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Sights and Scenes of Study Abroad PowerPoint Presentation
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Sights and Scenes of Study Abroad

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Sights and Scenes of Study Abroad - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Sights and Scenes of Study Abroad
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  1. Sights and Scenes of Study Abroad

  2. 1st place!Photographer: Leah CronleyTrip: Sustainability and Economic Development in Costa Rica Faculty leader: Dr. Melanie Marks Location: GandocaManzanillo Wildlife Refuge, Costa Rica • This picture was taken on a tour of the GondocaManzanillo Wildlife Refuge.  The day before this tour we traveled from the Northern portion of Costa Rica to the Caribbean coast.  This was our first viewing of the beautiful beaches and all of the tropical vegetation.  I love this picture because it really represents the difference between Costa Rica and the United States.  I look back at this picture that I took in January and it is so lively, but in Virginia when I look out my window in January all is see are gloomy trees with no leaves.

  3. 2nd place!Photographer: Kathryn GraysonTrip: Art and the Book in London Faculty leader: Erin Devine Location: London, England • London At Night: London is a beautiful city during the day, but night is when it really comes alive. We spent an evening experiencing the nightlife and subculture of London in Camden Market. Here, the famous red double-decker bus passes us as we explore the vibrant city - after hours. 

  4. Photographer: Irina Boothe Trip: Criminal Justice in England Faculty leader: Dr. John Barbrey Location: London, England • This picture was taken on Westminster Bridge overlooking the South Bank of the River Thames with the London Eye and Big Ben in the background.  The London Eye is the tallest ferris wheel in Europe and the most popular paid tourist attraction in the United Kingdom.  The Eye offers a breathtaking view of the metropolitan city of London as the highest public viewing point of all of London.

  5. Photographer: Courtney CarnevaleTrip: Archaeology of England Faculty leader: Drs. Brian Bates and James Jordan Location: London, England • This picture was taken at West Minster Abbey in London, England. This is a picture of the metal work that is in the hallways that look out into the grassy squares. Looking past the grassy area you can see the outside structure of the building with its arched doorways and stained glass windows. What stands out to me about this picture is the contrast of the dark black metal against the perfectly green trimmed grass.

  6. Photographer: Mandy McPhersonTrip: Student Teaching Location: Costa Rica • After a week-long vacation in La Playa Samara for Semana Santa (our Spring Break), two other teachers and I ventured by bus to get "home".  We traveled along some crazy roads before reaching slightly familiar territory.  Nearing el VolcanArenal, we spotted this beautiful lagoon and made the bus driver stop so we could get pictures. :)  The only think better than looking at a picture with such beautiful water is actually being there.

  7. Photographer: Abby PendletonTrip: General Education in Spain and Greece Faculty leader: Drs. Lily Goetz and William Holliday Location: Valencia, Spain • This picture was taken the second day we were in Valencia. We climbed the Miquelet, the tower attached to the main Cathedral in the city. At the top of the tower you could see the entire city. The view was amazing and worth the hike to the top of the tower. 

  8. Photographer: Candice Riena OwensTrip: Exotic Thailand Faculty leader: Dr. Melanie Marks Location: Kanchanaburi, Thailand • The sunrise is a magical time all around the world, but at the Kasem Island Resort in Chukadon, Kanchanaburi, Thailand, the sunrise is extra special. Starting at 5:45 A.M. , it is like a perfect alarm every morning to wake to monkeys “whooping”, exotic birds squawking, and crickets chirping all while seeing the sun rise over the mountains and reflecting on the river at your door.

  9. Photographer: Travis PoctaTrip: Semester in England Third Party Provider: GlobaLinks Location: London, England • The lights from the night sky beaming off Big Ben, in all its glory! 

  10. Photographer: Elaine ScerboTrip: Exotic Thailand Faculty leader: Dr. Melanie Marks Location: Kanchanaburi, Thailand • This photo was taken in Thailand, while I was studying abroad in May 2012. Thailand was a country in which I wanted to visit because of the exotic beaches we visited in Krabi, the culture and how Thai people lived everyday life and the beautiful scenery of the temples and watts. This photograph was taken in Kanchanaburi of a Chinese influenced Buddhist temple which was overlooking the rice fields and the river that runs into the Wachiralongkorn dam off in the distance.

  11. Photographer: Katy SettellTrip: Semester in New Zealand Third Party Provider: GlobaLinks Location: Tongariro National Park, New Zealand • An eight-hour trek through Tongariro National Park is one of the most sought after adventures in New Zealand. The alpine crossing spans the length of Mount Tongariro, an active volcano, and provides some of the most beautiful landscapes I’ve ever seen. This photo captures a beautiful view of Mt. Nguaruhoe from Mount Tongariro. Mt. Ngauruhoe served as an inspiration to Peter Jackson, and was then digitally enhanced to appear as Mount Doom in the Lord of the Rings series.

  12. Photographer: Lydia BerteroTrip: Archaeology of England Faculty leader: Drs. Brian Bates and James Jordan Location: London, England • Taken in the bustling city of London, the Tower Bridge stands out as a famous landmark. This bridge served as a decorative accessory during the most recent London Olympics when the 5 rings were hung from its side. I was fortunate enough to learn of this bridges long history of construction dating from 1886 to its opening in 1894. After a day of exploring the historic Tower of London I was lucky enough to capture this shot as dusk began to fall. The lilac and pink sky was especially beautiful after a rare day of no rain.

  13. Photographer: Abby JamesTrip: Semester in Ireland Exchange Institution: Mary Immaculate College Location: Ireland • While I was studying abroad in Limerick, Ireland I had the opportunity to visit the countryside with my mother. We decided to go driving one day just to explore and got a little lost. As we were coming over a hill I saw this scene and my mom and I stopped the car. From the rolling hills to the clear water, this picture is absolutely everything you could love about Ireland's scenery. 

  14. Photographer: Stephanie AdamsTrip: Sustainability and Economic Development in Costa Rica Faculty leader: Dr. Melanie Marks Location: Costa Rica • This picture is one of my favorites of Costa Rica. It represents what the main scenery on the Caribbean side was; palm trees and the ocean. There were palm trees and soft white sand everywhere you looked. The scenery and mood was always relaxed and joyous and you could feel it embrase you. Children were playing in the water or sipping on fresh coconut water and enjoying the bright, sunny day. There is so much to see in Costa Rica and the Caribbean side is breathtaking and a true paradise.

  15. Photographer: Sarah GordonTrip: Practicum II in Spain Faculty leader: Drs. Lily Goetz and William Holliday Location: Granada, Spain • This photo was taken at the Alhambra during one of the excursions. This picture was of one of the many courtyards built by the Moors when they had overtaken southern Spain in Granada. The fountains were all original and so were the original stones and bricks. 

  16. Photographer: Alexis WeixelTrip: Exotic Thailand Faculty leader: Dr. Melanie Marks Location: Thailand • This photo is of the scenery that surrounds one of the many Buddhist temples in Southern Thailand. This was taken after climbing several stories to reach the peak of the temple and all you can see for miles around you are pristine rice fields and mountains paired with beautiful Thai architecture.  

  17. Photographer: Jamie CliftTrip: Archaeology of England Faculty leader: Drs. Brian Bates and James Jordan Location: London, England • I took this shot of Elizabeth II Tower rising over the River Thames just before we got off the London Eye. The views were incredible from every angle on the world's third-largest Ferris wheel; it was worth the nearly $30 admission. The riverboats that you can see docked are a popular way to tour the city, and more importantly, you can see the houses of Parliament and the top of Westminster Abbey to the left of the tower.