things to do first time home buyers n.
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Tips and cheklist for first time home buyers PowerPoint Presentation
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Tips and cheklist for first time home buyers

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Tips and cheklist for first time home buyers - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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there are so many things to consider for first time home buying this is a through chek list for the same

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things to do first time home buyers

Things to do - First time home buyers

A home is an asset that stays with you for a very long time if one decides to stay in it for

the rest of his lifetime. It is usually an investment in one’s own life, and is compulsory and

must be made after a lot of contemplation. This decision can be so compelling and

stressful that a lot of people land up making a lot of grave mistakes, especially without

financially planning the decision, approvals or maybe without even chalking out the

greater and lesser expenses and sorting out the priorities. Buying a home, for an individual

is probably his biggest investment and purchase, and he or she should learn to sort out the

plans way ahead of time.

searching your options

Searching your options:

Start saving early:

This is probably the very first thing that one needs to do if he or she is looking for a good

deal for an affordable price. Calculate the total amount of money that you can spare, the

amount of money that the bank is providing a loan, and of course take into consideration

the amount of money that the house will cost you. This is the only way that one can

estimate the total expenses. If you do not have enough to continue with the purchase,

then simply start saving vigorously. This will save you from the disaster.

Determine your pocket expanse:

Buying a dream home is a talk in the clouds, and it is extremely silly if you cannot

estimate how much you can spend. Everyone can have large dreams, but you need to

estimate if you have the means to fulfill your dreams. Only then you can move to buying

your dream house.

Credit check:

Your bank will give you loan depending upon how much credit you have left in the bank.

This is extremely important because, without this, your loan will not be sanctioned at all.

Check your dues, pull out the errors that have taken place and try to restore your credit.

Stop new credit activities:

If you are looking at other projects to be bought, or any other investments, push the halt

button immediately. What you need to understand is that a home will be the first big

investment leap you take, and you must take a proper leap if you have to.

Look upon government schemes:

There is no harm if the government helps you with the purchase. Look upon programs

offered by the central and state government, and see what they have to offer. There

might be a huge chance that first time home buyers will be given a special discount by the

government itself.

Budget for closing loans:

You might have taken the loan, but you as well have to pay it back, for this very purpose,

you need to see how and when you can paybacktheentire amount of money and own the

property to yourself

property to yourself. You can do a lot of background research on home loans from various

banks and accordingly pick a good bank with lower interest rates.

More money after move-in:

If you thought only buying the apartment would do, I think there is a major mistake out

there. Simply buying an apartment will not solve the problems. You need to save for the

next event: moving in. There will be a requirement of furnishings, rugs, carpets, bathroom

fittings, and so many more which include paint and decorative items.

Consider what type of apartment/ home:

Clear the picture in your head. Whether you want a home, or a flat, or a bungalow, the

entire process of purchasing each of these will be completely different from each other.

Once you have cleared the picture on what you want, you can easily proceed in the

direction you want.

Compare rates:

Every bank has a different rate to provide. Some banks ask you a higher interest

percentage, and it is obvious there that a lot of people falter. For this very reason, a

proper detailed market survey is required.

if you have already done these move to the next

If you have already done these, move to the next step

Hiring an agent:

You would be working in close association with your real estate agent, and needless to say

you have to make sure that you don’t make the wrong decision here.

Pick the neighbourhood:

You do not want to walk into the wrong neighborhood which will be noisy, or full of theft

and criminal activities. You would preferable select a colony where there would not be

much noise or wrong doings. It is always safe to take well planned decisions, and this is a

crucial step indeed.

Open house:

If it is a second hand house, or even a third hand one, purchase it. Ask the brokers if this

house had a previous owner, get out the details carefully, ask for the dates when what in

the house was exactly changed, and figure out the details carefully.

A home for tomorrow:

It is the easiest task to buy a home that suits your present needs, but it is equally tough to

predict what kind of house you would need in the future, in the sense of amenities and

Investment, in that understanding make a futuristic purchase. This is a great deal of

expertise of course.


It’s impossible to find a settlement that completely suits your needs, and it won’t ever

happen that way. Learn to compromise and let go of the little things that mattered.