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Hands-on session Baldev Singh. Aims of this session. Have a clear understanding of next steps/resource locations Explore collaborative tools Discussion on how some of these tools can support collaboration and engaged teaching and learning. Recap. Orientation session Exploration

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Hands on session baldev singh
Hands-on sessionBaldev Singh

Aims of this session

  • Have a clear understanding of next steps/resource locations

  • Explore collaborative tools

  • Discussion on how some of these tools can support collaboration and engaged teaching and learning


  • Orientation session

  • Exploration

  • Consolidation

Your first stop
Your first stop

Partners in Learning Network


Partners in Learning Network

Username: your e-mail

Password: elearning

Consolidation Phase


  • Develop a collaborative project to support/develop project based learning on a theme/topic of your choice (see notes)

  • Incorporate the use of collaborative technology tools into project design to support collaboration

  • Showcase final project plans using the structured Virtual Classroom Template (VCT) provided (see notes)

Incorporate the following into project development
Incorporate the Following into Project Development

Principles of collaborative learningAlignment with 21st Century skills framework Collaboration strategiesPrinciples of project based learningAssessment rubricsCollaborative and creative technologies Peer-to-peer collaboration

Skills and technologies
Skills and Technologies

Developing the skills to integrate technologies into

projects will enhance learning outcomes. Making the

right pedagogical decisions will transform both the

teaching and learning experience, making the project

sustainable and impactful.

Skill development

  • Below are tools to support you to develop your projects. The “how to” guides provide a simple and quick way to help you become more creative in your design and in the development process.

    • Microsoft Office OneNote 2007

    • Bing Maps

    • Office Live Workspace

    • Windows Live Movie Maker

    • Microsoft Research AutoCollage 2008

    • SkyDrive

More collaborative tools
More Collaborative Tools

Microsoft Research WorldWide Telescope

Microsoft Photosynth


Bing Search and Bing Maps

Free tools in the classroom

Technical requirements
Technical Requirements

  • Sign up for a Windows Live ID

  • Join Partners in Learning Network (PiLN), specifically the Microsoft Institute for Pre- service Teachers community page

  • Microsoft Office OneNote 2007

  • Microsoft Photo Story

  • Microsoft Research Auto Collage 2008 (free copy available from the PiLN)

  • Office Live Workspace

  • Windows Live Movie Maker

  • Digital camera (optional)

  • Microphone (optional)

The 5 Steps

As part of this consolidation phase, there are 5 steps that you need to go through. Each step has a task to be completed. As you go through each step, you will develop the confidence to integrate the tools into your teaching practice.

Step 1: Exploring Good Practice

Explore examples of collaborative projects and get some ideas on what makes a good project. Here are just a few sites to get you started:

Partners in Learning teacher projects




Peer Coaching Web Lessons

Task 1

a) Sign into the Microsoft Institute for Pre- service Teachers Community.

b) In the “Team Discussion” area, share your reflections on one project (see reflection template)

c) Make sure to provide a link on the community site to the project which you have explored in-depth.

Step 2: Planning

There are 5 design principles essential for developing project based learning. Make sure to incorporate these into your planning.

Task 2

  • Use Microsoft Office OneNote 2008 to plan the different

  • parts of your project. Create a notebook with 5 sections

  • (one for each PBL principle)

  • share your notebook and get feedback from your peers

  • add audio/visual resources as part of the planning process

  • use tags to create deadlines and reminders

  • Use this Overview of Microsoft Office OneNote 2008

Step 3: Creating

Create an audio visual resource to introduce your project to your students is a great way to engage and motivate them.

It doesn’t take long and can have a lasting impact.

Task 3

  • Use either Microsoft Photo Story or Windows Live Movie Maker to create a video which summarizes your project. This video could be used as a lesson starter activity to introduce your project.

  • share your video on-line

  • provide a link to your video on PiLN.

Step 4: Sharing

One of the most significant aspects of collaboration as a result of technology developments (Web 2.0) has been the shift to “mass collaboration”. There are multiple ways to share information and engage a wider audience.

Task 4

Share your video on the Microsoft Institute for Pre-service Teachers Community.

Create an Office Live Workspace to upload any resources which are related to your project. This could be images, documents or files.

Step 5: Presenting

This last stage is about presenting your project in the template provided so it can be submitted to an expert panel of educators for feedback.

Task 5

  • Complete the VCT template provided to pull your project together.

  • Download a VCT template

  • Step-by-step guide how to create a VCT

  • Guide to upload VCT

  • Judging Criteria

  • Upload your VCT to the Microsoft Institute for Pre-service Teachers Community.