine and compressor bolts
  • Check V belt tightness
  • Check electric power supply
  • Check compressor oil level
  • Check function of safety valve and their
  • calibration. *
  • *If valves blow stop machine,
  • Call technician

v. Compressor Cleaning

  • A dirty machine overheats, and does not allow to see clearly oil or air leaks.
  • A weekly rinse with medium/low strength pressure pump will avoid this
  • Ensure that water does not enter the air intake, electric motor or electrical parts of the compressor system.

Problem Solving

  • Air Odor
  • Compressor overheats
  • Decreasing air output
  • Electric motor fails to start
  • Electric motor runs slowly

i. Air Odor

  • Problem: Filter cartridge exhausted

Solution: Replace cartridge

  • Problem: Piston rings worn out

Solution: Replace piston rings

  • Problem: Use of wrong oil

Solution: Refer to user manual for

correct lubricant


ii. Compressor Overheats

  • Problem: Compressor running backwards
  • Solution: Check 3 phase connection
  • Problem: Dirty intercoolers

Solution: Clean intercoolers

  • Problem: Suction /Release valve are not functioning,

Solution: Clean or replace


ii. Compressor Overheats

  • Problem: Insufficient ventilation or ambient temperature above 40 Celsius
  • Solution:Re-site compressor or use additional forced ventilation

iii. Decreasing air output

  • Problem: Suction/release valve malfunction

Solution: Clean or change valves

  • Problem: 3rd/4th stage piston worn

Solution: Replace piston and rings

  • Problem: Loose fitting or leaking gaskets

Solution: Check leaks with soap solution

& tighten fitting or replace gaskets


iii. Decreasing air output

  • Problem: Intake air filter blocked
  • Solution: Clean/replace filter
  • Problem: Air intake extension bent or too small
  • Solution: Use larger section non collapsing pipe/hose
  • Problem: Piston rings worn
  • Solution: Replace piston rings

iv. Electric Motor fails to start

Problem: Three Phase, no supply or one phase “down”

Single Phase, No supply

Solution: Check supply, phases and condenser, electronic switches

& relays


v. Electric Motor runs slowly

Problem: Tight bearings within motor

Solution: lubricate/service motor

Problem: Loose electrical connection

Solution: Tighten connections

Problem: Insufficient power supply

Solution: Check rating of supply

Problem: Loose drive belt

Solution: Tighten belt