War in iraq by ashley smith
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War in Iraq by Ashley smith. What caused the war…. Led invasion into Iraq in 2003 It was the stated policy of the US government (Congress and President Clinton, 1998) to overthrow the Iraqi regime.

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War in iraq by ashley smith
War in Iraqby Ashley smith

What caused the war

What caused the war…

Led invasion into Iraq in 2003

It was the stated policy of the US government (Congress and President Clinton, 1998) to overthrow the Iraqi regime.

Within hours of the attacks of September 11th, 2001, on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, which killed over 3000 people, the Bush administration was blaming Osama bin Laden and his alleged Al-Qaeda network, and declaring a war on tourism

Iraq's alleged had "weapons of mass destruction

The main reasons for the US invasion of Iraq were to gain control of Iraq's oilfields to establish military bases in Iraq from which to dominate the Middle East and eventually to remove the threat to Israel posed by Iraq.

Us effects of the war
US Effects of the war

  • Corruption and oil smuggling, as well as long-term economic problems, have also hindered the country’s development and millions lack clean drinking water and are reliant on food aid.

  • Flocculation in fuel prices

  • It has cost the us around $1,274,971,288,104

  • Around 103,253-112,924 people have been killed from the war

Americans options
Americans options

  • Much of the argument between those who supported and those who opposed has been form emotional terms, informed by partisan politics, or based on pre-existing prejudices so there were no unbiased options

  • The propaganda campaign to make people believe that Saddam Hussein was behind the September 11th attacks but Investigations by the CIA, the DIA, and the State Department failed to find any evidence of linkage between Saddam Hussein and the attacks of September 11th.

Status of the war
Status of the war

  • Then in October 2011, Iraq’s leaders announced that they had agreed on the need to keep American military trainers in the country in 2012, but stated that any remaining troops should not be grated imminitty frin iraqi law and at this point the United States had said would be a deal breaker.

  • On Oct. 21, President Obama declared that the United States would bring all troops home by the end of the year, ending a nearly nine-year military engagement that divided the American public and came to define America’s role in the world

War in iraq by ashley smith

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