industrial ecology and safety n.
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Industrial Ecology and Safety PowerPoint Presentation
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Industrial Ecology and Safety

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Industrial Ecology and Safety - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Industrial Ecology and Safety

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  1. Industrial Ecology and Safety Specialty: 330200 “Environment engineering protection”. Training specialists in the sphere of development, designing, debugging, operation and modernization of eco-bio-technical technology, organization and management of nature-conservative measures at plants, expertise of design technologies and production

  2. Industrial Ecology and Safety Scientific Directions The main scientific directions of the Chair are connected with the following fields of research: Man-caused affect of national economy objects on environment; development ofalternative power sources. We collaborate with Kazakhstan working on the question of joint overcoming of problems, such as Irtysh River and separate places of rockets’ parts falling on the border of Omsk Region and Kazakhstan.

  3. Industrial Ecology and Safety Education Process Students have pre-degree practice at enterprises of Omsk city such as “Omskshina”, “Irtysh”, “Techuglerod”, etc. Degree project is the final step, which helps engineer-ecologist to concentrate their efforts on industrial and science-research tasks, and to get skills of maintenance of big technical projects.

  4. Industrial Ecology and Safety Education Process The teachers use special training computer-based programs at the education process ; studying of automated projecting systems (AutoCAD), mathematical modeling systems (MathCAD, Mathlab), programming language systems (Pascal).

  5. Industrial Ecology and Safety Our Graduates The majority of our graduates work at Omsk enterprises. Students have a pre-degree practice at the enterprises where they can continue to work after the graduation.

  6. Industrial Ecology and Safety Contact Us The Head of the Chair is the Doctor of Technical Science, Prof. Lev O. Shtripling. tel./fax: +7 3812 658309 e-mail: