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Short Stories

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Short Stories. © Short Stories. The Simpsons - character. © Think about characters. First of all, what do we mean by ”characters”? With a partner, try to come up with a way to explain what a “character” is.

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short stories

Short Stories


short stories2

Short Stories

The Simpsons - character


think about characters
Think about characters

First of all, what do we mean by ”characters”?

With a partner, try to come up with a way to explain what a “character” is.

Once you have agreed on this, try to come up with a list of as many of the characters from The Simpsons as you can.


think about characters4
Think about characters

A character is a person. In English, “characters” are people who we meet in books, films, poetry or plays.

In “The Simpsons”, there are hundreds of different characters!


what about each character
What about each character?

What words would you use to describe Homer Simpson?

Here are some that I would use








These are called his characteristics. They are the things that make up his character.

They can be what he looks like, or what he is like as a person.

From the list above, which words are physical, and which are more about his personality?


characteristics of lisa or bart
Characteristics of Lisa or Bart

In pairs, think about either Bart or Lisa

Write your character’s name in the middle of a clean page.

Around the name, write as many characteristics of them as you can.

Once you have done this, underline all the characteristics which are not about what the character looks like, but what they are like as a person.