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Home textile is a vital branch of home fashion.

Things which we used to decorate or utilised for their functional and

aesthetic properties in household purpose are called home textile.

Textile utilised for home furnishing and for personal use consists of a huge

variety of functional and decorative products in homes.Home textile

comprises bedsheets, pillowcovers, towels, rugs, bathrobes, blankets etc.

Home textiles are produced by many big brands in different countries like

USA, Turkey, Istanbul etc.They use exclusive quality of fibers, latest

technology and high skills to produce high quality home textile. latest

technology and techniques are used by their efficient staff for weaving,

knitting, crocheting, knotting and pressing fibres together to create high

quality textile.

Also fresh embroidered designs, vibrant colors and pretty prints and other

detailings are done by artisan to provide soothing and relaxing feel to the

people also a great look to the internal spaces of the homes.

Company like Asil corporation in Turkey works dedicatedly to serve

people with a large variety of home textile products like bath towels, hand

towels, kitchen towles, kids towels, bathrobes, absorbent napkins, kids

bath kits, beach towels etc with fresh designs, absorbent fabric and with

top-notch feel at affordable prices.

All types of towels, bathrobes are available in all standard sizes and made

of generally four different fabrics: Cotton, Silk, Microfibre and Wool.

There are huge range of home textile products with different colors,

shapes, designs and fabric you can choose from, according to your choice

and requirements.



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