Troop 616 - Summer Camp 2010 Sid Richardson Scout Ranch Lake Bridgeport, Texas June 20-26, 2010 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Troop 616 - Summer Camp 2010 Sid Richardson Scout Ranch Lake Bridgeport, Texas June 20-26, 2010 PowerPoint Presentation
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Troop 616 - Summer Camp 2010 Sid Richardson Scout Ranch Lake Bridgeport, Texas June 20-26, 2010

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Troop 616 - Summer Camp 2010 Sid Richardson Scout Ranch Lake Bridgeport, Texas June 20-26, 2010
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Troop 616 - Summer Camp 2010 Sid Richardson Scout Ranch Lake Bridgeport, Texas June 20-26, 2010

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    1. 1 Troop 616 - Summer Camp 2010 Sid Richardson Scout Ranch Lake Bridgeport, Texas June 20-26, 2010

    2. Pg 2 Contents Next Steps to Prepare for Summer Camp Overview of Sid Richardson Scout Ranch Leadership at Camp Preparations for Summer Camp Packing for Summer Camp Getting to/from Sid Richardson Activities at Camp Health & Safety at Camp Other Camp Information

    3. Pg 3 Next Steps to Prepare for Summer Camp Read this camp overview and check with Wayne Smith if you have any questions [ ] Be sure your physical exam, signed off by a doctor, has been completed on the BSA Annual Health & Medical Form. Get a copy to Wayne Smith by June 13. [Can bring it to the Court of Honor on June 1st.] Get any missing personal gear (cot, battery-powered fan, etc) Ensure your Scout has the extra money required for the merit badge classes that have fees (see slide late that covers this). Be packed and ready to meet up at Ellis Creek parking lot by 7:15am, Sunday, June 20th. Departure for camp is 7:30am!

    4. Pg 4 2010 Summer Camp Roster

    5. Pg 5 Sid Richardson Scout ranch (SR2)

    6. Pg 6

    7. Pg 7 Sid Richardson Scout Ranch (cont) Longhorn Council, BSA The summer in north Texas can be very hot! Sunshine is the norm, so be sure to bring sun block and a hat. Because of the very hot climate, campers should drink sufficient quantities of water to avoid dehydration.

    8. Pg 8 Troop Campsite and Equipment Campsites are divided into patrol sites. Each patrol site contains one or more picnic tables and dining flys, and fire suppression equipment. Sleeping accommodations consist of seven-foot by nine-foot standard BSA two-person wall tents on wooden platforms. Sid Richardson does NOT provide either cots or mattresses for sleeping. Scouts should plan on bringing a folding cot and, if desired, a mattress pad (foam or inflatable) to sleep on. It is the responsibility of each troop to care for all equipment assigned to its use. Troops will be charged for any equipment that must be repaired or replaced.

    9. Pg 9 Sid Richardson Photos

    10. Pg 10

    11. Pg 11 Troop Adult Leadership All troops at all times must be under the supervision of their own adult leaders. Under the Boy Scouts system of camping, the Scoutmaster (or acting Scoutmaster) is in charge of the troop at all times. The Scoutmaster and other adult leaders have the primary responsibility for the care of the youth in camp. The discipline and organization of the troop is the Scoutmasters responsibility. Adult leaders must know the location of their Scouts at all times! There must be at least two adult leaders in camp at all times, and standard BSA Youth Protection Guidelines must be followed. All adults should be registered members of the Boy Scouts of America. If a troop intends to take a hike, at least one adult leader must be certified in first aid by a recognized agency.

    12. Pg 12 Youth Protection Guidelines for Camp Scouters and Scouts must sleep in separate tents. A Scouter may sleep with his/her son, but not with other youth. All Scouts must have at least one tent-mate. Scouters and campers over 18 must use designated adult shower facilities. Youth shall use separate youth showers and shall not use adult facilities. Verbal abuse, discriminatory or derogatory remarks, and off-color conversation shall not be tolerated.

    13. Pg 13 Traveling to Summer Camp Troop 616 Scouts and adults will be driving to Lake Bridgeport via personal vehicles. Sunday, June 20th, departure time: Leave Ellis Creek parking lot for summer camp at 7:30am. Plan to check in by 2 pm at camp. Saturday, June 26th, departure time: Leave SR2 by 10am and plan to return to Ellis Creek around 5 pm. One driver will pull a small trailer that will hold personal gear (duffle bags, cots, etc). Wear Class A Scout uniform shirt for travel to/from camp! Have money for meals en route to/from summer camp.

    14. Pg 14 Packing Guide Equipment you will probably need:

    15. Pg 15 Packing Guide: Cots

    16. Pg 16 Items to NOT Bring to Camp Fireworks Matches Sheath Knives Valuables of any Kind Radios or Boom Boxes Guns or Archery Items Expensive Cameras Candles Personal food items T-shirts, jackets, or other clothing items with alcohol or tobacco ads, or with drug or sexual connotations printed or written on them.

    17. Pg 17 Packing for Summer Camp I recommend packing your gear in a large duffle bag, not a suitcase or footlocker. A duffle bag can be stored in your tent out of the way under your cot. The duffle bag(s) should be large enough to hold your clothes, toiletries, etc. Sleeping bags, cots, and camp chairs can be packed separately in the trailer.

    18. Pg 18 Arrival Day Check In We will get to Sid Richardson between 1:00 p.m. and 3:00 p.m. on Sunday, June 20th, to check in and transport gear to our campsite. Check-in process includes individual review of all medical forms. Due to State of Colorado restrictions, the Colorado BSA Medical form is the only form that can be accepted at Denver Area Council Scout Camps. (Any camper without a Colorado BSA Medical form will be sent home!) Get your BSA Medical form to Wayne Smith prior to June 17th. All Camper Medications (adult and youth) need to be checked in with the camp health officer during medical rechecks. Required medications will need to be obtained from the camp health officer as required. All medication must be accompanied by a note from a parent or legal guardian giving permission for the medication to be administered by the Health Director at camp.

    19. Pg 19 Daily Camp Program 6:30 am Reveille 7:00 am Breakfast 1 7:00 am Flag Raising 7:05 am Breakfast 8:30-9:30 am Program Period 1 (1 hour + 15 minutes travel time) 9:45-10:45 am Program Period 2 11:00-noon Program Period 3 12:10 pm Lunch 1:00 pm SPL Meeting 1:30 pm Program Period 4 2:45 pm Program Period 5 4:00 pm Program Period 6 5:40 pm Retreat (Flag Lowering ceremony) 5:45 pm Supper 7:00-8:00 pm Evening Program 1 8:00-9:00 pm Evening Program 2 10:30 pm Taps (Lights Out and all campers quiet)

    20. Pg 20 Meals at Camp Troops at Sid Richardson will enjoy all meals in an air-conditioned dining hall. Diners MUST WEAR THEIR CAMP WRISTBANDS it is your ticket to meals. For the Dinner Meal, all campers are expected to be in full uniform. Sid Richardson will accommodate special diets for campers, whether for religious, medical or philosophical reasons. If a camper has a dietary restriction make sure it is indicated on his medical form. Notify Wayne Smith if you have any special diet requirements. Please contact me by email by June 3rd to request special dietary needs. Additional meal tickets for short- term visitors can be purchased from the office during normal office hours.

    21. Pg 21 Merit Badge Classes Scouts will be advised by email before departing for camp which merit badge classes they are in. Almost every Scout was placed in the classes they requested. Bring extra money for the Merit Badge classes requiring additional fees at camp (next slide).

    22. Pg 22 Extra Fees at Sid Richardson SR

    23. Pg 23 Swimming Merit Badge Supplies Clothing for Swimming Merit Badge Swimming MB requires each Scout to perform an in-water undress and then to make a float from his clothing. This requires: A long-sleeve button-up shirt, A pair of lightweight airtight pants (jeans are good if they are loose fitting), A pair of shoes that can get wet. Scouts taking Swimming: Kyle Adams, Alex Carr, Steven Dratler, Quinn Kobrin, Keaton Koch, Marwan Madi, and Kartik Talwar.

    24. Pg 24 Medical Policies Each Scout attending camp must submit a current BSA Health and Medical Record, No. 34605, with Parts A, B, and C completed within the past 12 calendar months, including the examination by a physician. This Medical Form is also required for all staff and leaders in attendance. A parent or guardian has attested to the validity of the health history and physical examination for each of those under 18 years of age. No Scout will be allowed to remain in camp without a health history that includes a parental signature giving permission to treat in an emergency. Health histories and records of required physical examinations must be on file in the health lodge for all Scouts, Leaders, and staff members. All prescription medication must come to camp in the original bottle from the pharmacy. The label must contain: a. The campers name b. Date of prescription c. Doctor's name and phone number d. Correct Dosage

    25. Pg 25 Homesickness Unit leaders are responsible for working with homesick youth. The best cure is to be available and patient, keep the Scout busy, and link him up with an understanding older Scout. While homesick Scouts are not encouraged to call home, it is not a good policy to prevent a Scout from calling his family. In some situations, doing so might be considered a violation of Youth Protection guidelines. To avoid ill will or worse consequences, the final decision on calling home will be left to the Scout. Scouts are strongly discouraged from making telephone calls home without an adult leader present. Homesickness is not helped by a call home, it is usually made worse!

    26. Pg 26 Camp Store Items The trading posts will provide all of the Scouts summer camp needs and will be open during regular program hours and most evenings. The trading post will stock a wide array of items, such as: Souvenirs: T-shirts, caps, postcards, sweatshirts, water bottles, patches, etc. Food & Snacks: Sandwiches, burritos, ice cream, fruit drinks, bottled water, soft drinks, candy, etc. Personal Items: Toothpaste, sunblock, combs, soap, etc. Camping Items: Water bottles, pocketknives, flashlights, belt packs, etc. Handicraft Items: Basketry kits, woodcarving items, leathercraft, rocket kits,etc. Other Items: Nature books, batteries, film, camp maps, stamps, etc. Scouts should bring some spending money for the trading post. Around $25 for the week is probably adequate, unless required to purchase a kit for merit badge class. Arrangements can be made with one of the adult leaders to help a Scout manage his money.

    27. Pg 27 Sending Mail to Camp All Scouts enjoy receiving mail at camp. Camp mail is delivered and picked up daily. Mail sent from home later than Wednesday the week of camp will probably not arrive until after the troop departs from camp on Saturday. Please put Troop 616 on the envelope and all packages! Mail should be addressed as follows: Scouts Name, Troop 616 June 20-26, 2010 Sid Richardson Scout Ranch 183 Eagles Trail Jacksboro TX 76458

    28. Pg 28 Telephone Service at Camp Emergency Numbers Please remember that these numbers are for emergency purposes only. All other calls need to go to the unit leader accompanying the unit. Sid Richardson Scout Ranch camp: (940) 575-4243 emergency purposes only. SR2 Head Ranger: (940) 575-4160 We try to deliver emergency messages immediately. Scouts are strongly discouraged from making telephone calls home without an adult leader present. Homesickness is not helped by a call home, it is usually made worse!

    29. Pg 29 Questions??? If you have any questions, please contact Wayne Smith (Troop 616 Assistant Scoutmaster) at . This presentation can be downloaded from the troop website at If not, then your next stop will be at Ellis Creek by 7:15am , Sunday, June 20th, in your BSA field (Class A) uniform, packed and ready for a great summer camp adventure!